Chinese vs Japanese women: TOP-7 differences

Chinese vs Japanese women: TOP-7 differences

“Chinese vs Japanese women” is a very interesting topic for discussion, since many Western men see no difference between the females of these two countries. Let’s fill this gap with the help of top 7 differences.

1. Behavior when communicating with people

Women of these nationalities have far more differences than just distinctions in Chinese and Japanese girl names or using of Chinese vs Japanese script.

Japanese women usually try to keep a low profile. That’s why they are very quiet and polite in social situations. If you meet them one day, you will probably be very surprised by the fact that Japanese women have very high-pitched voices regardless of their age. So that’s common not only in anime.

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Chinese vs Japanese women, on the contrary, are much more self-confident and assertive ladies. They are impulsive, undisciplined and are able to perform a reckless act in public.

In some situations they may even act like men. If a Chinese woman doesn’t want to talk to you or have a relationship with you, in most cases she tells you about it without feeling any embarrassment and provide her opinion on you.

2. Womanhood

Chinese women don’t even wish to act more ladylike. They almost never wear feminine outfits, high-heels or put on a makeup. And the worst part about this is that they don’t have a feminine walk. It’s very difficult to distinguish Chinese women from their male compatriots when they walk down the street.

Chinese vs Japanese women: TOP-7 differences

The same is true for their character. It’s a very mannish one, and it’s common among all the levels of the Chinese population.

Japanese women, in contrast, believe that going outside without makeup is considered to be bad form. Even if they are at home and dressed in housecoats, makeup is a sacred thing.

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With reference to clothes, Japanese women have a deep understanding of style. They wear only famous brands, even if it’s just a tracksuit. Chinese vs Japanese females lag behind them in this regard. Their clothes can be called peculiar and improper. Chinese women can easily go grocery shopping in the evening wearing pajamas. But it’s unacceptable for a Japanese woman.

3. Position in society

In spite of the fact that Confucianism has had a huge impact on the mentality of both Chinese and Japanese women for a long time, today’s women of these countries are very different from each other.

Chinese vs Japanese women: TOP-7 differences

The point is that women’s position in Chinese society changed enormously when communists came to power in China in 1921 and founded the People’s Republic of China. Since then, the status of a woman was raised.

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Nowadays, Chinese vs Japanese women are treated as equal to men. It means that they can enjoy the same rights and get the same jobs as men. By the way, China is one of the few East Asian countries where the question of gender equality isn’t an extremely acute one.

With regard to Japan, local women still adhere to strict Confucian traditions, according to which women aren’t permitted to compete with men in any spheres and have to obey their husbands.

If a Japanese woman marries and gives birth to a child, it’s not appropriate for her to go back to work. She has to take responsibility for the home and children.

4. Skin color and appearance

Chinese vs Japanese women are characterized by yellow skin color. That’s why they don’t like to sunbathe at the beach. The dermis of Japanese women is lighter than Chinese females’ one. Moreover, they actively use cosmetics to get rid of inborn yellowish skin.

It’s considered that Japanese women’s faces have an elongated shape, whereas Chinese females have faces which are circular.

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Chinese females have wide cheekbones, and Japanese ones have big mouths. As concerns the form of their noses, Chinese women have flat ones, whereas Japanese females have sharp noses.

The features of these women’s eyes can also help us to identify their nationality. Although both Chinese and Japanese women have Asian eyes and pronounced epicanthus (the folds of upper eyelids), it’s quite possible to tell them apart – Japanese women have punched eyes like fishes, and they are wide.

Chinese female eyes, for their part, are narrower than Chinese females’ ones and their outer corners are raised.

With regard to eyebrows, Japanese women have straight ones, and they are therefore forced to give them a desired shape. Chinese females’ eyebrows have a natural bending. That’s why they can do without putting on a makeup.

5. Body shapes of Chinese vs Japanese women

As concerns to proportions of the body, it’s worth mentioning here that Chinese women aren’t foreign to international women’s entertainment called “I’m getting thinner”, but they aren’t embarrassed to admit that they like to eat. In their view, it’s not that bad to be a puffy girl. It’s even cool. If you call a Chinese girl plumpy or chubby, it sounds like a compliment.

Chinese vs Japanese women: TOP-7 differences

Nevertheless, you should never call them strong. In this case, you risk making enemies, because such a claim is perceived as the accusation of masculinity.

There are a lot of full-figured women in China, but they mainly don’t suffer from excess weight. Chinese girls eat a lot of vegetables and different greenery, and they are foreign to chocolate and sweets which contributes to their good body shapes.

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They know which products are useful for women’s beauty and fertility. For example, these are ginger, jojoba, black sesame and black raw sugar.

In terms of Japanese women’s body shapes, it can be said that their bodies are slender. It’s not just about genetics. They often do sports and eat healthy. A balanced meal is a key to good health. It’s rare to find a chubby Japanese woman.

They have very small breasts which match an “A” bra size or even less. Many of Japanese females therefore use a push-up bra. If you see a woman with a big breast in Japan, she is most likely a mother of many children.

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As a rule, Japanese women have a beautiful waistline. They also have slim legs which are sometimes slightly uneven and almost total absence of buttocks.

6. Personal life

Good-looking and educated Chinese girls with a good job don’t rush to get married not because of feminist view, but because of the absence of deserving candidates. Brides in China are in short supply. That’s why beautiful Chinese women know their value and are willing to date only rich and handsome men.

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Chinese vs Japanese women often choose their partners themselves and offer them to start dating. They don’t fear to manage the situation and waste their time waiting for a man’s first step. However, a man should be careful in this case, since Chinese wives have a firm hand over their husbands. They like giving orders, making scenes, being jealous and controlling their men.

Japanese women, for their part, don’t strive to get married, since there are no social security guarantees for women during pregnancy and in the post-natal period in Japan. That’s why they strive to build a career, live alone and avoid marriage.

7. Attitude to foreigners

Sometimes Japanese women treat foreigners like movie stars. They can be surprised by blue eyes, fair hair and white skin. Sometimes Japanese women ask foreigners’ permission to touch their hair and then admire its softness.

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The narrowness of European faces and the size of our eyes usually amaze them. Sometimes they find it unnatural that the color of eyes and hair can be different.

Foreign men seem giant to them. Tall men thrill them.

Chinese vs Japanese women, on the contrary, don’t face a cultural shock at the sight of a foreigner. Their attitude to them is pragmatic and consuming. The appearance of any foreigner causes a desire to receive something from him, whether a good deal, a contract, money or an invitation.

Which girls do you mostly like: Chinese or Japanese? Or, maybe, Korean? Write in comments, please, or send us your own story!


  1. I have dated many Chinese women. This article is not accurate. This article has a clear negative bias against Chinese women, in every way esp : “attitude to them is pragmatic and consuming. The appearance of any foreigner causes a desire to receive something from him, whether a good deal, a contract, money or an invitation.” Wow. Seriously? I urge you to be objective and use your own experience.

  2. I agree with you. I am married to a Japanese woman and have dated Japanese and Chinese in the past and this article could not be more wrong.

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