10 countries where the most faithful wives live

10 countries where the most faithful wives live

Finding faithful wives is quite a challenging task nowadays, since many modern women seek freedom and independence even within the family. Let’s take a look at the countries where fidelity is still appreciated.

Dominican Republic

Dominican women are very different, and each of them has her own distinctive features, but what they have in common is their faithfulness.

10 countries where the most faithful wives live

It wouldn’t hurt you to consider dating a local female and even fall in love with one of them. You can meet a lot of beautiful girls while strolling about the streets of local cities.

The mixing of blood of white Europeans with the descendants of African slaves is the reason why these ladies are so gorgeous.

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However, you need to bear in mind that Dominican girls are very chatty; they’re constantly talking about something, and if you want to capture what they’re saying, you have to master your Spanish-speaking skills, since most of them aren’t fluent in English. In the Dominican Republic, very faithful wives live.


Cuba is a mysterious country that attracts many foreigners from around the globe with its hot climate, magnificent landscapes, the spirit of freedom and, of course, attractive females who, among other things, rank among the most faithful women in the world.

10 countries where the most faithful wives live

Here you can find the owners of all possible skin tones: white, black and mulatto. It’s also worth mentioning that Cuban ladies are seductive and passionate.

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These women are incredible dancers who have an inborn ability to move gracefully, but at the same time they’re faithful wives. You can easily meet dancing girls in the streets of Cuban cities. The temperamental and uninhibited movements of their bodies can make your heart beat faster.


Most of Indonesian females look fashionable and young due to slim body shapes and thin waists. Even if they are the mothers of several children, local ladies have physically-fit bodies and elastic skin.

10 countries where the most faithful wives live

Moreover, Indonesian women take good care of their hair and body and follow healthy diets. For example, they replace noodles with rice in the meals that they cook so as not to gain weight.

With regard to clothing, the women tend to combine attire in national style with business-style European clothes, which makes them look as if they stepped out of the cover of a fashion magazine.

And on top of that, the main positive trait of these females is that they are known for being faithful wives.


Although Vietnam is a socialist country, it’s quite an open one. And it’s not surprising that many men have a desire to get to know local females. Vietnamese women are different from other Asian ladies both in terms of appearance and mentality.

10 countries where the most faithful wives live

As a rule, they are shying when interacting with men. That’s why they are more attracted to males who are modest and respectful when they talk to the females.

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Vietnamese ladies consider calmness and modest behavior to be a sign of a strong man. For this reason, being reserved is the best way to conquer the heart of a local beauty and maybe even get a faithful wife.


Philippines are a wonderful country that can boast of paradise beaches and a lot of places to visit. However, the true source of pride is their women.

10 countries where the most faithful wives live

You can admire their exotic beauty endlessly. Nature endowed them with such gorgeous appearance that they don’t need to put on a makeup. Their attire is simple and casual; local ladies give preference to T-shirts and shorts.

Most females in the Philippines are short, but they don’t think it’s a problem – the women are proud of their fragility and elegance.

By the way, no least among their virtues is the fact that the ladies of this country are faithful wives.


Romanian women are distinguished by black hair and tanned skin. But what’s more interesting is about them is that they adhere to old wedding traditions.

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One of them implies that a groom’s friend have to come to a bride’s parents’ place in order to ask for their daughter’s hand. Curiously, they may repeat this procedure many times until they receive a positive response.

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This demonstrates that Romanian women take their marriage seriously and prefer to give a good thought before making a decision. As a result, they become faithful wives.


Prominent cheekbones, open smile, expressive brows, the dark eyes of exotic shape are what make Kazakh females special. Their calmness, mysteriousness, unique facial features and inner peace are what distinguish them from other Asian women.

10 countries where the most faithful wives live

Since ancient times, local women have held a special, privileged position in the Kazakh society. They are not seen as persons subordinated to men in this country, but rather as men’s partners and associates.

That’s why Kazakh women have a lot of backbone, self-confidence and dignity. No wonder, they normally choose decent life partners and become faithful wives.


Beauty, intelligence, good manners and an ability to dress well are the traits that make Russian women distinct from other females. Moreover, their behavior is very natural; they aren’t afraid to look funny.


Russian females always take care of themselves and put a lot of effort into their personal growth: they read a lot, keep track of the latest fashion trends and broaden their horizons.

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In addition, Russians are very romantic persons, unlike many other female representatives of European nations. They like to get flowers from men and listen to poems with a declaration of love.

No wonder, such ladies are able to tolerate their men’s shortcomings and be their faithful wives.


Interestingly, there are no blonde women in China. Most of the local females are short, slim and black-haired.

10 countries where the most faithful wives live

Chinese women make friends with European men with great enthusiasm. White men enjoy a special treatment in China, and local women don’t miss an opportunity to communicate with them.

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But it doesn’t mean that these females fall within the category of fast women who are always ready for a one-night stand. Instead, they treat relationship and marriage in a highly responsible manner. That’s why Chinese women usually become faithful wives.

Their highest value is a family. Chinese females normally strive to marry once and for all further life.


Armenian women look gorgeous, since they combine both Asian and Caucasian features. They are known for their long dark-brown or black hair, dark-brown eyes and long black lashes.

10 countries where the most faithful wives live

Local ladies put their family first, which is why many of them are destined to become faithful wives. No wonder, Armenians prefer to choose a trusted and caring man as a life partner.

Armenian females can be divided into 2 categories: the first category is women who are very shying and typically tend to keep silent. Such girls can be met in the hinterland, for example, in Artsakh a region where people adhere to the strict traditions of their ancestors. These females may not utter a word at the party, even when they hang out with friends. By the way, many men like that kind of thing.

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On the other end of the spectrum are women who are easygoing and influenced by European lifestyle. They like to go clubbing and have a good time. You can find them, for example, in Yerevan the capital of Armenia.

Curiously, it’s not uncommon to meet girls with nasal strips on their noses. This is an indicator that a girl has had a rhinoplasty surgery, which is very popular among local females.

It is clear from the above that you can still find countries where women highly value their families and honest relationship, as well as adhere to the old family traditions of their ancestors.

In all likelihood, they are in great demand, so you really need to hurry if you want to get acquainted with one of them.

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