How do Cuban women live?

There are a lot of misunderstandings regarding Cuban women’s lifestyle and traits. In the following article, we will shed some light on these.

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Cuba is different now

Cuba was an official ally that went hand in hand with the Soviet Union. Cuba got all sorts of help and a financial donation from their Soviet friends, which guaranteed a relatively decent life, free medicine and free education.

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When finally in 1991 the Soviet Union seized to exist, the Cuban institutions had also seized to exist. The people of Cuba had become instantly poorer. It is like an economy of the country had vanished in the haze. The Cuban Government with its head Fidel Castro had to open up borders for tourism, as no other businesses could help the rapidly declining economy.

There are not many business women in Cuba

Wages remained very low, while the tourism was not much of an attraction at first. However, step by step, Cuban companies managed to draw tourists first from the United States, and then from Europe.

Virtually the only way to become an independent woman is working in the tourist industry. Even though Cuba is a Catholic country, where they go to church on every Sunday and preserve all in all modest attitude, they would not mind going out with a foreigner if he presents a good financial prospect and can be a marriage material that will help her to struggle family out.

You can always recognize a Cuban woman by the way she walks

One trait you will probably notice immediately when you step out to stroll on the streets of Havana, is the way all Cuban women walk. They seem to have a natural talent to move their bodies while walking in the most provocative way.

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Their hips swagger, their legs almost perform a little dance. When you see a Cuban woman walking, you can sense where the dancing tradition of rumba comes from.

A Cuban dance

Which brings us to another distinguishing Cuban tradition, and that is a Cuban dance.
Rumba, the most famous among the plethora of Latin American dances, was brought to Cuba by those who were even poorer than Cubans themselves. Rumba is the dance of workers from the West of Africa.

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Rumba involves the three essential elements: drumming, singing and dancing. All of these are mostly improvised. You can meet rumba dancers in the streets of Cuban cities anywhere. The rhythm of drums goes into the bodies of the dancers and is expressed in the eloquent movements.

Most women in Cuba are really good rumba performers, as they know the movements of the dance since the very early age. Sometimes the dance is accompanied by singing,

Women in Cuba don’t speak English

You cannot get acquainted with a Cuban woman if you do not speak good Spanish. Even though Cuba is close to the United States, most women do not speak a single bit of English over there. Even the basics of Spanish can help you.

It is useful to know that Spanish lessons are real cheap in Cuba. You can get a decent teacher of Spanish for as low as $3-4 an hour.

There is a race factor in Cuba

If you take Cuban women who reside in the United States, they are mostly white. On the other hand, women who live in Cuba are mostly Hispanic.

How do Cuban women live

These two have totally different modes of behavior, as white women in Cuba are coming mostly from the well-off families, while Hispanic ones are coming from the poor ones. When you talk to a white woman in Cuba, you won’t see much difference in her attitude compared to, let’s say, a European woman. Hispanic Cubans are much more reserved and are stuck to their families.

Cuban women like to party

Like in the most of the Central and Latin American countries, Cuban women simply love dancing in the streets. Literally, they can party day in day out. If you go to the Cuban beach, you will see lots of girls hanging out, enjoying their sunbathing, playing volleyball, dancing, swimming.

How do Cuban women live

The same goes for the central streets of Havana. Lots of nightclubs offer cheap alcohol, and an average Cuban girl likes to grab an extremely cheap bottle of beer (it costs less than one dollar) and hang out in the streets.

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There is the main square in every town in Cuba, and it is filled with partying people even on regular weekdays. When there is a weekend or a celebration, you literally cannot get through the square as it is full of chatting, dancing women who just like to enjoy populated places.

The police can actually arrest a woman for indecent behavior

It is hard to believe, but according to Cuban regulations, a woman cannot walk down the streets with a man, unless they have official relationships. The police can arrest her on some sort of indecent behavior bases. The race factor is there as well.

If you are trudging down the street with a white Cuban girl, chances are, the police would not approach you. On the other hand, if you are accompanied by a Hispanic woman, you are running a risk of being stopped by the police.

How do Cuban women live

In the unfortunate case, if you are being asked who your woman companion is, they can become fatal women for you. It is recommended to say that she is being your Spanish teacher or a dancing teacher. The police are corrupted in Cuba, and if they can get any money from you, they will not miss their chance, so watch out.

Are Cuban women accessible?

That is one of the popular prejudices regarding Cuban women. A lot of foreigners think of Cuban women as very accessible and approachable.

How do Cuban women live

While in some cases that is true, the prostitution in Cuba is less prevalent than most people think. Some foreigners even go as far as noticing that any Cuban woman walking nighttime in Havana is a hooker.

Like Indian women, Russian women, Japanese women, Cubans like walking around, and they feel very much secure when at hometown, so they might just have gone for a short walk.

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Cuban women do not enjoy sex more than any other women in the world. While women in Cuba love good hanging out and to have a nice conversation with a male companion, you do need to treat them with respect if you want to have productive relationships. They will double appreciate you, as Cuban women do not get much respect from their compatriots.

Cuban women do not get easily sexually involved with a stranger, contrary to the popular belief.

Due to a special location and the set of traditions, Cuban women are special; they are also very different from one another. Well-shaped, beautiful Cuban women like to party and hang out, and promise a lot of fun and adventures.

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