7 tips how to make your ex-girlfriend back

7 tips how to make your ex-girlfriend back

“Come back, and I’ll forgive all”, – a guy is writing on the asphalt near the windows of his ex-girlfriend. But he’s hearing just a silence. He’s girlfriend offended. So it would be better not to touch her.

And to say her goodbye is easier than to make her come back. So there are some advice from experts.

Advice 1: Don’t call her

Of course, you can call the girl once – in a week after your separation. You can ask your ex-girlfriend how is she and talk to her on neutral themes. But don’t rush with confessions. If you want to say that you love your girlfriend and ask her to come back, don’t do this. Your ex-girlfriend may suffer a little.

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When it will be two weeks after your separation, you may call twice. Before calling, you should talk with your common acquaintances. Before that, please hide your phone (especially if you’re drunk) – your ex-girlfriend will think that you’re stupid and will keep a bad impression about you.

Advice 2: Presents

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Of course, if you earlier didn’t make gifts to your ex-girlfriend, you shouldn’t do this, because she would be shocked. But if you used to make gifts to your girlfriend – do it and wish her something pleasant.

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Advice 3: Change yourself

Try to change yourself. Not for her, but for yourself. And, of course, don’t believe your girlfriend, if she says that she doesn’t like your nose or hair. It would be better, if you stop drinking or smoking. And it will be excellent, if you start to make exercises or study something new. Your girl will respect you.

Advice 4: Try something new

Of course, you shouldn’t try a dirty sex, but it will be better to try some romantic with other girl. And it’s excellent if it would be seen by your friends, who can tell about it to your ex-girlfriend.
Jealousy is a dangerous stuff which can make girl angry. But it also can make her think about renewal of relations. But be careful – your ex-girlfriend can avenge herself.

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Advice 5: Random meetings

You can pass by your ex-girlfriend every day. You can call her or walk near her house. But if you do this, she wouldn’t come back. So it will be good to meet her just twice a mouth. Your common friends can help you and give you some advice about the place for this. But try to look that you’re OK.

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Advice 6: No info on social networks

Don’t make your ex-girlfriend happy giving some information that you’re free or want to find a new girlfriend. Let it be as it was, because she should think that you’re quite happy. And don’t block her on social networks and don’t visit her profile.

Advice 7: Candy-bouquet period

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Try to repeat a candy-bouquet period if it was. But don’t hurry up. Repeat it after a mouth or two after leaving, if you still want to be together with her. For example, you can call your ex-girlfriend and propose to meet. If you want, you can cook a dinner for your girlfriend or turn on her favorite music.

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Don’t be pushy with your ex-girlfriend at the date. Try to make her come back carefully.
So, you should remember: meet with your ex-girlfriend only if she wants it. If you try this advice, you’ll see, that she may come back. Be happy and love your girlfriend.

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