TOP-10 countries where you can buy a wife

TOP-10 countries where you can buy a wife!

Many Western men wonder how to buy a wife, because the emancipation of most their female compatriots is becoming unsustainable. We have made a list of top-10 countries where it’s possible specifically for men such as these.


The selling of wives has become a real business since the United States military paid attention to the exotic beauty and refined manners of local obedient women during the Vietnam war.

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Vietnamese matchmakers are willing to find an obedient and unpretentious virgin with a one-year warranty for just 6 thousand dollars. The marriage brokers guarantee that in case of a bride’s escape from you within one year, they will find you another wife for free.

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The matchmakers pick up beautiful girls who want to get married to a foreigner. They teach future brides manners, the secrets of beauty and prepare them for life with a foreigner, and then, send them to future husbands.

Vietnamese wives are in great demand worldwide. This is about their obedience. In addition, almost 99% of them stay virgins till their marriage.

Also, they have good upbringings. They don’t cause scandals and idolize their men. For example, a Vietnamese lady will never start eating at dinner, until the head of the family sits down at the dining table.

Parents who married their daughters off are considered to be respectable people in their settlements.


The tradition of marriages when parents sell their daughter is preserved till nowadays in India. Most of citizens in India prefer to pick up a wife according to their parents’ choice. In this, the family of a bride is paid big sums of money.

In Muslim states of this country dating and marriages became a variation of sex tourism. Rich older men come here in order to buy a young 12-year-old bride for a fleeting dating and marriage which lasts several months or even weeks. And when those men get bored with their wives, they break up with them.

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Nobody asks a girl whether she wants to get married. Poor parents just sell her.

According to Sharia (a set of religious laws of Islam), under-age marriages aren’t considered to be a crime, since Prophet Muhammad himself was married 14-year-old Aisha who became his favorite wife over time.

A lot of marriage brokers and even imams are involved in this business. Many of abandoned young wives end up in terrible position and try to commit suicide.


This state has a reputation for being the capital of the world sex tourism. Nevertheless, the Kingdom of Thailand has recently become one of the major exporters of wives in South-East Asia. The selling of Thai brides looks like quite a normal business.

There are a lot of agencies in Europe which can offer Thai wives to single Western men. European men like Asian women because of their good character, satisfaction with small sums of money and their skills in sex life.

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A wife selection service costs about one thousand dollars. For that money a European bachelor gets a catalog of Thai brides with a detailed description of their features and body shapes as well as their background. The mandatory requirement to future wives is virginity. The representatives of the agencies strive to make sure that their maidenhood is natural.

Thai girls begin to appear on the pages of the catalogs at the age of 15. In some northern provinces girls are specially raised for export.

Dominican Republic

Local brunette women are renowned for their cooking skills, diligence and sexiness. It should be noted that this country is the only one Caribbean state where you still can buy a wife. There are special dating agencies which can choose women meeting your tastes in this republic.

Dominican women are very easy-going persons and like to meet foreign men. However, such ladies shouldn’t be perceived as “fast women”. There is general agreement that it’s easy to make a Dominican girl fall in love with you, but it’s almost impossible to get rid of such love afterwards.

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Interestingly, the women of this country are allowed to marry at the age of 15. They can do it due to their parents’ permission. That’s why 15-year-old local girls celebrate their birthdays more pompously than the age of majority.

It’s considered normal for a man to call an unfamiliar Dominican woman “amor” or “mi vida” which is translated from Spanish as “love” and “my life”. Such words imply sensitive attitude towards women and the total absence of sexual innuendo and make your communication with Dominican women very comfortable.

South Africa (you should have cows to buy a wife here)

If you are going to buy a wife in South Africa, you should pay a dowry by way of giving cattle to bride’s parents. By the way, the dowry in the form of cattle is common for the whole Africa. You can’t pay in cash. It’s very important for South Africans to get precisely cattle, and this custom isn’t considered to be humiliating for future wives.

First, you should write a letter to a bride’s father in Sesotho language telling him that you are going to visit him. Then, her father sets a day of negotiation.

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On a fixed day you should drive to their house with your friends. The members of bride’s family won’t let you in for some time, but then, they will ask your friends to go inside without you. Your command will hand deliver a bottle of whiskey and get an agreement on the cost of cows. But that’s not all.

