10 interesting facts about beautiful Venezuelan women

10 interesting facts about beautiful Venezuelan women

Gorgeous dark-haired females walking by the Caribbean is the first thing that comes to mind when you try to imagine beautiful Venezuelan women. But are they really so attractive? Let’s find out whether this is the case.

10. Venezuelan women are the most frequent beauty contests winners

Venezuela ranks the first in the number of Miss World titles, and ranks the second in the number of victories in Miss Universe contest. Being beautiful has become a tradition and almost obligation in this country.

There are a lot of specialized courses and schools in Venezuela where girls are prepped for beauty contests in order to become a model or an actress and earn the title of Miss Venezuela and then win a Miss Universe contest.

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Venezuelans are very patriotic people. They are very proud of their country and the beauty of their compatriots.

9. They are taught to be beautiful since birth

Since a very young age Venezuelan women learn to take care of themselves and look their best.

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They have their ears pierced at birth, and when they start school their heads are already decorated with various complex hairstyles with multicolored bobby pins and ribbons. We should give credit to Venezuelan moms who manage to keep up with getting girls ready for school at 7 a.m.

As they get older, beautiful Venezuelan women still know to take care of themselves. They are always well-dressed, have makeup on and ready to charm princes.

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So if you plan on visiting Venezuela, you will be pleasantly surprised upon arrival here, since you will find yourself in a wonderful “flower garden” where every girl looks like a model or an actress.

8. Perfect skin and nails are a must-have for them

It’s hard to come across Venezuelan women who have bad skin with black spots or pimple (the same is true of Mexican females). Even if there are any defects, they can be noticed only when you take a close look. Both various newfangled cosmetic treatments and folk remedies are being used to achieve the desired result and become a beauty.

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10 interesting facts about beautiful Venezuelan women

Beautiful Venezuelan women take their makeup seriously and don’t even come outside to throw out trash without it. Notwithstanding the brightness of their makeup, it can’t be called pretentious and defiant.

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Tons of cosmetics on the face are not welcome. Venezuelans are well aware of the rules of good makeup and therefore emphasize either eyes or lips.

Their nails are always good-looking and painted on recent developments in world’s fashion.

7. Long-haired women are more commonly found in this country than short-haired ones

It’s very difficult to get into a hairdressing salon on weekends in Venezuela. Messy hairstyles are unacceptable to Venezuelan women. Their long dark hair is always smooth and well-groomed. And it’s not only about a model or an actress.

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The use of chemical stuff and cutting their hair short is not very common here, but they often use flat irons in the care of their hair.

Venezuelans mainly give preference to the natural color of hair. Even in hot weather they like to have their hair down or wear ponytails. Their priority is the luster and health of their hair.

6. The most common body shape is an “inverted triangle”

Undoubtedly, beautiful Venezuelan women strive for a perfect body shape.

Girls from well-to-do families regularly go to the gym, and girls from the slum usually jog and swim in the ocean. But if sports don’t help them, then a surgeon will do that.

10 interesting facts about beautiful Venezuelan women

Many parents give plastic surgeries to their 16-year-old daughters, even if they’re not going to become models or actresses. Nose jobs, contour mammoplasty and buttocks augmentation are the most popular ones.

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The type of Venezuelans’ body shape resembles an inverted triangle: broad shoulders, big breasts and narrow hips. Nevertheless, their buttocks are rounded and tasty. Even jeans are tailor-made here. They are being sewn, taking into account the shape of local beauties’ cheeks.

5. The key thing of Venezuelans’ clothes is convenience and hotness

With regard to clothes, Venezuelan women give preference to trousers, shorts and crop tops with low-cut demonstrating an awesome rack. When a Venezuelan beauty wants to buy a dress, she usually picks out the kind which is the most simple and comfortable. They usually choose a one-color dress or a dress with small drawings.

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To complete the picture of a typical Venezuelan beauty, we should notice that platform high-heeled shoes are a must-have for all of them, and not just for actresses. As concerns girls wearing stilettos, they can usually be found at celebrating events. Local women therefore can afford to relax and wear flats, trainers or flip-flops only on weekends.

4. They like low-cost jewelry

Beautiful Venezuelan women usually have a lot of inexpensive and massive jewelries such as earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces. Women rarely wear jewelries in everyday life, since they fear robbers who are not uncommon in Venezuela. A well-dressed beauty looks as bait for robbers.

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By the way, street theft is also very widespread among Argentinian population and in other neighboring countries.

3. Women want to hear “piropo”

A word “piropo” relates to men’s admiring whistle and comments which they call after a beauty waking on the street. This word “piropo” carries quite an affectionate connotation, and in no way is a rude and dirty word related to sexual harassment which is not rare in some South American countries.

10 interesting facts about beautiful Venezuelan women

Everyone is satisfied with “piropo”. It’s more like a game: women strive to hear “piropo” to their favor in order to convince themselves of their attractiveness, whereas men exercise their eloquence.

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For example, a Venezuelan beauty can hear that someone calls after her, “Your father is a thief – he stole the most beautiful stars in the sky and inserted them into your eyes”.

As a rule, such compliments are not taken seriously and cause fat and awkward smiles.

Having complimented and whistled, a man is unlikely to follow a woman and hit on her even if she is a model or an actress.

2. The authority of mother is indisputable

Apart from the fact that Venezuelans are very feminine and charming, they can boast of a strong character and independence. Venezuela has experienced significant development in matriarchy.

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There are a lot of female managers in the state and private sectors. But above all Venezuelans as well as Brazilian people praise the role of mother. That’s why every local beauty dreams of becoming a good mother.

1. Beautiful Venezuelan women like to date foreigners

No matter whether you are going to date an ordinary Venezuelan girl, a model or an actress, you should turn up on time. They hate to be kept waiting.

Local women are temperamental and impassioned. That’s why you’d better ask her out to a nightclub instead of a theater.

They tend to be chatty. So don’t be boring.

Don’t show up wearing trendy clothes. Put on something casual. Otherwise, a Venezuelan girl can think that you are showing off.

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And try to learn some compliments in Spanish – she will appreciate it.

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