Top 7 countries where the most beautiful blonde haired women live

TOP-7 countries where the most beautiful blonde-haired women live

Blonde-haired women are getting to be a rare breed. We list top 7 countries where the blonde haired beautiful women live.

7. Russian blond haired women

Russia belongs to the top of the countries where the beautiful blonde women reside, thanks to the Slavic ancestry of the majority of the Russian population.

While women in Russia come with all sorts of hair colors, in its European part the Russians tend to blonde.

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World-famous hairdressers and hair designers from all over the world are seeking their blonde models in Russia specifically, as Russian beautiful blonde haired women have all shades of blondness due to the mixture of genetic heritage.

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The Russian blondes range from ashes-pale to nearly brownish-blondes, which create all sorts of natural opportunities for hair stylists working for the fashion magazines, and such.

6. Norway, a citadel of blonde haired women

Norway has a very small population, but most of it is exclusively blonde.

Norwegian women are endowed by Mother Nature with a very well-developed and healthy body and the set of classic Scandinavian features. They are blue-eyed, with silky smooth skin, a healthy glow, white teeth and, of course, naturally blonde hair.

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Top 7 countries where the most beautiful blonde haired women live

The range of blondness is somewhat narrow in Norwegians who have pale-to light shades of blonde hair, and rarely are they dark blonde.

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You can spot many blonde-haired beautiful Norwegian women when watching winter Olympics and other winter games. Watch out especially for skiing sports, as Norwegian women are in abundance in the competition, and all of them possess a gorgeous set of blonde hair.

5. Ukraine

Ukraine as many Slavic countries provides the most beautiful blonde-haired women. Especially when they are coming from Central or Western parts of Ukraine, as in the South of Ukraine women tend to have a swarthier look and darker hair.

Top 7 countries where the most beautiful blonde haired women live

The Ukrainians when represented on catwalks and in fashion magazines are the definition of the beautiful blondness. You can find Ukrainian women with blonde hair among top stars of Hollywood, too.

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Actually, Ukrainian women think on a date how their partners perceive their hair, among other features.

4. Sweden

Another Scandinavian entry in our list of beautiful blonde haired women in the world, is Sweden. The official statistics shows that more than every second woman in Sweden is plain blonde. The Swedish beauties owe their hair color to the geographical location up North and gene heritage.

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Top 7 countries where the most beautiful blonde haired women live

Did you know that in order for the child to be blonde, both his parents must be blonde, too? As the Scandinavians had rarely mingled in the past with the people with dark hair, that produced for generations blondes and only blondes.

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There is a famous saying popular among the Swedish girls which goes that in order to stand out from the crowd, a woman should paint her hair dark. Ivanka Trump, a daughter of the current US President is said to have Scandinavian roots, which explains her belonging to blonde haired beautiful women clan.

3. Australia

Women in Australia are famous for being strong, independent and decent creatures. Australia is one of the most progressive countries in the world with high life standards and gender equality, though it doesn’t mean there are no differences between men and women in Australia.

Top 7 countries where the most beautiful blonde haired women live

Friendly and talkative, possessing and compromising, Australian women are comprised of mostly blonde women. This is due to the fact that Australia is a country of immigrants, those coming mostly from the United Kingdom, Germany and Holland — the countries where men and women tend to be blonde in the middle of the past century. These are not on our list because their population has transformed as far as their genes are concerned.

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On the other hand, a typical Australian woman is a tall, well-shaped and blonde beauty.

2. Latvia

People from Latvia are considered to be one of the tallest in the world, being the second-tallest nation after the Dutch.

Top 7 countries where the most beautiful blonde haired women live

Latvian blonde hair women actually hold the first position on where the tall women live according to the most recent studies.

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This is something in the water of the Baltic Sea that makes Latvian girl getting to be tall, healthy and blonde. This is only a half-joke, the truth is partly there. Men tend to be drawn to women who look similar to them. Healthy pale-haired Latvian men mate healthy light-haired Latvian women and as a result, as we noted before, we get an astonishing number of blonde-haired gorgeously looking women populating this country.

1. Finland

Did you know that scientists estimated that by the year 2202 there will be no more blonde haired lovely women in the world at all?

Top 7 countries where the most beautiful blonde haired women live

You guessed why already. The world is getting to be fused and globalization brings more and more males and females with totally different genes mating together to produce an offspring. As a “weaker” gene, the one which is responsible for blondness is taken over by darker hair-genes.

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Now getting back to our list, the absolute number one country in terms of where blonde-haired beautiful women live is Finland.

While in the Northern Europe it is usual to see a lot of Blondes, in Finland there is an additional add-on; the lowest amount of sun exposed to the humans populating the land. The general law goes as this: the less time one is exposed to the sun, the lighter one has her hair. That is the case with Finland, which due to the accumulated factors became the world’s capital of blondes.

This is in Finland, where the official World Association of Blondes emerged in 1998.
Yes, it exists.

Where would you go to find a beautiful blond-haired women? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below. You also may send us your own story!


  1. “In order for a child to be blonde, the parents MUST be blonde too”: My friend had a blond father and dark-haired mother, and blonde hair (still has a beautiful golden blonde shade, at 43). The blonde gene came from 2 great-grandfathers on either side of the family, and was not expressed at any other point (except for my friend’s father) along her lineage. Bang goes your above theory!

  2. I’m an Aussie and can definitely disagree with you re: blonde women here. Due to immigration there are very few left at least in Melbourne and Sydney!

  3. I find blonde Scandinavian women the most attractive. Thank God that I have written a blog post (“Women of Northern Europe”) about these hotties last month.

  4. Sorry but the comment about most Australian women being tall, shapely and blonde is a load of crap. Aussie women come in all shapes and sizes and as for our immigrants in the past, a large percentage have come from Mediterranean countries like Italy and Greece. Melbourne has been stated as having the highest population of Greeks in any city outside of Greece itself. There are also many, many Australians with Asian heritage in this country – from India, China, The Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam etc.. You clearly have never been to Australia or you would know that there are no more natural blondes here than in countries like the USA, Canada or the UK.

  5. Most Australian women dye their hair blonde. Also too, as women get older they have less estrogen so their hair gets darker. All my female relatives in England are blonde bar one.

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