Secret dating — top 7 significant rules

Secret dating — TOP-7 significant rules

Secret dating is not a rare occasion or something unusual in our world. It has always existed, and the reasons for that are quite obvious. So, what are the main rules of secret dating?

Men are polygamous creatures. They cannot get along without adventures and small pranks. Even if they have a beautiful wife and children, it does not mean they have settled down forever. They are constantly in search of adventures in dating. Of course, having a lover does not imply destruction of a family. A lover for them is like a breath of fresh air. Therefore, in order not to be revealed, men should follow certain rules of secret dating. This article will emphasize the top 7 important rules of secret dating for males to stick to.

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Rule 1. Always leave your lover’s home in time

It is a golden rule for every man who has a family. Whatever happens in your lover’s home, no matter how well you feel, you should come back home to your family in time. It will protect you from unnecessary suspicions and mistrust.

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And do not forget about shower as wives usually possess immaculate smell and the strange odor can be noticed immediately, and your secret dates will be revealed. So great caution should be observed.

Rule 2. Give the right gifts for your lover

A woman wants generosity in a man, and by having to act the role of a lover a woman wants some compensation for emotional distress. Of course, flowers and pralines are quite adequate but as your relationships develop you should think about something more serious like jewelry, cars, luxury accessories. Your secret lover should be rewarded for her halfhearted and indefinite happiness.

Secret dating — top 7 significant rules

Besides, if you are not that young and handsome, you should pay for her compliments and admiration in your address. Unfortunately, this is not a free service nowadays. If you seek for a good attitude, you need to pay for that.

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And at the present time, it is quite common for a woman to look for an older man in order to have some financial benefit. So it is fair enough if a woman sacrifices her beauty, youth and moral principles, a man in his turn should give her extensive financial support so that she does not feel insulted and cheated in a role of a secret lover.

Rule 3. Do not discuss your family with your lover

Right at the beginning, try to give your lover to understand that your family life is not her business. Never complain about your wife, and do not discuss your family problems with your lover. She has to realize that the two worlds in which you live do not intersect.

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What is more, by starting to express your dissatisfaction with your family life willingly or unwillingly you give a hope to your lover. She might think that your marriage is within an inch of destruction. This can really cause scandals and vain hopes. And it is the last thing you need.

As a result, you will have to look for a new lover for your secret dating, and that means new financial investments for you and of course time expenditure, as secret dating is a time-consuming process.

Rule 4. Try to keep your domesticity instincts under control

It often happens that everything goes wrong and breaks down. Nothing lasts forever. When you come to your lover’s flat and see a broken table or malfunctioning computer, you might feel a desire to fix these faults. But be careful – you are not a repairman, you are her macho! You perform a different function in her life. You have appeared in her life to give her vicious pleasure and love.

Secret dating — top 7 significant rules

Routine domestic chores will wipe out romance from secret dating. If absolutely necessary, you may give her money for a repairman or new furniture. But never offer to solve her problems as it will not lead to any good. You have a family which you are responsible for. Your secret love affair is just for pleasure, without unwanted obligations and unnecessary commitments. You have all this in your family.

Rule 5. Secrecy issues

I guess that your wife does not know about the existence of your secret love dates. And of course you do not plan to reveal this information. In order to keep it secret, you should not forget about very simple tricks.

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Never forget to delete emails, text messages or any other traces of your betrayal. Your lover should be written down under a male name or maybe your old secretary’s name in your phone book in order not to evoke suspicions. Calls after 10 pm should be prohibited. Your lover should be well aware that you are a decent family man at home and has nothing in common with that debaucher she knows.

Secret dating for you is an escape from a routine family life. It is an intriguing, risky and at the same time exciting experience. If it stops being suchlike, you immediately break your relationship with a lover and start looking for a new secret love who is not spoiled yet, and you enforce your rules in dating which are convenient for you in the first place.

Rule 6. Should I introduce her to my friends?

I guess from time to time this question appears in your head. There is no a definite answer. If you have reliable and understanding friends who can keep secrets or maybe who are also engaged in secret dating, then it is possible to introduce your lover to them.

Secret dating — top 7 significant rules

Besides, their admiring glances at your beautiful mistress undoubtedly will add to your status. Not everyone can afford a chic girl!

Rule 7. If secret dating threatens!

If your love affair threatens your family life or your lover starts to blackmail you, your priorities should be definite. Without hesitations and great sorrows, you need to break your secret relationships for the sake of your family. If dating becomes a burden, and you cannot trust and find understanding and get moral support from your secret lover, then it is better to finish this love affair.

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Your initial aim was to have relaxing and non-committal relations and not to fight on the battlefield. Besides, you always can find an appropriate person for intriguing secret dating as supply exceeds the demand.

In conclusion, whatever the reason men risk having secret dating, they should remember that interest for something new passes very quickly and in 90% they will return to their routine family life. So it is necessary to think about confidential issues very carefully and to save the feelings of the closest people. There is no need to give a wife the tiniest hint that she may have a competitress.

So the best advice for men is to follow the rules of secret dating and be extremely cautious if they want to play a double game.

And what do you think about secret dating? Do you have such experience? Share your opinion in comments.

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