Stunning Facts about Women in Thai Culture

Besides Thailand being one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world, it seems like the gained knowledge doesn’t reflect on the attitude of European and American people. Did you know that Thailand has the second name of ‘Country of Smiles’?

Unfortunately, the image about this land is a dangerous mixture of stereotypes, myths, misconceptions and bizarre tales.

To be real, how many things do we know about Thailand? It is an incredibly bright and colorful country with a long history and lots of perks and traditions. We have heard a lot of openly weird ‘facts’ about this country, which, in fact, are new to Thai people as well!

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Have you heard about the prohibition to leave the house without panties, going to shower and using it as a restroom, producing red “Fanta” specifically for treating mysterious spirits? No matter how much you learn about Thailand, you will find something to surprise and fascinate you with!

Women in Thailand are a separate topic for discussion, because they are literally surrounded by myths and tales. And we are here to establish the truth and to learn more about this culture and its beautiful representatives. So, as we have co-oped with the crew of, we are now about to supply you with several absolutely stunning facts about females in Thai culture you may or may not have heard of before.

Fact #1 Thai girls don’t shave their legs

Or plaque their eyebrows. Or depilate their intimate areas. Why do they do this, you might ask? Some foreigners, as well as Thailand-born women say that this happens out of pure laziness, but what is the truth?

Stunning Facts about Women in Thai Culture

Everything is much easier, in fact. Compared to European mentality, Thai women think that shaving is just not a part of their agenda traditions. Besides that, ladies from the Country of Smiles have much thinner and natural-looking hair, so they just don’t bother removing those tiny hairs unless the girl dates with or is married to a farang (this is how Europeans are called in Thailand).

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Thai girls think that shaving makes their hair grow thicker and darker, and waxing is rather painful and expensive. Some women just can’t justify this costs to afford salon hair removal. But for those who are wondering, Thailand culture does not perceive shaving private area as the sign of frivolousness and lecherousness.

Thai girls bleach their skin and wear eyelash extensions to accentuate the shape of their eyes to make them look bigger and brighter, unless they are in a relationship with a European boyfriend. Those who choose to live with a farang prefer shaving and keeping their skin tan.

Fact #2 Going outside without underwear is forbidden

Local women have rather peculiar street fashion compared to Europeans. To be more specific, local Thai girls need to wear panties every time they leave the house, and it is not a preference or choice!

Stunning Facts about Women in Thai Culture

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But if you think about it, local authorities would need to establish some kind of institutions for pantie police. I mean, how else can you check it?

Fact #3 Wear a bra to save a good image

Although we can definitely observe Thai beauties in short dresses with little shorts sticking out, the image of Thai women can be rather frivolous. You can always see a couple of local pedestrians in cropped skirts and backless tops.

Stunning Facts about Women in Thai Culture

However, don’t think that you can recreate this iconic look if you are a foreigner. To a common European woman, wearing a T-shirt with nipples sticking out is considered to be rude to the Thai culture. Besides that, you can get a couple of dirty looks. Thai women think that oversea people should look more modest and respectful. Fair enough!

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Fact #4 Thai women are kind and mindful

You may think: what is the most attractive trait of a character among Thai women? Well, don’t think too much, they just possess the amount of right skills to enchant every man. It is not appropriate to blame their husbands or make jokes about them in front of strangers and other random people.

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Stunning Facts about Women in Thai Culture

Thai women prefer to stay merry and happy even if their man clearly did something wrong. They prefer to laugh it off. Also, Thai women are extremely attentive, kind, gentle and sincere. A lady from the Country of Smiles will not hiss in response to your mistakes, but she usually smiles or bursts into laughter, so she helps the situation even more.

Thai girls are like essences – they are able to turn into your aura, not focusing on their own personality, but concentrate on the partner. This is the highest degree of tenderness and attention.

Fact #5 Pregnancy taboos

Pregnant women from Thailand stay away from visiting sick relatives, eating chilly or going fishing. They care about offspring so much that a pregnancy period is almost sacred to Thai ladies.

Stunning Facts about Women in Thai Culture

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And this works perfectly reasonable: being next to a contagious person increases the risks of baby illnesses, eating spicy food can be overall harmful… But what’s the reason behind fishing?

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