Top 7 things a woman does after divorce

TOP-7 things a woman does after divorce

A lot of women are puzzled what to do after their divorce. We suggest the following time-proven tricks to ease the divorce pangs down.

7. Women should set the higher goals

Every divorce is a trauma for both parties — for some it is a slight one, for others it is great.
While men are usually to come out of divorce more financially prepared, especially if the marriage has been with children, women certainly are often on the verge of struggling financially.

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Every woman after divorce has to realize that she is now on her own, and carefully prepare her long-term business plan that would ensure her financial stability in the future.

What about alimony? Advice for women: do not fall for this trick, as alimony is only a small pill that cannot cure your long-term financial obligations. Psychologically, alimony is sort of crutch that makes women being dependent on men they just left. To ensure psychological independence alongside the financial, a woman after divorce should prepare her business plan and not hesitate to take a lesson or two from the seasoned career coach.

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6. Women have to teach themselves they are unique

Urgent recommendation on what to do after divorce: teach yourself you are unique! No matter if you are slightly overweight or your hair is not what it used to be, or your belly doesn’t allow you to appear topless on the beach, you are what you are, and you ought to value it!

Top 7 things a woman does after divorce

A woman must believe there are features that make her unique: be it her eyes, her irresistible smile, her gait or her charming laugh. That’s the secret of all successful women.

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A woman must embrace her winning features and…soon she will be complete and whole again.

5. How to become grateful again

Women are getting spoiled while married. A steady life with its day-to-day routine brings jade. Seems like everything is covered for a year ahead when one is happily married. Divorce is like insurance suddenly terminated.

Your assets are gone, and you feel like a newborn baby struggling her way through the tight forest of life.

Remember, there are good things life throws which we tend to ignore when we are being fulfilled. Learn to say “thank you” to simple things of life: to a sunny day, to a good cup of coffee in the morning, to a smile of a stranger.

Become grateful and embrace the simple pleasures. Be one of those brave women that do not mind saying “Yes.”

4. Sex is not equal to love

What a woman tend to do soon after divorce, she hooks up with a new lover who she hopes would bring the refreshment in her life.

Top 7 things a woman does after divorce

It is really easy to fall for the next amorous opportunity and take it as a new love, which appeared at the door instead of ruined and wasted one, which was the former husband.

Do not fall for this trap. While the affair with overwhelming presence of sexual activity after divorce is the most probable thing that happens to every woman, affairs do not mean, nor entail, love. The new love has to be gained step-by-step.

3. Do everything on your own

If you find yourself in the midst of the mixture of guilt, helplessness and depression, one of the best cures is to do things on your own. What to do after divorce? Easy. Everything you couldn’t or didn’t have to learn to do while you were married.

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Learn how to drive a car if you don’t drive. Learn how to invest your money in the well-measured plans, learn how to go out with friends and have a good time in good company once in a while. Women can do better than men in a lot of things.

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Hit the road on your own. You will soon find out that those you thought were strangers to you could be your teachers and will help you with what things you could do after divorce.

2. Learn to say “No, thank you”

Just because a nice man shows apparent interest in you, it doesn’t mean you have to even think about it, let alone do something about it. His mating and courting you does not entail that you have to immediately go in bed with him.

Top 7 things a woman does after divorce

It is polite and totally ok not to accept an invitation to a dinner.

A lot of women do not know what to do after divorce and feel lost, so any invitation coming from a stranger sounds like a promise. Do not fall for this trap. You will soon learn what to do after your divorce on our own without a “helping hand.”

1. Women after divorce have to learn to love again

When the time comes, and you start to ruminate what to do with your love after divorce, try to focus your love on yourself. Women love to give in completely to their chosen one. When one disappears, there is love still that has to be turned somewhere.

It is better to start appreciating and putting a value on your own self.

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If a woman would never learn to truly appreciate herself, she can be broken till the end of her days. The psychologists often point out that a lot of women do one common mistake after divorce: they think that the love they gave out was their only love.

It is true in some romantic stories with unhappy ending, but in real life the love can be reborn and bring new discoveries.

Beware of the one thing. Studies have shown that the amount of unspent love buried in a single woman is soon to be transformed in a new love object. This is perfectly alright, but you have to teach yourself to love you of all people in the first place. Then you will never be totally lonely again.

What would be your recommendation on what to do after divorce? Feel free to share your advices and stories in the comment section below.

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