TOP-10 countries for easy and hot hookups!

TOP-10 countries for easy and hot hookups!

Our life is full of stress and bustling, so we seek easy flirt or occasional hot hookups to relax and boost emotions. Here is TOP-10 places where we can make easy hookups with nice women!

The media offers plenty of country ratings with easy hookups available for a stranger. As a netizen, he certainly could flirt staying home and clicking on multiple websites which would offer girls next door, or an intriguing chat with a distant beauty.

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However, no one would deny the fact that a real encounter – often occasional – would be more adventurous and seductive. In which country – as you guess – big boobs lovers could find easy girls and have his erotic dreams come true? In Asia? Europe? America?

Here are 10 countries in the world that have the most one-night stands.

10. Germany

When we say about German girls, the first thought that come to mind is blond German women with big boobs and in short skirt.

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Yes, here they are, and Germany has lots of those sex things along the streets like Grosse Freiheit, which means “Big Freedom”. Some say that German women are really sexy!

9. Sweden

One more country with easy women — no surprise, they are magnificently attractive!

TOP-10 countries for easy and hot hookups!

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Julien S. Bourrelle «The Social Guidebook to Sweden» opens us some tricks about how to achieve the goal. He suggests that you forget about coffee with beauty, as this is the way, which at the end didn’t get the trick. Go out and be drunk instead (photo).

TOP-10 countries for easy and hot hookups!

8. Costa Rica

The global economic crisis had a unique impact on the tourism industry of Costa Rica. There is a real boom in the field of sex tourism. The increase in the number of unemployed women in neighboring countries forced them to migrate to Costa Rica for prostitution, where it is legally authorized by law and has been controlled by the state since 1894.

TOP-10 countries for easy and hot hookups!

Along with local “trouble-fee” girls you can meet women from Nicaragua, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and … even Russia.

The diversity of women working here has confirmed the fact that Costa Rica is considered to be one of the world’s centers of prostitution. In addition, the increase in competition among prostitutes forced them to a significant reduction in prices, up to 40-50 %. In its turn, it contributed to increasing male tourists traveling to Costa Rica for easy hookups.

7. Venezuela

Hook-up with Venezuelan means hook-up with top girls who win Miss World. Thinking about it got us to rank this country at no. 7 spot on the list.

TOP-10 countries for easy and hot hookups!

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Just remember that a guy is very much expected to pay for the girls: from the drink at the bar till the room bill. She can even bring her friends along – this deal might be quite expensive though…

6. Cuba

One more Latin-American country where you can find the real freedom… sex freedom.
Cuban women are slim, tanned and most importantly — very affordable in all senses.

TOP-10 countries for easy and hot hookups!

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As Cuba had been fenced off for a long time from the rest of the world by the Iron Curtain, the female inhabitants would be stunned by you if you present them a perfume or something like that. Just remember – it is still in short supply over there.

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5. Russia

It is illegal to sell sex there and to organize commercial sex in any place.

Although due to police corruption, sex industry has become widespread along the country and it is obviously why – Russian woman is a popular brand combining all peculiarities that a man would prefer.

4. Ukraine

Pretty much the same as a previous one, but here you can be sure that you are in with a big chance if you are with a foreign passport in your hand. Due to unstable situation and European-like outreach, the incoming flow to UA is sharply increased for the last 2 years – Ukrainian girls is a booming trend now.

TOP-10 countries for easy and hot hookups!

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They would be delighted to move away with a handsome guy. You can easily find plenty of Ukrainian women on badoo or twitter to make an online hookup first and then, who knows, maybe one of them will “catch a real fish”. Just remember about the deceptive way to conquer a woman…so the fish will be the girl then.

3. Brazil

Every sex-tourist, we would say, have to come over, at least to reassure himself that the phrase “Brazilian ass” did not come out of nowhere. It is considered a special glamour to have a big and pumped up ass, which the Brazilian women perfectly shake at the carnivals.

Since the cult of the body is flourishing in Brazil, it is one of the most popular operations in the country.

2. Netherlands

What can we say about the country with centuries-old traditions of prostitution? Famous “Red-light district” appeared in Amsterdam in XV century and do not lose its popularity until now. That is why thousands of sex tourists annually make “pilgrimages” to their “holy places”.

TOP-10 countries for easy and hot hookups!

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The Dutch girls are stress-free and easy-going so they are great fun to be around.

1. Thailand

Asian women are hot. For sure, no. 1 spot on the list. The classic of sex tourism is the kingdom of smiles in Southeast Asia.

TOP-10 countries for easy and hot hookups!

Thailand has long been transformed into a real «Mecca» of sex tourists from all over the world who come there all year round for all sorts of pleasures. Going to Thailand and experience easy hookups is even easier than not trying it at all.

Surprising it would be, but prostitution is officially prohibited. Meanwhile, the parents themselves can sell a child to prostitution, deciding that this is the only way they can feed a family.

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Well, most of romantic tourists likely take one girl for the whole trip, means “all-inclusive”. She is a guide and a house cleaner and a mistress — all in one. That will cost you 30-35 dollars per day. One said that after 3 weeks of such relationship a Thai woman even cried like a spouse seeing off her husband a long way.

Nowadays, we can easily bump into plenty of websites with a conspicuous phrase “hookup now” which are called upon to “create love” for a night or, probably, a week. Everything is easy and affordable.

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But is consumer society what we need to fulfill harmony and kindness in the world? The modern world is adapted to our conditions where everybody is focused on his insular life and consume all he needs in very convenient way – so one knows where his own border of morality.

Do you agree? Feel free to share your opinion below, or send us your own story!

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