TOP-7 signs a woman loves you

What are the signs a woman loves you? Look carefully for the following signs showing that a woman truly loves you.

7. A woman is being frank and honest with you

If you can believe your woman in each and every small detail, this would be a good sign that she loves you. A woman in love never conceals things from her man. Everything she says to you is truthful; she takes care that whatever she may say to you will ring true.

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The opposite behavior is when a woman talking things and never cares if she can back them up or to prove, should they seem suspicious for you. This is one of the signs of a woman who does not love you.

6. She is willing to take you as you are

If a woman takes you as you are, with all your faults and shortcomings, this is one of the signs a woman loves you.

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Top 7 signs a woman loves you

A truly loving woman is aware that a man she is around may not be a perfect creature. All of us have our weaker and darker sides; we are often uncomfortable to be around with. But a loving woman would know that smaller imperfections are something one can live with if one has something more at stake, which is love and happiness.

If a woman is only pretending she is in love, she will often remind you that she is uncomfortable in your company, that she wished she was alone for a while, because her personal comfort is of more importance than the actual relationship with you.

5. She is willing to sacrifice the least important things for you

When your woman is willing to sacrifice her preplanned routine events for seeing you, that’s a good sign that she has feelings for you. Every adult woman has a million things preplanned every day: she has scheduled manicure/ hairdresser appointments, she has a long list of her friends that she promised to meet, she has her folks she has to visit from time to time, she has her career-related meetings and homework.

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If you ask her to help you solve issues you may face, and she is always ready to adjust her own busy schedule in order to help you, that means that she is not only a reliable partner but is one of the signs a woman loves you.

If on the other hand, when you ask her to help, she says that she will be busy buying a new sort of food for her kitty or trying meals at the newly opened Brazilian restaurant around the corner, that means she has no feelings for you.

4. She takes care of you

The best way to check signs your woman loves you is to get sick. If you are sick and need a good care, a woman in love with you will hurry to bring emotional and physical comfort to you.

Top 7 signs a woman loves you

A sick person is always in need of a lot of things except medications, which usually are provided by doctors. While getting sick is an extreme example, it illustrates the overall rule of taking care as one of the signs that a woman really loves you.

A loving girlfriend or a wife will wrap you in comfort and tender care at all times. It is as if you have your own personal guardian angel that has devices to make you feel at home and in the comfort zone. Unlike, for example, your parents, your woman knows the smallest tricks to bring personal contentment and ensure your well-being. Her Christmas gifts will be the most desirable things for you.

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On the contrary, when a woman tells you some things like “I am not your slave or servant, I won’t waste my time helping you!” that means she does not love you. Or when she is paying you a visit when you are sick, but only in order to “check in” and leave you hanging in your unpleasant state for the rest of the time. That would mean she “must” do things like that, as opposed to “want” to do them. A woman who pretends to be in love often does such favors, expecting that she will get bigger favors in return from you.

3. A woman trusts you

Trust is the state that is sometimes hard to define. In relationships with a man and a woman, trust is something that is rather felt than something that can be expressed via words; and is one of the signs of a woman who loves you.

A woman trusts you when she is not in control-freaking you, demanding a report each time you went missing for two hours. She always relies on you, and, should something unexpected occur, she always knows that there should have been a good reason you had been absent. It is not necessary for you to come up with explanations.

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A woman that feels for you will never inquire too deep, even if she is curious and inquisitive by nature, which very often women are. She knows that there are times a man just needs to be trusted.

On the other hand, controlling and domineering, but a not loving woman is always on guard. She tries and probes every word and action you have committed. She asks you for all passwords in your personal email and social networks accounts. She is always demanding to check your incoming messages and calls. She suspects you of the worst male traits. She is always afraid of losing you, and she ultimately does not trust you.

2. A woman in love is afraid of losing you

One of the signs a woman loves you is that she is always afraid to lose you. That is to say, she is afraid to lose him in any sense, whether to another woman, in terms of separation, or in some unfortunate accident. That is as if her beloved man is the necessary part of her own self, and to lose him is to lose herself as well.

Top 7 signs a woman loves you

She is constantly aware of the possibility of losing her man, and she makes her best to avoid any circumstances that may lead to such an outcome. Some women, like African women, are even overprotective as far as their men, which can seem ridiculous but is determined by the highly competitive conditions inside their tribe.

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A woman, who is not in love with a man, could not care less if she would have lost him. She is projecting “take it or leave it” attitude.

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1. Women in love are faithful

A woman who is in love is faithful. No exceptions to that. The rest of the men are of no importance to her. She would never even pay attention to their passes and flirting, let alone go to bed with one of them. Female psychology is one of a high selection. Once she picked the object to pour all her love in, she will invest fully; she will commit all her accumulated love to a single man.

She will never use her charm and flirting abilities to attract the attention of another man. Being faithful is one of the signs a woman really loves you.

On the other hand, if a woman is not truly in love with you, you will see from times to times her getting whimsical, coquettish and flirting in a company of another man. She might consider having sex on the side, but will try to hide it from you.

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What signs of your woman’s love would you add to the list? Feel free to come up with your own time proven signs a woman loves you in the comments section below.

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