Where the Most Beautiful Latina Women Live: TOP-10 Countries

Where the Most Beautiful Latina Women Live: TOP-10 Countries

The most beautiful Latina women are the mix of various ethnicities living in Latin America. So, where can we find a lot of those gorgeous women?

10. Argentina

The population of Argentina is a mixture of immigrants coming from different places. Most of them immigrated from Italy and Spain within the period from 1850 to 1950. Besides, people of German, Lebanese, Jewish, Armenian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian and Scandinavian origin can be seen here.

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But the interesting thing is that female residents of Argentina, who are one of the most beautiful Latina women, consider themselves none other than the Argentinians regardless of their descent. They have good knowledge of their country’s history and culture, sing their national hymn during national celebrations and ardently root for their local football teams.

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Argentinian women are taught to be beautiful since they are babies – they get their ears pierced when they are still in the maternity hospital.

9. Brazil

Love for manicure and pedicure is what all Brazilian women have in common. Local women can be without makeup and not to be all dressed up, but their nails are sacred.

Where the Most Beautiful Latina Women Live: TOP-10 Countries

You are more likely to see tempting women’s curves at famous Brazilian carnivals rather than on the street. A large proportion of Brazilian females give preference to eating sugary and greasy food rather than samba classes.

At the same time, ladies from Brazil, who rank among the most beautiful Latina women, don’t even try to hide their chubby physique. And furthermore, they tend to wear close-fitting clothes.

Local females are very pro-active. This is evidenced by the fact that most marriages in Brazil are contracted at women’s initiative.

8. Bolivia

Completely different women can be found in the streets of Bolivia. It seems that the number of representatives of indigenous people outnumber all other females. These chubby mature women usually dress up in colorful national costumes and hats.

In large cities, a lot of slender girls can be seen. They wear European-style clothes and look attractive.

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In recent years, many local representatives of the most beautiful Latina women have started to be actively engaged in freestyle wrestling. They not only get into a fight with other females, but also with men. You can see the fights on every Sunday in La Paz or El Alto.

Curiously, wherever local pretty Hispanic women go, they take their kids with them. The ladies wear children wrapped in a blanket on their backs.

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7. Venezuela

This country ranks first in the world in the number of Miss World titles. Venezuela is a country in which people place great importance on participation in training sessions and educational programs aimed at successful performance at beauty contests.

It’s worth noting that nearly all of local females have long hair. It’s really hard to find short-hair ladies among the most beautiful Latina women in Venezuela.

Venezuelan women put their appearance first. A sexy look is very important to them. The distinct feature of local women’s body is large buttocks.

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However, as you might know, beauty is pain. No wonder Venezuela leads the world in the number of plastic surgeries and makeup purchases. And the most popular gift for a 16-year-old girl is a nose job and breast augmentation surgery.

6. Dominican Republic

Local girls are easy-going and always glad to get acquainted with foreigners. By the way, they are allowed to marry from the age of 15 with the consent of parents. It’s considered normal for a man to turn to a woman, calling her “amor” or “mi vida”, which means “love” and “my life”.

It’s believed that it’s quite easy to make a Dominican girl fall in love with you, but it’s almost impossible to get rid of such love. You won’t be able to get a local girl out of your house after an argument or breakup.

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However, you have to speak Spanish if you want to date one of the most beautiful Latina women living in the Dominican Republic, because they aren’t fluent in English. Moreover, you should be fun and smiley, since being serious is considered rude and suspicious in this country.

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5. Columbia

This country can boast of one of the most beautiful Latin women. Moreover, Columbian ladies often swell the ranks of the most gorgeous women in the world.

But apart from their beauty, local females are the owners of a torrid temperament. That’s why you should be aware that the crimes of passion or jealousy carried out by ladies are quite common in Columbia.

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The explosive temperament is the cause of local girls’ enhanced female libido, which results in the fact that teenage pregnancies are not rare in here. By the way, all pregnant girls give birth to a child due to the prohibition of abortions. This is despite the active promotion of contraception.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s hard to be a mother in this state. Local representatives of the most beautiful Latina women aren’t granted maternity leave because of pregnancy. After childbirth, a young mother is obliged to return to work after just 2 months.

4. Cuba

There are women for all tastes in Cuba – black, mulatto and white. But in order to keep up with Cuban women, you need to be a red-blooded man.

The thing is that local women adore dancing. It’s hard to find a Cuban girl who can’t dance. Dancing is bigger than body movements – it’s the expression of her soul, an opportunity to realize her creative potential.

It seems that they are being born open-minded, uninhibited, limber and passionate.

But it doesn’t mean that they are easily accessible. For example, white women are the descendants of local elites, rich planters; they are hard to get to know don’t need patrons.

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With regard to not so rich mulatto girls, who also rank among the most beautiful Latina women and lie topless on one of the Cuban beaches, are not thrilled about arrogant men who approach them. They also want to see respect for them.

3. Mexico

Despite being good-natured and cheerful, Mexican women are distinguished by their purposefulness, a sense of independence and pride.

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It’s interesting that pretty Latin women from Mexico are so independent that they will resent you, if you’ll pay for her at the restaurant.

It just so happens that Mexico is turning into a women’s country. The point is that because of high unemployment rate, most men go away to work in the neighboring US.

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That’s why local representatives of the most beautiful Latina women have a hard time doing household chores, raising children and finding ways to earn extra money. However, they do a good job of meeting their challenges.

Moreover, they strive to obtain higher education and get a prestigious job. They establish sororities aimed at helping and supporting women who have fallen on hard times. They organize common celebrations and hang out together after exhausting labor.

2. Uruguay

Uruguayan women are full of optimism and vitality. Most of local girls are smiley, nice and chatty. Curiously, it’s not uncommon for a 13-year-old girl to have a huge cup size. And when they get older, their buttocks are also getting very opulent, that is, most of local women are blessed with sexy curves.

Uruguay, like Mexico, is the country of the most beautiful Latina women.

Only recently they have started wearing sundresses and skirts. Previously, they had put on trousers, shorts and jeans. The reason for that was that local women’s reluctance to be seen exclusively as bodies. It says a lot about their character.

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It’s interesting that Uruguayan females don’t change their second name when they get married.

1. Chile

Chilean women’s beauty is quite original. About half of them have European appearance, the other half are mestizos. There are two things that local girls appreciate in a man – they like when he is tall and intelligent.

These ladies have three passions: chatting, eating and fighting.

Chilean women

Local ladies, who also rank among the most beautiful Latina women, actively engage in all anti-government protests. They don’t want to obey the established order, which they consider unfair to beautiful Hispanic women.

A single girl walking down the deserted street in this country can easily become a victim of violence, and there are no adequate laws protecting Chilean females from abuse.

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That’s why Chilean women climb barricades and throw themselves at policemen on a par with men.

Despite sharing such common characteristic as beauty, pretty Latina women from different countries have different characters, values and views. You should keep this in mind when you decide to go on a trip to Latin America.

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