Spanish vs Italian girls: TOP-5 differences

Spanish vs Italian girls: TOP-5 differences

Spanish and Italian women speak similar languages. They are equally temperamental and attractive. But to get them interested in you, you can’t do without the knowledge of top-5 differences between Spanish vs Italian girls.

1. Temperament and nature

Spanish women are as impassioned and emotional as bullfighting. And their intriguing character takes your breath away and attracts you no less than a football match involving a Spanish team.

Unlike the rest of European women who are characterized by modesty, refinement and elegance, Spanish females emit passion. In the choice between love and passion, a Spanish woman will definitely prefer the latter, without a doubt.

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They have a determined temperament and actually can stand up for themselves and even for yourself, if you are her friend.

Spanish females are proud, touchy and impulsive. They are able to explode due to any little thing. They can yell at you, swear and make a scene in a public place without embarrassment, regardless of how many others are around you.

Spanish vs Italian girls: TOP-5 differences

At that, Spanish women are cheerful and sociable. Even if you are a shy person and don’t know how to start a conversation, a Spanish girl will probably talk to you herself. They talk to everyone, everywhere and on any topic, even if you are a stranger who she rides the bus with.

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Spanish parents cherish their kids. That’s why pretty Spanish girls are very uninhibited and open-minded when they grow up. It’s quite common to see women who lie topless on the beach in Spain. There is nothing unethical about that.

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If you have decided to have a passionate love affair, Spain will seem like heaven to you, because it is filled with gorgeous females who can truly appreciate wild sexual relations.

With regard to Italian women, they are always good-natured and ready to shirt off their back if their friends need help. And even if you abuse her goodness or make her angry, she won’t get hysterical like a Spanish girl.

As opposed to Spanish women, Italian ones are cold-blooded. Moreover, it’s considered faux pas to make a scene in the street in Italy. That’s why Italian women always sort things out at home – only there she unleashes her emotions. What could be hotter than a cold-blooded woman who is full of passion?

It’s easy to be friends with hot Italian girls. As soon as she gets to know you, she will drag you to meet her family. Family is the most important thing to Italian women.

As a rule, Italian families treat strangers really well, so don’t be surprised if her family meets you with tens of smiles and firm handshakes. Moreover, they won’t let you out from behind the desk if you are hungry, because it’s considered an insult to the family.

2. Clothes

If you don’t wear trendy outfits, Spanish women don’t see a problem with that. Most of the young Spanish females don’t obsess over their style, either. They wear oversized sweaters, gowns, trousers, sports shoes and flats. These women can put on shorts when they go both to the office and to the beach.

You can see a Spanish girl wearing high-heels only at some parties, but it would be better for you not to see that, since they won’t cheer you with a sexy gait. The thing is, Spanish women prefer to wear shoes one-two sizes too big.

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However, once they turn 30, they start to take care of themselves. That’s why you can safely have a serious relationship with a Spanish woman and don’t worry about the fact that she will stop looking after herself eventually.

Spanish vs Italian girls: TOP-5 differences

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As a rule, mature and beautiful Spanish women prefer to wear elegant outfits emphasizing the undisputed merits of their body shape. Wonderful black floor-length gowns bordered with red embroideries is the calling card of Spanish females.

Italian females, for their part, are known for their elegance and ability to dress properly, beginning in their youth. These Latin women are obsessed with their appearance and can’t live without shopping.

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In her wardrobe you can always find a pair of black trousers, black dress, lovely coat, a couple of light-color blouses, nice belt, a pair of riding boots, jeans and pretty purses.

It’s always a pleasure for a man to be around a feminine Italian girl who wears high-heels and a cocktail dress and chinchilla stole on New Year’s Eve despite the cool weather.

Italian ladies put on skirts and gowns more often than any other European women. They really like to look sexy.

Every respectable Italian girl has a closet full of shoes. And of course, Italians can’t do without sunglasses, clutches and a lot of scarves.

Italian women don’t like to wear tight clothes. You won’t see an Italian girl dressed in a miniskirt or low-cut shirt in everyday life. They don’t allow themselves to look frivolous even at celebrations.

