TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

Many believe that the hottest NFL wives should be a pleasant addition to their well-known husbands. Nevertheless, it’s not always the case. Here is the list of 10 most gorgeous NFL wives to prove it.

10. Gisele Bundchen

This former supermodel with sexy legs married a quarterback of “The New-England Patriots” NFL team, Tom Brady, in 2009. The couple has two children. Now the former Victoria’s Secret’s angel and one of the hottest NFL wives does a charity work and is also the goodwill ambassador of the United Nations in the area of environmental protection.

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TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

Gisele is a religious woman. She likes to pray looking at stars. Once she wasn’t able to find a single star in the dark sky above New York and decided to get a tattoo with the image of a star on the inner side of her wrist.

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She had been dating Leonardo DiCaprio for three years, but they broke up in 2005.

Gisele is worth 150 million dollars. She got into “The Guinness Book of World Records” as “the richest supermodel of the world”. She is a meter and eighty centimeters tall. Gisele started her career as a model at the age of 14.

9. Ciara

The singer and the owner of “Grammy” married one of NFL players and a quarterback of “The Seattle Seahawks” Russel Wilson in 2016. She signed a contract with a brand called “IMG”. Ciara is the goodwill ambassador of “Revlon”. In 2017 this representative of the hottest NFL wives gave birth to her daughter. Ciara also has a son from a previous marriage.

TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

Ciara spent her childhood travelling around the world and living in the areas where the military bases of the USA were situated, being the only child of the members of the US armed forces.

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As a teenager, Ciara saw the performance of a Swedish band called “Destiny” on TV and was so much impressed by it that she made up her mind to devote her life to music.

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Ciara’s compositions have been in the top ten of the “Billboard Hot 100” chart eight times.

8. Kristin Cavallari

This TV celebrity and fashion designer is married to a man related to NFL players and is a quarterback of “The Miami Dolphins”. His name is Jay Cutler. Kristin and Jay married in 2013 and have given birth to three children already.

TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

This woman belonging to the hottest NFL wives was born in Denver, Colorado. After Cavallari’s parents divorced, she moved to downtown Chicago with her mother. Unable to get adapted to the life with her stepfather and her half-brother, she moved to her father, who lived in California. Here she went to Catholic school.

One day, Kristina sent her husband to get a vasectomy (a kind of surgical male sterilization). In an interview on the Maria Menounos’s show, Cavallari told that she personally insisted on the operation. This confession shock many people, especially men.

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Kristin participated in an advertising campaign against AIDS, whose main aim was to attract attention to funds carrying out research to create a vaccine against HIV.

7. Sasha Gates

This model is married to the tight end of “The Los-Angeles Charges” Antonio Gates. Their wedding was in 2011, and now they bring up two children.

TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

Sasha was born in Toronto. This beautiful woman has Indian, Spanish and Chinese roots. That’s why her appearance is so exotic. Some say that previously she was engaged in escort services. She headed a charitable organization called “The Dolling Foundation”.

Sasha is quite a rich person. She is worth 15 million dollars.

After this representative of the hottest NFL wives married Antonio Gates, his former girlfriend Elizabeth continued to live in the same house with them for some time.

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Sasha starred in the series called “WAGS”.

According to various sources, her previous relationships ended because of Sasha’s unfaithfulness. We don’t know for certain why women cheat, but we hope that Sasha won’t cheat during her current relationship.

6. Leila Lopes

In 2011, she became Miss Universe. In 2015, she married a defensive end, Osi Umenyior.

Leila was born in Angola. She studied business administration in Ipswich business school (England). Lopes turned out to be one of the few black women who got the title of Miss Universe. She claims that “Racism shouldn’t be considered a norm in the 21st century”.

TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

One of the hottest NFL wives used her fame received from the “Miss Universe” contest to fight the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Leila believes in aliens. She also says that it’s better to be a woman than a man. She states that she is fully satisfied with herself because God made her this way, and she wasn’t to change anything. Leila thinks of herself as a person possessing internal beauty, firstly.

