Top 7 male deeds any woman can appreciate

TOP-7 male deeds any woman can appreciate

Did you ever wonder what the deeds any woman appreciates are? We provide you with a background on things to make for your girlfriend.

7. Be generous to her relatives and friends

One might think that to make your girlfriend happy, you should constantly give her presents on every occasion possible. Some think, every day. Or several times a day.

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All right, here is the trick for you to consider: women appreciate the two sorts of gifts. When you are generous to her, constantly paying attention and buying things for her, that’s one thing.

But women would appreciate even more if you show your generosity as applied to others around. This could be a nice present to her mom on her birthday, or giving a lift to a mutual friend. Even a simple, generous tip to a waitress when you’re two at the restaurant is a win.

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Why? Because this way, you project to her that you are generous deep in your soul. No matter what, you are a kind person with a great spirit.

6. Express your positivity

That is understandable that women would not appreciate if their men are into the negative things. If you see only bad things in people around, if you see the future not as something bright, but as something dull and grim, if you complain on small issues, these would repel any woman as she expects you to be a real man no matter how physically strong you are and take things as a man.

Top 7 male deeds any woman can appreciate

However, the trick here is to remain with a positive mindset at all times when with her. That means not only being positive towards your relationship with a girlfriend, but being positive to the outside world in general.

Make sure you’re being positive at all times and only do things with a positive outcome.

5. Emphasizing your status

Status does not necessarily mean many-digits income, being a celebrity, driving an executive car or dining at luxurious restaurants.

All of these material things might become mundane soon after your girlfriend gets used to them. And that happens real quick.

What we mean by status is rather an understated positive status, your aura that you project when being with her in society. Women earn social status easy, and it is harder for men, so it might be a challenge at first.

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One of the things to make for your girlfriend is taking her to a place where you know people respect you and value you. She would immediately feel that she belongs to something valuable.

Make sure that you grow as a social person and develop the qualities that would attract other people to you. Either do women. When other women would respect you or even admire you that would trigger preselection in your girlfriend and would make her want you even more.

4. Project confidence and challenge

The two time-proven aphrodisiacs any woman falls for are confidence and challenge. By challenge, we mean not adjusting to her whimsicality and caprices. Women want to be around men who are always a leader, who can show her way. She needs to constantly feel that you deserve that she is in love with you.

Top 7 male deeds any woman can appreciate

Challenge can be expressed in a variety of ways. It is not necessary to drive your car 200 mph risking your life. What you could do is to inquire to her about your career, the situation at school and tell her what you would do if you were in her position.

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Or you can show her an example from your experience on how you challenge things.
Challenge brings energy to relationships.

One of the things to make for your girlfriend is always to show her that you are challenging.
Confidence, on the other hand, is about having constant ability to meet challenges and be able to achieve the higher goals.

3. Be a great lover

Make sure to surprise her every time you are making love to her. One of the things that makes relationships stale and unfulfilling is a lack of sex in a creative way.

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It is really up to you to decide what creativity in bed means to you. There are numerous resources you can browse on the Internet that will surely enrich your sexual life. Not to mention hers.

Your girlfriend deserves great sex, and she would appreciate you and would never want to leave you again. One of the things you could make for your girlfriend in bed is to show her something new.

2. Be fun

Funny doesn’t mean being a comedian, though sometimes it helps. Fun means being at the moment, enjoying the life. Being playful and being entertaining. A woman who is always entertained would never leave you.

You could make funny things for your girlfriend, for example, preparing a light prank, singing her a funny tune, or, one of the best things you could make for your girlfriend is come up with a physical practical joke on your own.

1. Do something creative to her

Do you remember from your literature class how the lovers of the Middle Ages used to attract their women? Right, they were singing serenades and writing poetry to them. They thought the best thing to make for your girlfriend is singing the actual songs to her! They really knew what it means to love a woman. We are sure Beyoncé fell for Jay-Z when he read his rap to her.

things to make for your girlfriend

While it sounds like a trick for those who want to approach women initially, that is a much broader a lesson to learn.

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One of the things to make your girlfriend being interested to you, to make her inspired, is to be creative at all times. Instead of writing mundane and laconic messages, surprise with a rhyming poetry or a good joke now and then.

When you are meeting her, come up with an unusual, creative idea on where to spend the evening with.

What do you know about the things to make for your girlfriend? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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