TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

Celebs with blue eyes always attract attention of their fans because their eyes resemble mysterious bottomless oceans. We have compiled a list of top-15 sexiest blue-eyed female celebs for you. Enjoy it!

15. Brittany Snow

This famous American actress with great blue eyes was born in Florida in 1986. The future celebrity grew up in an ordinary middle-class family unrelated to show business.Her mother worked in publishing and her father was an insurance broker. Brittany became famous at the age of 3 when she appeared in the advertising of one of her city’s shops.

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TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

Since then, her dream had been to become a renowned actress. Due to her hard work in this direction she achieved her goal.

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One of the most famous projects in which she took part was a movie called “The Pacifier”. Despite Brittany starred in this movie together with Vin Diesel, the young actress didn’t remain overshadowed by him.

By the way, Snow also has a vocal gift which she managed to demostrate in a musical comedy called “Pitch Perfect”.

14. Brooklyn Decker

As a child, this American well-known model with blue eyes dreamed of being an actress and a veterinarian. She was even willing to become the President of the USA as a last resort. She hasn’t run for President yet, but the first two goals the celebrity has already attained.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

Once when she was walking in a shopping mall, she was approached by the representative of a modelling agency who invited her to the set. And that’s how she became the face of a fashion brand producing evening gowns.

Then a lot of glossy magazines began to propose her their photo sessions.

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And soon, she was noticed by directors and she started starring in TV series and movies. One of the most popular porjects in which she participated was “Just go with it”.

13. Emma Stone

Emily who also has blue eyes proved herself to be both a talented dramatic actress and a comedienne at a young age. Most of you have probably seen this celebrity in such a comedy as “Superbad” and in Oscar-winning drama called “Birdman”.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

She was born in the family of the Director-General of a contracting company and a housewife. Emma’s genealogic tree is very multi-ethnic. Her paternal grandfather was a Swede. Moreover, her family has a lineage of English, Scottish, Irish and Germans.

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As a baby, Emma used to cry a lot because of abdominal pain. Because of this a lot of nodules formed on her hervocal cords. That’s why she received quite a rude raspy voice which became her calling card afterwards.

It’s interesting that her ears got pierced only at the age of 21!

12. Alexis Bledel

This girl with blue eyes was born in Texas. Her father comes from Argentina and her mother is originally from Mexico. That’s why, as a child, she spoke only Spanish.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

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Alexis’s real name is Kimberley, but she doesn’t use it in professional life.

She went to a drama studio at the age of 8 in order to get over her shyness. Bledel gradually learned how to act on the stage and got a role in the play “The wizard of Oz”. All performances of her drama studio were held in a local shopping mall where she ran into a talent agent who offered her to get a job as a model.

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After high school, Alexis went to the acting and modeling college.

In 2000 she began to star in “Gilmore Girls” and it was her appearance on the television. After this series Alexis became a celebrity.

11. AnnaSophia Robb

Maybe, you know this actress because her role in a movie “Bridge to Terabithia” found resonance in the hearts of many viewers.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

Despite she seems a fragile girl, Anna manages to reconcile the fast pace and heavy workload of filming with university studies and participation in various events.

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Anna Sophia is a Christian and kind-hearted innodividual who loves life, people. She gives to charity and takes care of animals. Robb claims that good works bring her a lot of joy.

She doesn’t wear expensive clothes and prefers comfortable and cheap ones.

Anna Sophia likes to snowboard, ski, swim and dance.

She states that actor’s job is very responsible one, because a lot of people look at you and want to be like you.

10. Sophia Myles

This actress swelled the ranks of blonde women with blue eyes in 1980. That was when she was born in London in the family of a priest. Her mother is of Russian origin, since her grandmother on her mother’s side came from Russia. (That’s why she can be called one of Slavic women in some sense).

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

Myles played roles in such famous movies as “Transformers: Age of extinction” as well as “Tristan and Isolde”.

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Sophia went to a religious school and then got into the college of Richmond.

The celebrity willingly communicates with her fans on social media where she posts materials connected with her daily life. Myles shares her photos and interesting quotes.

She once claimed that she wasn’t fond of walking down the red carpet wearing a gorgeous dress and high heels and she would prefer to stay at home wearing a pajama.

9. Lauren Graham

She became renowned after participation in a famous TV-series “Gilmore Girls”. Many viewers liked her modeling appearance and beautiful blue eyes.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

Lauren was born in the city of Honolulu (the capital of Hawaii) in an Irish catholic family. Her father was the President of a chocolate candy association. Her mother (a singer and model) left the family and Lauren remained on care of her father who she travelled a lot with.

When at school, she liked to read, sing and do theater where she got leading roles.

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After high school Lauren moved to New York and got into a university.

In 1994 the actress received her first agent. And the first thing he did was to ask her how tall she was, because he was searching for tall women for some project. The actress was encouraged by the obtaining of her first role, but having arrived at the set, she got the costume of a big dog.

8. Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa was born in Smithtown (USA) in 1976. This gorgeous woman with blue eyes started to work as an actress at the age of 4. That’s when she began to star in numerous commercials.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

Having finished school, she got into one of New-York colleges. She studied art, literature, French and Italian in it.

Initially, Melissa wanted to become a journalist and work a lot on it, but decided to follow the familiar path to the world of the TV and movies.

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One of her brightest roles she played in a romantic comedy “Holiday in handcuffs”.

Melissa isn’t limited to the role of an actress. She also works actively as a producer and organize the filming of movies.

Melissa collects pictures. There are the works of Picasso in her collection.

7. Jennifer Lawrence (one of celebs with blue eyes who have never taken acting classes)

She was born in the family of a construction company’s owner in 1990 and the manager of a kindergarten. She became the third child in the family after her two elder brothers. Among her ancestors were the Scottish, Irish, Germans and English. We are wondering which of them she inherited her gorgeous blue eyes from?

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

She had been doing a local theater since early childhood and by the age of 14 decided to become a professional actress.

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Expressing little enthusiasm for schooling, the future celebrity left school two years before graduation. And before she began to star in serious projects she had worked as the assistant of a nurse in a camp.

Jennifer has never taken theatre lessons. The take-off of her career began after she played a role in “X-Men: First class”.

6. Karen Gillan

This Scottish actress with blue eyes become famous due to a role in a TV-series called “Doctor Who”.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

She was born in the family of a Scottish singer and was the only child in her family. And because of that, Karen received a lot of care and attention from her parents. By the age of 7 she played the piano very well and Gillan was sure that she would start a career in music like her father. Then she was interested in psychology but both those hobbies were defeated by the love for the stage.

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When Karen began to star in movies she abandoned a higher-paid job as a fashion model, since Gillan initially strived to be a professional actress.

The celebrity has an Instagram account where she posts funny images from the filming of movies and her own selfies. She has more than 600 thousand subscribers.

5. Bonnie Wright

Bonnie is a young actress with blue eyes who played the role of Ginny Weasley in movies about Harry Potter.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

However, her biography isn’t limited to the participation in “Harry Potter”. Wright also starred in other movies and tried her hand at directing and made her own short movies.

She was born in Great Britain in 1991. Her parents are the owners of a jewelry company.

After high school, Wright studied cinema and television at the University of Art in London.

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In 2010 Bonnie became the face of her parents’ company commercials.

Wright decided to pass the audition for Ginny Weasley because of her brother Lewis who had told her that she looked like that character.

4. Megan Fox

Megan was born in Tennessee in 1986 in the family of a prison guard. When she was 3, her parents got divorced. Her mother married again and their new family moved to Florida.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

According to Megan, her stepfather was a very strict man. That’s why she grew quite an aggressive and nervous child.

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At the age of 5 she was interested in dancing and began to do drama at school. Then Fox was assigned to a private Christian school. She even sang in a choir.

However, religious upbringing didn’t discourage her from desire to become a celebrity.

An invitation to play the leading role in “Transformers” was Megan’s real breakthrough. After the movie came out, this beauty with blue eyes became extremely popular among both viewers and directors.

3. Taylor Swift

This beautiful singer with blue eyes and sexy lips has won the Grammy Award ten times already and has become the winner of more than 200 other musical awards for her creativity.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

Swift was born in Pennsylvania and became the first child in the family of bank workers.

Her parents hoped that their child would make a career in the sphere of business and finances.

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Since childhood Taylor was fond of singing and came to auditions and castings, to no avail.

At the age of ten she began to play the guitar and started writing her own songs almost at once, since Taylor realized that it was easier for her to express emotions and feelings by means of her own music.

Later, the future celebrity came to country music, tired of endless failure at the auditions.

She performed her country song at a local contest and was immediately invited to warm up the public before a famous country singer Charles Daniels show.

2. Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra is a spectacular brunette woman with blue eyes which are impossible to look away from.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

She was born in New York in 1986. Alexandra was brought up in a strict, conservative family. Her father is a policeman, her mother is a lawyer.

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Since childhood Daddario was fun and easy-going girl and wasn’t shy about performing for an audience.

Her parents wanted their daughter to study law but she had made up her mind to become a celebrity a long time ago and got a degree in theatre.

1. Elisha Cuthbert

This Canadian actress as well as model with blue eyes came into being in Calgary in 1982. Her father is the design engineer of road vehicles and her mother is a housewife.

TOP-15 sexiest women celebs with nice blue eyes!

Using her significant connections, Elisha’s mother got her a job in an advertising agency. That’s how Cuthbert became a model at the age of 9.

She began to star in big movies not at once. She had to be disappointed when the role of Mary Jane in a movie “Spider Man” was offered to Kirsten Dunst instead of her.

Elisha got her first leading role in 2004. She was invited to star in a movie “The Girl Next Door”. Cuthbert hesitated a lot before she accepted the invitation because that film told us about a porn actress.

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But then she gave her consent. And before filming Elisha was even forced to talk to real porn actresses about the nuances of their art.

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