5. Jessica Simpson

This singer married the tight end of NFL Eric Johnson in 2014. She has already sold more than 30 million copies of her albums, created her own clothing line having proved that she is as successful person as her husband. The couple has two children.

TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

As a child, she sang in a church choir. At the age of 12 she participated in an audition for “The Mickey Mouse Club” but wasn’t selected.

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Jessica was a cheerleader in high school. She has recently found out that she is allergic to cheese, wheat, coffee, chocolate, tomato, cucumber and hot pepper.

Simpson performed at the inauguration of George Bush in 2001.

The singer belonging to the hottest NFL wives likes high-heel shoes and jokes that she wears them even at the beach.

Several years ago, Jessica purchased the stocks of a beer company and launched the production of fortified low-calorie beer.

4. Olivia Munn

This is one more example of a couple where a woman and a man are equally famous. The quarterback of “The Green Bay Packers” NFL team Aaron Rodgers is one of the best players on his position in recent years, and his woman is also a very successful person.

TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

Olivia is an American movie star. One day she refused to star in a movie called “Deadpool” since she didn’t want to play the role of another “superhero’s girlfriend”.

She appeared in “Zebrahead” rock-band’s music video. Munn often participates in the advertising campaigns of such brands as “Nike”, “Neutrogena” as well as “Pepsi”.

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In 2006 this woman related to the hottest NFL wives began to write her own column in “Complex” journal. Munn became a model of “Maxim” magazine then.

Olivia also released her book about her life and adventures in Hollywood.

3. Katherine Webb

In 2012 Katherine got the title of “Miss Alabama” and was in the top ten most beautiful women of the same year. Now she is married to a quarterback Raymond Anthony McCarron who plays for “The Cincinnati Bengals” NFL team.

TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

McCarron still remains in the shade of Eddy Dalton. But he definitely knows how to conquer a woman because his wife is undoubtedly the most pretty on their team.

One day, in 2013 when she dated her future husband, and he played for the University of Alabama, Katherine came to the BSC National Championship Game involving the team of Alabama’s university and was modestly sitting in the stands. Suddenly, the commentator of the game noticed the hottest woman in the stands and shared his excitement with viewers. Next day the whole USA knew Katherine and the number of her Tweeter subscribers increased from 2000 to 175000.

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2. Lilit Avagyan (one of those hottest NFL wives who made Kim Kardashian nervous)

A running back of “The Buffalo Bills” NFL team, Reggie Bush is a big admirer of Armenian beauty. First, he dated Kim Kardashian and then turned his attention to a famous dancer Lilit Avagyan. They have been together since 2011 already and have two children.

TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

When Kim Kardashian who ranks among the hottest celebrities heard that her former boyfriend Reggie Bush would become a father, she was nervous about this news. Their dramatic relationship of Reggie and Kim lasted almost 3 years. But Reggie wasn’t ready to create a family because he was too young (he was 22 and Kim was 27) and didn’t reach the peak of his career.

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Lilit speaks Russian, Armenian and English. She is a professional choreographer and participated in “Dancing with The Stars” show. She likes boxing. Lilit trained even when she was pregnant. Even women in sport don’t always exercise during pregnancy.

1. Candice Crawford

A quarterback of “The Dallas Cowboys” NFL team, Tony Romohas has recently gone through not the most pleasant period of his career. He has been injured a lot lately. And a young competitor, Duck Prescott breathes down his neck.

TOP-10 hottest NFL wives 2018!

But even if he retires he won’t get bored, because he has a beautiful wife, Candice. They bring up two sons. Maybe, one of them will become a new NFL star.

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Candice is a journalist and a model. She is also a winner of “Miss Missouri 2008” contest.

Maybe, you know, some other beautiful NFL wives? Feel free to share your opinion below, or send us your own story!

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