Czech girls

Czech girls are beautiful and unique

I know! Each of you had such a situation in your life: you’re drunk, go to a club, then you go for a walk somewhere, and you wake up to a girl next morning.

If that didn’t happen, then it’s even better for you! It means, that you are a person who thinks more often and sees further. By the way, it is not uncommon for girls to wonder why such a relationship do not work out. The answer is obvious – everyone should drink less alcohol.

Czech beauties

Czech beauties

There is an interesting trend can be seen in Czech girls. They’ve taken that path of true beauty. Local beauties go to the gym for health, and not because they swallowed the promotion of a beautiful body. In the Czech Republic, every girl is self–confident. She is unlikely to be embarrassed by 2-3 extra pounds, which, by our standards, are in her body shape, but they have not heard about anorexia at all.

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A Czech girl always uses inexpensive cosmetics, they don’t chase brands. The principle is: the simpler, the better. They do not create fashionable hairstyles, and most often they start caring of themselves after 26 y.o. Czech girls have no stereotype that after 30 y.o. it is impossible to get married. Many women marry after 40 years, and they are very successful.

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If you meet a girl at a disco, and you really like her, then be sure that she’ll always be beautiful. She doesn’t have tons of makeup on. It is very difficult to meet a lady in high heels, it is out of style here.

Czech girls are open-minded, but not vulgar. If they dress immodestly, it does not mean they are ready for a quick relationship. Their main highlight is their smile and good manners. Even in a difficult situation they’re smiling and friendly, they definitely say hello and wish you a good day.

In the Czech Republic, it is generally customary to greet even strangers.

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I would like to mention Czech girls’ growth. Even if the girl has an opulent body shape, it looks great against the background of an elongated figure. The average height of Czech girls is 175–178 cm. Many Czech girls are very nice.

But there is a drawback: if you buy something together and break up over time, she will consider it her own, based on her moral principles. But it hardly can be called a disadvantage for non-greedy men.


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