5 main features of Dutch women: are they delightful tulips or prickly roses?

Holland has long been regarded as one of the most economically and culturally developed countries in the world. But for some reason, most Slavic men who have been there unanimously agree that they would never want to marry a Dutch woman.

What is it that they don’t like about Dutch women?

It’s probably because of their different mentalities. Let’s try to list the main features of the appearance and behavior of typical Dutch women.

1. Natural beauty

When describing Dutch women, let’s start with the pros. Nature has given them a very attractive appearance: tall, delicate skin, light-colored hair. So the typical Dutch woman is a statuesque, blue-eyed, natural blonde. Sports are also very popular among the young, and have a very positive effect on the body shape. Not surprisingly, young Dutch women are fit and slim.

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In addition to that, the favorite means of transport for the ecologically-minded Dutch is the bicycle. The Dutch are all involved in cycling. This is probably the reason why most Dutch women have a good posture and a well-trained body.

It would seem that such a lady is every man’s dream. But, as you know, all beauty requires constant care, and many Dutch women have problems with that, as you will learn in the following paragraph.

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2. Neglecting outfits and cosmetics

Photo: insider.com

Looking at Dutch women from the outside, one might suspect that they are completely indifferent to their looks. The average young Dutch woman does not even try to emphasize her natural beauty with cosmetics and walks around without make-up.

As for clothing preferences, these are mainly tracksuits, trousers and trainers. According to these women’s ideas, an outfit should not be beautiful, but comfortable in the first place.

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If you meet a girl in Holland wearing a dress or skirt, nine times out of ten she is likely to be from a religious community where it is strictly forbidden for women to wear trousers. Foreign women who wear short skirts and make-up on their faces are often mistaken for prostitutes.

If you do encounter a Dutch woman in high heels, with brightly painted lips and eyes, she is likely to be a respectable woman in her fifties.

3. Excess weight of Dutch women

Despite their love for sport, many Dutch women over 30 gain a lot of weight. The fact is that in this country, it is not at all customary to go on grueling diets just to maintain beauty. Dutch women, apparently, do not feel any complex about their excess weight and do not even try to dress to hide obesity and emphasize slimness. Sport suits and wide trousers make them look even plus-sized.

What’s interesting is that Dutch men are quite normal about their girlfriends’ obesity. On the streets of this country, you can often see a fat lady walking hand in hand with a handsome, slender gentleman.

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So it turns out that compared to the Dutch, the Slavic guys are much more demanding in their feminine beauty. Although, it is fair to say that not all Dutch women are indifferent to their looks. Many famous models and actresses are from Holland.

4. Excessive emancipation

It is not easy to court Dutch women, as they behave in an emphatically independent manner and won’t even let a man pay for their coffee in a café.

A Dutch woman, unlike a Slavic woman, does not show her weakness and defenselessness when she is with a gentleman. On the contrary, she shows that she is quite capable of coping with all of life’s problems without a man’s help.

This is probably due to the fact that there is no division of domestic duties between men and women in Holland. Moreover, Dutch women are no strangers to strictly male occupations and often work as policemen, firemen or drivers. However, not all of them aspire to a career, as described below.

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5. Desire to be a housewife

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Paradoxically, most Dutch women leave their jobs after marriage and devote themselves entirely to motherhood. Until about the second half of the 20th century, the Dutch tradition was that a married woman would be a housewife. Only girls from very poor families continued to work after marriage. Nowadays, the rule is no longer so strict, but the trend persists.

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The tradition described above is partly due to having many children. In Holland, families with more than three children are quite common. That’s why Dutch women have to think not about their careers or their beauty, but about how not to neglect their own offspring.

In a word, Dutch women are not at all like Russian or Ukrainian women, but the most important thing is that Dutch men find them beautiful.

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