In three months you should visit your future wife’s house again wearing a South African national costume and dancing along the way. The whole neighborhood will support you singing songs. Then, you should cut right though a crowd of you future wives relatives and take her. Then, the ritual will be ended.


Demand for Colombian wives is growing rapidly in the dating and marriage industry. In the past decades of last century drug issues and friendship with the Soviet Union made this state not very suitable for foreign grooms, but today the situation is very different.

Hot Latins have a reputation of being gorgeous brides with the athletic body shapes of professional dancers.

Many Colombian men lost their lives in wars or went to jail, that’s why the struggle for men in Colombia is quite violent. But beautiful Colombian girls don’t really value their local men.
They don’t bother to remain faithful to their husbands. This situation, coupled with Catholic restriction on contraception as well as abortion in this country result in growing numbers of single mothers searching for financial stability.

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Colombian blonde women aren’t embarrassed about age difference between husbands, that’ why older men can easily find a wonderful young wife here.

If it doesn’t bother you that your future wife has a child, then, you can buy a bride in Colombia.


Have you ever heard about the fair of brides? This unique event takes place in the only country in the world, namely, Bulgaria 4 times a year. At such fairs men choose future wives. The brides who participate this event are the representatives of an orthodox Gypsy community called Kalaydzhi.

Moreover, girls are encouraged to attend those fairs as soon as she hits puberty.

The amount of the ransom of a future wife is determined by a girl’s parents. However, this ransom is just conditionality aimed to figure out whether a future husband is capable of maintaining his future family.

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The prices of brides depend on her beauty. Girls who have white skin and blue eyes are considered to be the most beautiful ones. Such appearance demonstrates her nobility, and the amount of ransom for these girls can reach 10 thousand dollars.

The brides from Kalaydzhi themselves say that they would like to get their freedom, but they are forced to take into account their traditions.

The Philippines

If you live far from this country, you shouldn’t go there to buy a local wife, because there are a lot of relevant websites and marriage agencies which can pick up a girl for you based on your needs, arrange correspondence with potential brides, send you her photos, videos and tell you about her family.

The agencies will also help you to perform a dating and marriage (collect documents, buy tickets, deal with authorities) and deliver your bride to your country.

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Filipino women dream of foreign husbands, because, for the most part, they grew up in poor families with many children. They are often first to start flirting with a foreign tourists and brazenly offer those men to marry them.

Filipino women’s educational level is very low. Some of them hardly seem capable of reading and writing.

However, you should be ready to provide financial assistance to your future wife’s relatives, since they usually stop working at all after dating and marriage and live off the money of their new son-in-law. And if you will refuse to maintain her family, you’ll become the cause of a conflict.


The practice of selling temporary wives in Japan appeared at times when the Russian fleet was based in the city of Vlanodivostok and spent a winter in the city of Nagasaki.

Many Russian officers bought local girls for cohabitation during their stay in Japan. They signed a contract of several months or years under which they could use the services of temporary wives for the monthly fee of $15.

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Men’s duities included their wives’ accomodation, the supplies of food and the recruitment of domestic workers. The officers were able to get out of the marriage at any time.

Time has passed, but the selling of brides is still popular in Japan. Single Japanese men are often pleased to rent young beautiful women with children so that “the family” will welcome him back from work.

Also, many order “a family” for the weekend to take the children out or do some shopping with “a wife”. These services don’t come cheap, but agencies which provide these services can’t keep up with the orders!


Online-agencies where women can expose themselves in the hope that foreign men will notice them are legal in Brazil. It’s not just web-sites. It’s the real agencies which receive payments from men for the selection of a particular wife and the arrangement of dating and marriage.

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Brazilian hot brides are renowned for their yummy body shapes. The main feature of Brazilian women’s figure is a big taut butt. That’s because Brazilian girls are fond of dancing samba (a national Brazilian dance). The practicing of samba implies the constant shacking of buttocks and hips.

Few of Brazilian brides smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, that’s why foreign men like them. The women of this country, for their part, search for foreign husbands because of their early pregnancies and single parenthood. Abortion is illegal in Brazil.

Another reason why they want to marry a foreign man is that common-law marriages are popular in their country. Men therefore don’t need to think about a real marriage. They are satisfied with dating their girlfriends.

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