5 Dangerous Mistakes a Western Man can Make Dating a Thai Woman

5 Dangerous Mistakes a Western Man can Make Dating a Thai Woman

Thailand is not only a popular tourist destination, but also a place where you can find a lot of gorgeous women and build a strong relationship with them.

However, if you spoil the first impression of yourself, your love story may be over before it starts. To prevent this from happening, you need to know common mistakes a western man can make when he dates a Thai woman. Here they are.

1. Don’t laugh when she calls herself strangely

Modern Thai women are little different from European or American females. They go to work, attend various events and meet up with friends at the café.

Of course, Thailand is not an Arabic country with strict rules. However, a lot of old traditions have been preserved in this country. Some of these traditions can surprise the representatives of the Western world.

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The fact that a Thai woman refers to herself in the third person and calls herself by her little name while chatting with a group of people may seem funny to you. You can even start laughing because of that.

But it will be wise not to react in this way. The point is that Thai women aren’t accustomed to using a pronoun “I” with a view to refer to themselves in the presence of their men.

The reference to this pronoun implies that a woman claims to be independent, which contradicts the rules of patriarchal Thai society. In such a society, a female is under husband’s authority.

2. Don’t give her a reason for jealousy

Thai women can forgive their partners anything. That’s why Thai females normally respond with a smile to any wrongdoing committed by their men. The reason for such a strange behavior lies in a local religion.

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In Buddhism, there are no such things as heaven and hell. The adherents of Buddhism believe that smart people create their paradise on their own, whereas fools end up in hell as a consequence of their own actions in this life.

In other words, Thais believe that heaven and hell exist inside a person. Being in hell is being overwhelmed with negative emotions, being filled with hatred, anger and envy.

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That’s why Thai women seek to smile more often. They just don’t want to destroy their internal paradise.

However, for every rule, there is an exception. A partner’s infidelity is exactly the case when a Thai woman falls into a rage. It’s interesting that even if a woman finds signs of betrayal and demands an explanation from her man, she will most likely readily believe a partner’s excuses and forget about her suspicions.

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But if a female catches her partner red-handed, a catastrophe is inevitable. A Thai woman can easily damage her man’s private parts in retaliation.

3. Don’t tell her that she has a beautiful tan

Dating a Thai woman
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Thai women usually wear closed clothes on warm, sunny days. When they relax on the beach or bath in the sea, they are normally dressed in clothes. Few Thais have swimsuits. It’s very uncommon to see a Thai girl swimming in a bikini.

Why is this happening?

The thing is that there is a cult of white skin among local females. They always see to it that their skin is not exposed to the sun, and it doesn’t tan.

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Moreover, Thais often put on make-up that makes their skin tone lighter.

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For this reason, you shouldn’t give local women compliments about their beautiful tan or tell her that she has a dark skin. This will be interpreted as an insult.

4. Don’t make derogatory remarks about their country

Thai women are quite sensitive to remarks about their country. If you start expressing your dissatisfaction with any aspects of local life, a female’s friendly attitude towards you will turn into hostility.

So when you first date a Thai girl, don’t whine about the things that you don’t like in Thailand.

Of course, most local women are cognizant of the fact that there are challenges in their country that need to be addressed. But they also know that there is no need to add insult to injury.

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That’s why Thais won’t spoil their mood by listening to someone’s derogatory remarks, and instead, say goodbye to a grumpy beau who makes offensive statements.

5. Don’t show up for a date without having a bath beforehand

Dating a Thai woman
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As hurtful as this may sound to a Western man, the first thing that Thai women notice when they meet Western males is that they stink. Local females aren’t attracted to men who smell bad.

The weather is quite hot in Thailand, so people who live there normally take a shower or take a bath three times a day, as well as change their clothes and underwear frequently.

Moreover, Thai girls use aromatic oils and body scrubs with a view to deeply purify their skin and make it smell good.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they expect the same from their partners.

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That’s pretty much all we wanted to tell you about mistakes that Western men should avoid if they want to be successful with Thai women. Following the advice provided above, you will build a strong relationship with local women and take pleasure in the process of dating them.

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