Is it worth dating a plus-size woman?

Is it worth dating a plus-size woman?

Dating a plus-size woman is what many men secretly dream about. But what is behind their soft skin and voluptuous forms? And should you try to date such women? The answer is below.


1. They know how to love themselves and be appealing

Until recently, slim women have reigned supreme over chubby ones and their superior position has remained unchallenged in many spheres of life. For this reason, dating a plus size woman was rarely included in men’s wish list.

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But lately, a revolution has occurred. Big women have breached the covers of magazines, gone on the catwalk and broken into active public social life. Today, they are referred to as plus-size women. As a matter of fact, they represent the majority of the world’s female population.

Women that used to not fit the common standards of beauty showed the world that opulent curves might be attractive. This wrought dramatic changes in the life of many women across the globe, including their sexual behavior.

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Is it worth dating a plus-size woman?

At last, chubby ladies realized that they didn’t have any reason to be embarrassed about their body. By loving themselves, chubby women have enhanced their allure in the eyes of the opposite gender. They now understand that if you don’t consider yourself alluring, you are unlikely to be of interest to men.

That’s why it’s not uncommon to encounter plus-size women wearing mini-skirts and deep V-neck tops at this time. In other words, chubby females have learned how to highlight their merits and cover up their flaws.

2. They understand men’s feelings

Why are some men so overwhelmingly attracted to chubby ladies and dream of dating a plus-size woman? For some reason, males see fatties as more emotionally involved and empathetic than slender females.

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The conventional wisdom about chubby ladies is that they are great at sensing men’s emotions, and hence, building strong emotional bonds with them. Apart from that, healthy women’s fatness conjures up images of affluence, joy of life, vigor and passion, which you will definitely enjoy.

Moreover, there is a perception among men that fatties are more resourceful in bed as compared to women of other body types; they strive to live up to the expectations of males in order to withstand competition with slender females.

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3. They can boast of good skin

Plus-size women are not only visually appealing, but they also have a pleasant touch, which stirs men’s conscience. Their soft body and opulent curves look much healthier than those of slim women.

By the way, chubby women take better care of their body than thin females. The latter have bad skin, nails and hair as a consequence of going on numerous diets.

4. Doing it with a plus-size woman is to die for

A lovely, sweet fatty who knows how to please her partner is what men normally see in chubby females. And there is something to it. No wonder, many modern men are okay with dating a plus size woman.

As a rule, plus-size women are very resilient and bouncy. Their soft curves enable them to experiment with different positions in sex, achieving an amazing orgasm.

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Soft shock absorption of their body heightens men’s pleasure during sex. You will highly appreciate sexual intercourses that don’t hurt you or cause discomfort. Chubby women’s curves are flexible. It makes you bounce off of a woman every time you push her, which excites and arouses both partners.

An intimate contact in the form of hugging is getting even more intimate, if you cuddle with a plus-size woman. You will certainly seek to repeat this memorable sex again and again.

When your girlfriend is soft, warm and pleasant, she will turn you on instantly and spending a night with her will be like a passionate adventure rather than hooking up.

5. They are sure of themselves

A large amount of adipose tissue doesn’t imply that a woman lacks self-confidence. That’s absolutely not true. Ladies with opulent curves are much more open to new experience and experiments than slim females. That’s why you really need to consider dating a plus size woman.

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A plus-size woman is ready to take any pose a man wants without embarrassment when she feels that he loves her. She doesn’t get his hands or lips away from the parts of the body she considers unattractive.

Is it worth dating a plus-size woman?

They love their whole selves. You just need to pay a little attention to such a woman, and all her hesitation and taboos disappear, as opposed to thin women who always think that things go wrong and seek to face a partner in a favorable light.

6. Plus size females have a good temper

Chubby women have a number of advantages over thin ladies in terms of temper and interpersonal skills. They always stay positive. Fatties are in a good mood most of the time – they smile, laugh and don’t ruin the mood.

Nature endowed them with limitless optimism, sense of humor and profound understanding of the situation.

They are always surrounded by people who would like to get their advice or opinion on something, discuss the latest news or get moral support. It’s safe to say dating a plus size woman is a real privilege for men.

Such females are good company for talking on different topics lavishly peppered with humor. Plus size women don’t seek to be the center of attention. Instead, they strive to listen to an interlocutor, cheer him up and express their admiration for the other person.

They are so easy to talk to that you forget what they look like after several minutes of conversation with them.

Chubby women’s propensity for cordial relations is embedded in their mind. That’s why a cozy relationship with such women produces a sensation of being around one of your dear and close friends, which are too often in short supply.


1. Going on a shopping trip with them is a disaster

It’s hard for a chubby woman to pick out clothes that look harmoniously on her opulent figure. There are a lot of blouses, gowns and other clothes that treacherously highlights every fold of her skin.

That’s why every shopping trip is quite a story. So if you date a plus-size woman, you need to be ready to spend a lot of time, waiting for her in the mall while she does some shopping.

2. Some fat ladies have health issues

Chubby women’s health problems don’t inspire optimism, either. Excessive weight leads to having shortness of breath and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, fatties are generally distinguished by excessive perspiration.

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Thus, you can’t expect a fatty to go for a long walk with you and not get tired soon.

3. They may be messy

Some plus-size women are gutless and lazy, so their fatness is a consequence of reluctance to pull themselves together and work on themselves: get exercise or develop positive life skills.

Such women can even neglect carrying out hygiene procedures. If she is too lazy to go to the gym, she might refuse to go to the shower or brush her teeth every day.

4. Chubby females are partial to food

It’s not unreasonable to assume that fatties are not indifferent to delicious food. Many of them love to eat. So it should be no surprise that your plus-size girlfriend spends more time in the kitchen, cooking meals or just emptying the contents of the fridge than make some time for you.

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Is it worth dating a plus-size woman?

Despite the fact that dating a plus size woman was out of fashion not so long ago, today it doesn’t matter, because fashion and public opinion change over time.

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Nowadays, chubby women can be great actresses, sportswomen and even fashion models. Many of them are so agile, physically-fit, cheerful and self-confident that slim women can barely keep up with them.

That’s why you don’t need to pass up the opportunity to date a plus size woman. Perhaps, it will be a game-changing thing, and it will give you satisfaction you have never dared to dream about.

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  1. Yes, my wife is obese (450 lbs) and i love having sex with her. I love me a big woman, because i am somewhat of a big guy myself. Hehehehe…

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