Top 7 countries where the most beautiful brunette women live

TOP-7 countries where the most beautiful brunette women live

Are brunette women the most beautiful women? Let’s get acquainted with the statistics and consider the top 7 countries with the loveliest brunette women.

7. Brazil is the country of brunette women

Why lots of brunette women supermodels are born in Brazil? There is a simple answer. Brazil unites a lot of nations on the planet. The consequence of this is a large mix of forms, shades of skin, hair and eye colors.

TOP-7 countries where the most beautiful blonde-haired women live

This mixing of races creates the most ideal bodies. Latin women have such forms not only since childhood. They go to the fitness club and often resort to the services of a plastic surgeon. Brazilians like to live on the beach, for example, in Rio. If you get to any fashion shows or just open Sports magazine, you are sure to find there a Brazilian beauty and probably not one.

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Top 7 countries where the most beautiful brunette women live

An example of Brazilian brunette women is Adriana Lima. Adriana is considered a real predator — men literally fall at her feet. She is the sexiest of the “angels” of Victoria’s Secret. As well as true Brazilians, the beauty has amazing proportions — for all slenderness and elegant parameters, her forms are surprisingly feminine. Add here dark hair, and you’ll see the portrait of one of the most desired women of our time.

6. From Russia with love

Next to Brazil is the Russian Federation which has a great deal of amazing girls. There are a lot of pretty brunette women here. If you even go to the metro in Moscow, be sure you will find there a girl from whom you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

One of the most beautiful representatives of Russia is a brunette of Tatar origin, Alsou. For many years she has been considered one of the most popular singers in the country, and in 2000 she even represented Russia at Eurovision, finishing 2nd. Brunette sympathized with millions of fans.

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Thanks to her upbringing, endurance and manners, she is still considered a beauty which literally likes everyone — and this is despite the fact that the singing career has long ago become secondary.

5. Beautiful brunette women live in Armenia

Perhaps this is a bold statement, but a lot of attractive brunette women are concentrated in Armenia. There is no mixing of races which created specific beauty of Asian women.

Brunette girls of Armenia have traditional and pure beauty. Models from this country are really popular all over the world. Girls constantly compete in local competitions, so that they are noticed by international modeling agencies.

One of the most famous women in Armenia is the brunette Kim Kardashian. She appears on the covers of glossy magazines. She goes in the forefront of fashion shows and the most prestigious awards of the world.

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Kim has a surprisingly beautiful and proportionate appearance — dark hair, almond-shaped eyes, long eyelashes and a beautiful oval of face. All attempts to change the color of her hair were failed for Kim. She did not stay a month in the image of a blonde. Black hair is her everything.

4. Hot Mexico is waiting for you

A lot of brunette women live in Mexico. More and more photographers from different parts of the world began to pay attention to them. The photo shows young and tanned brunette women against the background of the ocean. A radiant and cheerful mood of people rejoices all guests of this beautiful country.

Top 7 countries where the most beautiful brunette women live

Brunette girls of Mexico and their beauty have become a real source of national pride. Magnificent women make this country unforgettable.

One of the hot celebrity women in this country is the Mexican Salma Hayek. She played sexy brunettes and girlfriends of the main hero in different movies. Today she is an actress, films with whose participation claim to the Cannes palm branch.

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The searing beauty of the beautiful brunette Salma does not fade with the years. Tabloids do not cease to admire the fact that for years she has become only more beautiful.

3. Brunette women of Spain are the sexiest

Women of Spain are adorable and try to demonstrate their beauty. Black burning hairs of brunette women of Spain attract the eye. Aren’t they very sexy? Be sure to be able to control yourself when you go to relax on the Spanish beaches.

Penélope Cruz is one of the representatives of Spanish brunettes. Penélope Cruz mostly performs a typical role for her — a temperamental brunette.

Top 7 countries where the most beautiful brunette women live

In real life, Cruz has a calm temper and prefers not to experiment in matters of appearance — dark skin, brown eyes and black hair have become her calling card. Therefore, she only emphasizes the natural flavor with the help of timeless classics.

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2. Italy – classical beauty

Everything is devoted to classical beauty in Italy. The stormy character of the Italians is not for everyone. Beautiful brunette women can be found everywhere here. And who is the most famous brunette in Italy? Of course, it is Monica Bellucci!

Top 7 countries where the most beautiful brunette women live

Monica Bellucci officially has the title of the most beautiful woman in the world during the last 20 years. Her beauty is obvious and unconditional for most people in the world. All men’s magazines have recognized her as the sexiest living woman. Monica is a bright image of a brunette.

1. India – mysterious beauty

If you prefer blue-eyed blondes, then do not go to India. Indian women are the prettiest brunettes. They have a special charm and mystery. Just watch Indian movies, and you find out how many beautiful women live in this enigmatic country.

Top 7 countries where the most beautiful brunette women live

Aishwarya Rai is the main beauty not only of India, but of the whole world. She received the crown of the Miss World in 1994. Aishwarya Rai has a typical appearance for Bollywood actresses – olive skin, light eyes, slender figure. Today, the beautiful brunette shines on the red carpet of Cannes. By tradition, the Indian beauty is the main decoration of the European cinema ceremony.

Black color of hair does not have a specific race or nationality. People with dark hair can be found in all corners of the world. If you are not a brunette, but want to try to dye your hair black, get ready to the fact that the new hairstyle will make you several years older.

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By the way, brunette women have their own “professional holiday”. It is celebrated on May 28.

Which of the brunette women do you like more? Do you know any other famous beautiful brunette women? Share your opinion in comments.

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