Gorgeous Norwegian women: 7 surprising features!

Gorgeous Norwegian women: 7 surprising features!

When we talk about Norway, we often mention such things as fjords, Vikings, blonde people and… Norwegian women. Here is the list of their 7 main features you didn’t know about!

The style of dress

There is one of women stereotypes that the ladies of many European countries don’t pay attention to the style of their dress. Unfortunately, Norway is not an exception. They usually dress up only for Christmas or for a wedding ceremony.

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Norwegian women wear just the clothes which are considered comfortable to them, with no regard for the deficiencies of their bodies. Most often, older people care of their appearance more than young people. You can often meet well-dressed women over the age of 50 with hair dress and manicure on the street.

Norwegian women in armed forces

In 2014 Norway was the first country in the EU and NATO which adopted the law on the imposition of compulsory military service for women, and in 2016 they became warrior women and began to swell the ranks of the Norwegian armed forces.

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Gorgeous Norwegian women: 7 surprising features!

Women serve together with men, live in the same barracks, wear the same ammunition. The only thing that is separate is bathrooms and toilets. Military service in Norway is considered to be prestigious and well-paid.

Affection for decorations

At all times, Norwegian women liked to beautify themselves in different ways. A national costume played a significant role in this process. Each costume is embroidered and decorated by Norwegian girls individually. It can be said that the costumes are women’s “faces” demonstrating their abilities.

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Even now, one or more national costumes are kept in the bedroom drawers of many Norwegian girls. They usually wear them during national holidays. Furthermore, they are particularly fond of minerals. They are very well-versed in them and skillfully decorate their houses with minerals.

Norwegian women still wear jewelry in the form of the hammer of Thor (one of three severe Gods of Vikings). Such decoration is used by each girl in Norway as a charm.

Appearance of Norwegian women

The main features of Norwegian women’s appearance are blue, grey or green eyes. Most Norwegians are blonde women. There are also women with yellowish or golden shades of hair. They usually have small cheekbones, narrow noses and the unclear line of mouth. Norwegian women have thin skin with pale pink shade.

Gorgeous Norwegian women: 7 surprising features!

As a rule, they are tall and have slim body shapes. The problem of excess weight isn’t relevant to them. Also, it should be noted that the “snow queens” don’t like the blazing sun. Under the influence of sunlight, their skin blushes and burns. Norwegian girls aren’t fond of heavy make-up. They usually put a slight emphasis on their lips and eyes, and their make-up is ready.

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In Norway, gender equality is a fact and not a slogan. Local women enjoy respect regardless of their social status.

Norwegian feminism is even more conspicuous than in the USA. Local women obtained the right to vote in 1913 bearing in mind that Norway became an independent state in 1905. We don’t know how women in the future will fell about feminism, but now it’s very visible.

Female influence in Norway is the most evident in the system of social benefits. The Government takes care of mother and child in the full sense of the term. A single mother receives double child benefits, concessionary rates for accommodation, public services and many other pleasant bonuses.

That’s why Norwegian women can give birth and bring up their children without feeling the inferior members of society.

Children and family in Norway

Norwegian women usually give birth to children rather late, at the age of 30-40, when they have achieved a great deal and have a possibility to fully commit themselves to children.

Gorgeous Norwegian women: 7 surprising features!

By the way, Norwegian women are often not on maternity leave and their husbands are on it instead of them. Scandinavian fathers usually take paternal leave and take care of their kids. On average, a Norwegian family has 3 children.

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In Norway, gender equality is a kind of religion which is professed by not only the government but usual citizens. That’s why many believe that Norwegian women perceive career as a matter of highest priority in life, and family is considered to be a secondary mission. Nevertheless, facts refute this theory. Since, in view of the above, as a rule, Norwegian girls don’t have to choose between career and children, because social benefits “cover” her.

Paradoxically, there is the occupational segregation between women and men in Norway. Moreover, the segregation between traditionally men’s and women’s occupations is understood and appreciated by Norwegian society.

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The efforts of modern Norwegian society and the government are aimed at the increase of salaries of, for example, nurses with three years of college education. Norwegian citizens believe that the equalization of salaries is a more correct approach than the real erasure of borders between male and female social roles.

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