Top 10 reasons to marry an Indian woman

Top 10 reasons to marry an Indian woman

Women from India are passionate and so exotic! But what kind of wives can they be? Here are 10 reasons to marry an Indian woman.

Even if you are sure you don’t like Indian films, you still remember some titles and even can recollect some details of the plot. Lots of singing, dancing and romantic scenes with incredibly beautiful women! Indian women are very attractive and even though it’s very difficult for a foreigner to marry one, it’s really worth it!

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10. You will have a miraculous wedding!

For Indians, wedding is more than just an event, they celebrate it the way you will never forget. Several days of various rituals, colorful surrounding and gold everywhere: her relatives are now yours too. The only problem than might occur – you will probably need to memorize their names, which is kind of not easy: Uthkarsh or Reyansh, for example.

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9. She is family oriented

In traditional Indian society, it goes without saying that family is the most valuable treasure a person has. Your wife will not only take care of your marriage, but also of your family. It is a feature that some European women unfortunately lack.

8. She has natural tan

While Europeans spend time and money on solarium, you will be already so lucky to have a woman with bronze glow since birth. It makes her look fresh and slim. By the way, according to the region she was born in, her skin color can vary – from fair to really dark.

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7. Her digestive system is strong

She used to eat traditional Indian food cooked with the hottest spices you can possibly think of. That’s why her stomach and taste buds are much stronger than yours. Moreover, she has better immune system because of bad water and all kinds of diseases around, when you’d better get a vaccination.

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6. She respects elders so much

That is also a traditional thing which is very strictly enforced. You will never hear your beloved badmouth seniors or watch her sit in front of a standing older person in public transport, for example. She will definitely teach your children to respect elders too.

5. Her hair is gorgeous

That is what Indian women are so proud of! Not only do they naturally have thick glide hair, but also use special oils for taking good care of it. So, there is a great chance that your wife has wonderful hair which always pleasantly smells.

4. She cooks well


Indian cuisine is rather diverse, and an Indian woman definitely knows how to use all those spices in your kitchen you don’t even remember about. Traditionally, women are the ones to cook in India, so you can be sure that your woman will take good care of your diet.

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3. She does yoga

She does it not because it is popular today. Her country invented it so many hundred years ago, and she had started doing it before it turned into a mainstream in other countries. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay enormous sums of money for her yoga membership, she can do it on her own.

2. She is passionate

Indian women are very emotional. If they love – they do it with every cell of their body. If you have ever watched Indian movies you won’t deny that those women are crazy in love. The good thing – in reality they prefer talking to dancing and singing, so you will be more or less on the same page.

1. She is colorful


She really is. Even if she doesn’t wear traditional clothing, she still chooses bright colors for her outfit. And she loves gold in all its ways. So with this woman even your daily routine can turn into a holiday and your life is always full of colors.

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Indian women seem to be so exotic for us but taking into account what we already know about them, we must admit – Indian women make very good wives.

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