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But it does have a certain charm. The simplicity of silhouettes, supplemented by flashy accessories, leaves room for imagination, intrigue and mystery.

3. Appearance and figure

When we think about a Spanish beauty, the image of Penélope Cruz, a spectacular and playful brunette with big eyes, beautiful skin and golden tan comes to mind.

The appearance of Spanish ladies fascinates from the first sight. They may look unapproachable, which alone beckons men, but at the same time they seem a bit trampy, because they wish to meet new men.

The hairstyles of hot Spanish women are pieces of art. Their hair is long and thick. Blonde women are rare here.

Spanish vs Italian girls: TOP-5 differences

Young Spanish women are most often chubby because of their national particularities – thick thighs and wide pelvis. Their waists are almost non-existent. Spanish girls are short, have big butts and breasts.

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Mature Spanish females take better care of themselves than their young compatriots, since they are better-off financially. They like to get a manicure and adore to put on makeup and wear a black eyeliner.

As to Italian women, for most of us a real Italian lady is a woman who looks like Monica Bellucci, namely, is of average height, dizzying body shape, awesome rack, rounded hips (the result of round-the-clock eating of pasta), black hair and eyes, cheerful and playful character … and a pronounced maternal instinct which is good news for men.

As opposed to Spanish women, Italian ones are the owners of one of the sexiest bodies in the world. In their teens, Italians can boast of big boobs. Their curves and an hourglass figure attract a lot of men. And due to extraordinary self-confidence, they look like movie stars.

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By the way, local women look younger than other European females. This is about Italian favorable climate and joie de vivre. So if you meet an Italian woman, you will never get bored with her.

Italians take good care of their hair. That’s why their well-groomed shiny hair falls on their fragile shoulders like waves.

As concerns makeup, Italian females strive to enhance only the beauty of their eyes and they rarely wear lipstick.

4. Relationship

It’s a rare woman who strives to build a serious relationship at a young age in Spain. It’s customary to enjoy youth in this country. During this period local women devote their time and energy to loving relationships, education and self-realization.

Men’s ability to have fun is valued above all else by Spanish girls, even more than their ability to take care of women. Gifts, flowers and romantic dinner will fail to impress Spanish girls like, for example, energetic partner dancing till morning at the club.

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Local women are emotional and active in building a relationship. However, they adhere to equality. Spaniards usually don’t infringe each other’s rights to being in a relationship.

Spanish vs Italian girls: TOP-5 differences

Spanish girls often get married and have babies after the age of 35. So, when you meet a Spanish woman, you don’t have to worry about her plans for you. She doesn’t want to get married as soon as possible.

Italian women, for their part, are focused on starting a family. They adore children and enjoy motherhood. At that, they don’t forget that they are wives. It’s not uncommon to see parents who are holding hands and hugging while walking with the kids.

Italian mothers are simpleminded and uncomplicated. They are alien to the evil influence of feminism.

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Moreover, Italian females are good housekeepers, so if you are dating an Italian woman, she will be always ready to treat you to lasagna or pizza.

5. Pastime of Spanish vs Italian girls

Most of the young Spanish girls adore to go to football matches. One needs only ask a Spanish lady what team does she root for, and she will take a liking to this person. Local women don’t wish to sit in one place, and strive to travel as much as possible. However, they don’t like to do sports.

Italian women, in contrast, aren’t lazy to jog in the morning. They ride bicycles, swim, go to gyms and beauty salons.

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Single Italian women become happy when they have someone to chat with, an infinite amount of wine and delicious dishes. The fastest route to the heart of an Italian woman passes though her stomach, no matter where she comes from, Rome or Milan. And it’s not a joke. Italian women’s world revolves around food.

Just take her to a restaurant, and you will conquer her. Italian females like to spend time both at pizzerias and bars and at romantic restaurants at the seaside.

Do you like Italian and Spanish women? Which of them do you mostly like? What do you think about Spanish vs Italian girls? Feel free to write it in comments below.

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  1. Sorry this reads like a horoscope. I know both spanish and also italian girls and if you mix both your descritions together this is more accurate in think. Your description of spanish girls fits more for Andalucia with their strong temperament and the italian more for nothern italy.
    Maybe its more a thing of climate 🙂

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