Marry a Ukrainian girl: 6 Pros and 4 Cons!

Marry a Ukrainian girl: 6 Pros and 4 Cons!

Ukraine has one of the highest numbers of beautiful women worldwide. Fortunately, you have a chance to marry a Ukrainian girl! But first you should consider some pros and cons.


1. Natural passion

The main reason why Ukraine girls should be considered as potential wives is their affectionate nature. Even French ladies’ romanticism is no match for the tenderness and passion of Ukrainian girls.

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Every man wants to feel loved and be around a selfless woman. In choosing a partner, a woman from Ukraine doesn’t pay attention to his material security or social standing – they value only man’s human qualities.

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Also, no one can argue that one of the most important things in a relationship is sexual activity. And Ukrainian girls are known as impassioned partners who satisfy men fully, so a man doesn’t have to worry about that, if he wants to marry a Ukrainian girl. An idea to cheat on his wife will probably never cross his mind.

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2. Calmness

Everyone knows that a hysteric can’t become an ideal wife. Ukrainian women’s calmness and their ability to smooth things over are their huge advantages over the women of other nationalities.

marry a Ukrainian girl

They aren’t jealous of other girls when their husbands get held up at a working meeting and, what is more, don’t make scenes or break plates in case he comes home after midnight under the influence.

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In communicating with these women, men enjoy themselves and not get frustrated, so don’t hesitate to marry a Ukrainian girl – you won’t regret it.

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3. Smart

Smart is one more strong suit of gorgeous Ukrainian women. They are polite and considerate. Most of them obtain higher education. Local girls consider it an honor to learn, so Ukrainians like to broaden their knowledge.

They are rational ladies who behave in a reasonable way in order to strengthen relationships with their husbands and surround them with family warmth.

Moreover, they are good at dealing with daily routine. In spite of the fact that these women are very hard-working and don’t like sitting on their hands, they don’t forget about moral and personal development.

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A Ukrainian lady is a catch. That’s why so many men aim to marry a Ukrainian girl. Once she has loved a man, she remains faithful to him. Ukrainian ladies’ husbands can rely on them and be confident that their wife won’t leave them in trouble. By choosing a Ukraine wife, you choose eternal support, inspiration and development.

4. They aren’t feminists

Beautiful Ukrainian women aren’t strangers to the traditional role of a woman in the family, and this role fit in well with their culture. That’s why they don’t escape women’s occupations in their daily experience. Ukrainian girls even strive to put their best foot forward in front of their men.

Ukraine girls

Due to traditional upbringing Ukrainian ladies don’t share feminist views and goals. In a relationship or marriage she fulfills the role of a wife with pleasure and devotion.

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Religion, namely Orthodox Christianity, has an impact on the lifestyle of the Ukrainian society. Religious beliefs and values are being instilled in local obedient women, so they subsequently continue to respect them and bring these values to their relationships.

That’s why they are focused on long-term and strong relationship and ready to stay with their husbands for better or worse.

We hope you are one step closer to take a decision to marry a Ukrainian girl.

5. They have an attractive appearance

Girls from Ukraine are world-renowned for their beauty and attractiveness. They stand out due to their femininity. It’s important for local girls to look feminine, so they strive to take care of themselves.

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For instance, they like wearing fashionable and elegant clothes and trendy shoes both for walks and for business meetings.

As a rule, they have long hair that look well-groomed. Moreover, it’s not uncommon to meet Ukrainian women who have beautiful body shapes, because they are the adherents of healthy diet and eat in moderation.

They perceive femininity as a privilege and not a burden.

6. Most men want to marry a Ukrainian girl, because they are friendly, strong and natural

Ukrainian girls’ character also makes them special, and it will surprise you pleasantly. They are kind, easy to care for, sincere and hearty. They think positive, and these ladies aren’t cynical. Ukrainians are genuine, easy-going and polite.

Ukraine ladies

Most of them grew up in friendly and caring families. This explains why their behavior is steady, and they usually look happy.

Since a very young age they learn how to help their families and stand on their own two feet. That’s why Ukrainians have socially responsible attitude and strong personalities.

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By the way, local women are forced to have the strength of character, since life in Ukraine is harder than in the Western world in terms of earnings, ways of entertainment, etc. It’s hard to make a living in Ukraine, and the quality of goods and services leaves much to be desired.

All these makes the lives of Ukrainian ladies very complicated, but they know how to handle it.

Moreover, they aren’t arrogant and behave quite naturally. In other words, they are who they are.

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Even the most beautiful girls are super friendly with everyone. That’s because your inner world is more important to her that your appearance. Thus, these Slavic women are open to others, and they are good listeners.


1. They are secretive

The most interesting feature of Ukrainian ladies is their reticence. It will be hard for you to find out what is on her mind.

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It’s almost impossible to read her thoughts and see what she wants, even if you have known her for a long time, let alone a first real date when you don’t know a thing about her.

If such things can drive you crazy you shouldn’t probably marry a Ukrainian girl.

2. Her world won’t revolve around you

Of course, Ukrainians are perfect housewives, know how to cook and do the housework. And their top priority is a family. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that her second priority is you. Actually, career comes in the second place in her system of priorities.

Ukraine wife

A Ukrainian girl will certainly take care of you, but she won’t forget about her personal goals. They want to realize their potential as professionals.

3. Ukrainians aren’t smiley persons

There are cultural differences between Ukrainian girls (as well as Russian women) and Western ladies, especially in terms of their lifestyles, behaviors and etiquette, which, in turn, may lead to confusion when you first meet.

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At first glance, they may appear to be cold and restrained, which can give you a little scare. As opposed to, for example, the USA where even strangers affably smile at you, Ukraine ladies smile only at those people who she is acquainted with.

Nevertheless, if she doesn’t smile at you, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you, and you wouldn’t stand a chance to marry a Ukrainian girl.

4. It’s quite hard to win the heart of a Ukrainian girl

A man should make serious preparations for a first date, after he meets a lady through dating websites, because local girls want their first date to take place in a romantic atmosphere. Moreover, while dating Ukrainian women like to be treated as real ladies, and they want to feel that they are the most beautiful girls you have ever seen.

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That’s why you should be a real gentleman: hold the door open for her, light a cigarette for her, pour her a glass of wine.

And if she eventually invites you to come over, it’s not a sign of soon sex – it’s just a sign of hospitality.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that it’s not customary to visit someone empty-handed in Ukraine. You should at least bring a cake and a bottle of wine.

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