TOP-7 richest actresses in the world in 2016

Who are the richest actresses in the today’s world? Here is the list of the richest, judging by their net worth, actresses in 2016.

7. Sandra Bullock, a skyrocketing star

Sandra Bullock has recently been in the spotlight of the media due to her leading roles in such flicks as Gravity, which won many awards.

Top 7 richest actresses in the world in 2016

Not many people know that Sandra is one of the richest actresses in the world, with her net worth is counted to be around $200 million.

It is curious that Bullock was not paid that much for her breakthrough leading role in much praised Speed, where she played a student who helped to avoid the inevitable catastrophe of the bus-on-the-loose. According to the studio’s sources, Sandra only earned humble $500 000.

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The financial success of Speed helped to launch the never fading career of Sandra and make her one of the richest American actresses.

Sandra is an outspoken women’s rights advocate, who helped many women, including beautiful African women across the globe, to launch their careers.

6. Victoria Principal, a dashing beauty

On the sixth position on our list of the richest actresses across the globe is Victoria Principal. Her net is estimated to be around $200 million.

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Top 7 richest actresses in the world in 2016

She was picked by the director known for his ability to recognize talents, legendary John Huston, back in the seventies. Her career went through all sorts of transformations when she finally rose to the true prominence in the series. First came Fantasy Island, which was followed by the role she is remembered by the most. That was Pamela in the beloved series Dallas.

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Besides her flourishing career of an actress, Victoria ventured to establish her own skin care brand, the business which brought her even more money, making her one of the most successful business women in the entertainment industry as well as one of the richest American actresses.

5. Julia Louis Dreyfus, the successful businesswoman

The fifth position in the list of the world’s richest actresses belongs to Julia Louis Dreyfus.
Julia’s impressive net worth (she is estimated to have earned a bit more than $200 million) is not solely due to her achievements as an actress. She has been very active in a variety of fields in the entertainment industry.

Top 7 richest actresses in the world in 2016

Together with her husband she developed the popular show, Watching Ellie.

She played major parts in series Veep, which became her breakthrough achievement, for which she was highly praised both by critics and the audience.

4. Sasha Alexander, the most diverse actress

On the fourth position of the richest actresses in the world is Sasha Alexander.

Top 7 richest actresses in the world in 2016

43-years old, Sasha went through the most diverse range of roles during the course of her career. She played in Shakespeare festival, had roles in a number of short-lived miniseries, until finally she was cast in the top-notch series Wasteland and ongoing Shameless.

Her challenging role of relentless, uncompromising, eager to push boundaries, Helene Runyon in Shameless made her the truly contemporary star of today as well as one of the richest American actresses.

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Sasha has arisen many controversies for her scenes in the show which involved nudity and also the sexual relationships with a man who is much younger than she.

Sasha is outspoken in defending the choices she accepted, stating that the role is matching her own sensibilities and opens up her potential.

Sasha’s net worth is estimated to be of $215 million.

3. Jessica Alba, one of the sexiest and richest actresses

Jessica is on the prominent third position on the list of the wealthiest active actresses.

The youngest on the list, Jessica, is only 35 years old. She is known for her disappearing and reappearing as far as her acting career is concerned.

Top 7 richest actresses in the world in 2016

The famous Sin City star is the most successful entrepreneur as well. When she became a mother, she was concerned over the healthy products an average family needs in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle. She founded the organic food company which is focused on delivering the healthy nutrition.

Jessica’s entrepreneurship explains her unusually high net of $350 million.

It was director James Cameron who chose Jessica over more than a thousand candidates when she was only thirteen. Her role in Cameron-led super popular Dark Angel launched her career. Alba has been spotted for her sexy outlook by virtually every magazine in the industry, putting her in top lists of the sexiest-looking divas.

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However, Jessica repeatedly said that looks don’t matter, and she is happy to manipulate the public with her outlook while having much more she brings to the table as an actress.

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2. Jami Gertz, the most praised among actresses for her activity

Jami Gertz is far ahead of almost everybody in the list of the richest American actresses in today’s world.

Top 7 richest actresses in the world in 2016

While being an excellent actress with the set of memorable roles back in the eighties, Jami is known for her philanthropic achievements.

Jami is married to billionaire Antony Ressler and helps running his business together with their three sons.

Being herself a conservative Jew, Jami likes to have a little of fun discussing the traditional Jewish rites. Gertz says that she has never been the subject of discrimination because of her religious beliefs.

She keeps business relationships with the richest families in America, including that of Donald and Melania Trump. Jami’s wealth is estimated to be as high as $2 billion, making her one of the richest American actresses.

1. Dina Merrill, one of the richest women and actresses in the world

Dina is the only actress on the list, whose wealth is inherited from her affluent family members. Dina nevertheless became the honest-to-God actress in the forties, starting as a stage actress on Broadway and spotted by producers of the leading Hollywood studios at the time.

Top 7 richest actresses in the world in 2016

A dashing beauty with the set of classic features that define Hollywood femininity back in the day she was the candidate for a place the Grace Kelly used to hold.

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With her spectacular $5 billion wealth, Dina is a dedicated socialite, spending large sums of money and putting the tremendous amount of her energy since the 60s in her philanthropic activities.

Who could you add to the list? Feel free to comment on the list of the richest actresses in the world in the comment section below.

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