Date a Czech Woman: 9 Pros and 4 Cons

Date a Czech Woman: 9 Pros and 4 Cons

If you want to date a Czech woman one day, you need to know that their country is located right in the middle of Europe, so the particularities of both Eastern and Western European females are reflected in local ladies. Let’s take a closer look at them.


1. Beauty is the thing that jumps out at you first

Czech women are the owners of attractive appearance, which combines German oblong shape and sharp feature of their faces with Slavic gentleness, prettiness and charm. They have long and slightly crooked noses with a small bump on them.

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Most of Czech females are endowed by nature with dark blonde hair. Nevertheless, there is a good chance to meet women with dyed hair in the Czech Republic; they do it to become fair-haired or brown-haired ladies.

Date a Czech Woman: 9 Pros and 4 Cons

As a rule, local females are distinguished by slenderness. They can boast of long legs and big breast. How is that for a reason to date a Czech woman?

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2. They are rational

Czech girls normally choose to put on practical and simple clothing. Local females don’t wear high-heels, since they consider them harmful and uncomfortable, especially when you walk down the cobbled streets of Czech towns.

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Moreover, you are unlikely to see a Czech girl wearing skirts or gowns. They aren’t enthusiastic about fur garments and usually give preference to casual attire.

However, that’s not to say that Czech women have no desire to look attractive; they emphasize their femininity with the help of elegant accessories: scarves, wristwatch, jewelry and perfume.

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Local girls don’t go shopping in expensive boutiques, but rather in clothing stores with reasonable prices.

By the way, it’s not customary for Czechs to flaunt their wealth or boast about expensive items produced by famous brands. They would rather prefer Zara and H&M over Gucci.

Such a sensible approach to spending money is what makes dating a Czech woman the dream of many men.

3. These ladies are open-minded and no prudes

Czech women’s behavior is uninhibited. Affectation in communicating with men also doesn’t have anything to do with them. They don’t play hidden games with males and don’t pretend to be someone who they are not.

As a rule, a Czech woman who turns 30 has already had multiple sexual partners. And Czech society doesn’t condemn them for this.

That’s why civil marriage is a commonplace in here. Such a civil partnership may last for 10 or even 50 years. Czechs prefer to enter into marriage when absolutely necessary.

Local females normally marry after they turn 30 and have sufficient financial resources to create a family.

4. Czechs are decent mothers

Interestingly, they adore kids and normally become mothers for at least 2 children when they start a serious relationship.

Young Czech moms adopt a comprehensive approach to raising their kids. Generally, they take a good care of their children and instill respect for elders in them.

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It’s not typical for local females to scold their kids; they talk to them calmly, but don’t let them manipulate their moms.

If you are looking for a woman with a view to create a family, you should definitely consider dating a Czech woman.

5. They seek to lead healthy lives

Czech females are the huge fans of a healthy way of life. Many of them opt to eat vegetarian food and go to the gym regularly. Doing sports is local women’s favorite hobby. They are actively engaged in skiing, kayaking, playing tennis, dancing and doing yoga.

Date a Czech Woman: 9 Pros and 4 Cons

By the way, many public parks in the Czech Republic have exercise equipment.

Due to local women’s affectation for sports, they can boast of a lot of stamina.

Even if a girl looks a bit chubby, she can easily walk many miles a day or carry several bags full of groceries home on her own.

6. These ladies are good cooks

Czech women are fond of cooking. If this is not a reason to date a Czech woman, then what is?

They like to cook different meals, including pastry or pot roast. Moreover, they love home pickle making and barbecuing.

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It’s not uncommon to meet females at the Czech grocery stores who buy products that need to be cooked and bypass fridges filled with semi-processed goods. That’s why cookbooks are in demand in this country.

7. Czechs are far from lazy

Local females aren’t afraid of doing the house chores. They can spend the whole day doing the ironing or cleaning up. As compared to ladies living in, for example, neighboring Germany or Austria, Czechs may seem very “housewifey”, but that’s not really the case.

The point is that they are fond of doing housework and get their places all waxed and sparkly in order to just create coziness for themselves. So they do it even if they live alone.

8. They are quiet

Many people notice that Czechs are calm and quite reserved persons. It’s rare to meet a local woman who is chatting loudly with her co-workers for the entire office to hear. A discussion on personal topics among co-workers is, in general, discouraged in the Czech society. That’s why they prefer to talk to people in a neutral manner.

9. Think positive is Czechs’ calling card

In any country, people may suffer from mood swings or be sad because of bad weather or so forth. They may get tired or sick, and Czechs are no different.

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However, they don’t forget to greet their neighbors or a shop cashier when they meet them. Czech ladies like to travel and drink a glass of wine in the café, and at the same time strive to take their dogs and children with them wherever they go.

Think positive is Czechs’ calling card, when you date a Czech woman

They go home after work with peace on their faces rather than annoyance.

Local ladies aren’t afraid to search for what they really need and make a choice in favor of either building a career or creating a family without feeling guilty or ashamed.


1. You’ll have to take the time to conquer them

Czech girls aren’t smiley persons. Some foreigners even call them the Frost Queens, because they look like touch-me-nots.

Like many other representatives of Slavic nations, Czechs most often look sad and don’t smile at strangers.

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Nevertheless, when a local girl gets to know you better, and you do something nice for her and treat her with respect, that’s when she starts to smile back at you. Earning her trust might take a lot of time, so you need to reflect on whether you are ready to start dating a Czech woman and spend your time on conquering her.

2. They don’t tolerate strangers

A local girl is unlikely to start dating a representative of other nations, especially if he adheres to an alien religion or has a skin tone that is different from her own.

3. Czechs don’t mind having a drink

Ladies who live in the Czech Republic can’t be called the ardent adversaries of alcohol.

All foreigners living in this country know perfectly well that Czechs go to the bar for a beer at least once a week, not to mention that they like to drink wine, which is produced in Czech’s Moravia.

Date a Czech Woman: 9 Pros and 4 Cons

And who in the world would be against slivovitz a traditional alcoholic beverage made of plums, which is available in the fridges of almost every adult person in the Czech Republic just in case.

So don’t be surprised if you see a local girl drinking beers one by one. That’s the way it works in here.

4. Local women are emancipated

Czech females are self-contained, self-reliant and enjoy the same rights as men in their society. Moreover, the men who live in the Czech Republic are quite immature, so they freely agree to be dominated morally and financially by women in the family life.

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The gender parity in this country is evidenced by the facts that both men and women are supposed to shake hands upon meeting each other and that they do separate checks after dinner at the restaurant.

Czech females start to work at a young age and usually don’t take long maternity leave after they give birth to a baby.

Date a Czech Woman: 9 Pros and 4 Cons

There are very few housewives among them. Most often, local women occupy jobs that don’t require university education. It’s rare to find a woman in the Czech Republic who has a university degree.

As you can see, Czech females combine a lot of characteristics that are typical for women who live in the different regions of Europe. That’s what makes them intriguing and charming persons. And if you take the time to earn their trust and start to date a Czech woman, this experience can surpass all your expectations.

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