TOP-7 male traits women mostly don’t like

Women have a natural talent for spotting male traits. Let’s see what is the top of the traits women don’t like in men.

7. The preacher

Nobody likes to be preached. The preaching male trait is strongly associated with a negative father figure for a woman.

You know, a judgmental one, looking down on you, leading you to a righteous path, a saint almost.

Any woman likes to learn, and, therefore, they like to be taught on this or that. But the initiative should come from women, not from men who like to lecture.

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Especially at the earlier stages of a relationship it can be very annoying to be lectured constantly on everything. Women need to feel their partners, to embrace them emotionally first; and excessive preaching can be a barrier to getting to know you better.

If you are being judgmental about her usual habits, it can turn her off immediately. This concerns the way she dresses, the way she walks, the way she eats, etc. Everything she is doing automatically.

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6. The arguer

You know this type, right? A guy who is always ready to start an argument, even if there is nothing to argue about.

Top 7 male traits women mostly don't like

The arguer is not necessarily a smart one, and a smart one is rarely an arguer.

What the tendency to argue show, for a woman, is that this is a conflicting person in front of her.

Some men like to argue even on the first date, and this is a huge no-no for a woman. First, she starts to think that she is not on a date, but at some sort of seminar. Seminars are stressful and hardly pleasant for most women, unless they are natural verbal combatants, like some powerful black women are.

Second, when men argue, they show their vulnerability and insecurity, because content men do not need to argue much.

5. Boorish behavior

That’s the trait most girls find disgusting. Men rarely show it in the presence of another woman, but it is really easy to slip off. Boorishness is when a man paying excessive attention to other women around him.

While it is natural for a man to look at, to assess and to flirt with virtually any woman he meets, it is the convention among women that this type of guy is actually a bad guy.

Boorishness shows that one is actually seeing women exclusively as a prey, and not as a partner.

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Second, this natural male trait reminds a woman that she is in a vulnerable position of always being chosen, and that can seriously lower her self-esteem.

4. Arrogance

Women do not like guys who are arrogant. This trait shows in condescending remarks, in ignoring women’s reactions, in talking only about his successes instead of being interested in her life.

Top 7 male traits women mostly don't like

A man can be on the level with a woman, but show his hidden arrogance in relation to other people around him, be it friends or just passersby. Women do much better than men in spotting the trait of arrogance even in the small things, like being rude to a waiter or ignoring someone who asked for a help.

Arrogance communicates all sorts of bad things to a woman. For her, the way you level yourself with others is telling, because in the future it might be directed towards her. Women always imagine a man, even on a first date, as her potential future partner, so it is best to get rid of your ego for a while, or just keep it exclusively to yourself.

3. A boring guy

“Girls just want to have fun,” as the text of a popular song goes. Girls are not attracted to male partners who communicate boredom.

Women do not like guys who are too smooth, who are always shy and calm; who are avoiding eye contact. It is as if such a guy makes sure everybody is happy.

These signs are hugely unattractive to a woman. They make women think that there is nothing interesting in you and in what happens around you.

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Ironically, most guys when they first meet a woman behave exactly in that way. They start their dates, asking a girl, “What is your favorite restaurant?” or “Where do you like to spend time in the city?” That is a mistake, as a girl wants you to surprise her, to show something new and not to behave like a typical taxi driver feeding their clientele with stale jokes and boring comments. If she chooses a place to eat, it makes her a leader, and that is who women expect men to be.

2. Predictability

Women do not like predictable men. It is important to distinguish unpredictable behavior with erratic behavior. An unpredictable guy is always free; he can choose whatever he wants for him and his woman. Unpredictability shows strength, while predictability shows that a man is not resourceful, that he is not able to cope with things in a creative way.

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Women like stability in life, but only because they want to delegate all creative control over their lives to a strong male person, who is willing to take a risk, to look for chances, to improvise.

Top 7 male traits women mostly don't like

If a man shows traits of predictability, he is losing some of his essential alpha male patterns.

1. Neediness

Number one in the list of men’s traits all women do not like is neediness.

This male trait often shows at the early stages of a relationship. Girls do not like when a man is clingy, when he shows that he needs her more than anything else at the moment; when he is desperate to be with her.

It can be spotted in his attitude, in the manner he behaves around her, in the way he is bombarding her with messages on social networks and smartphones.

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And why is that so unappealing to a woman? It may look like a man is just trying to show his appreciation, that he cares, and he is really into this woman he is needy for.

Unfortunately for us guys, girls think differently.

For them, when a male partner shows neediness, he is the weak one. Any woman wants to rely on men who are in full control of their lives and of the women they court. A man who is confident will never show that he is clinging to a woman.

Top 7 male traits women mostly don't like

It is not easy to be a perfect man, especially when you do not know what a woman likes and what she does not. But not showing negative male traits will be a plus for any man who wants to have a productive relationship.

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