TOP-7 most beautiful African women

Beautiful African women are getting to the top positions in the lists of the models. Here is the top 7 most beautiful African women!

7. Michelle Van Der Water

Michelle was born in Africa, but was raised in Australia, where her parents took her soon after she was born.

Top 7 most beautiful African women

With her brown eyes and sensitive lips, of 5’6” of height, Michelle has the Giocondian smile and projects wit and understanding. She is not only one of the most beautiful African women but also is one of the smartest.

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Her looks and her intelligence helped her to become an actress, one of the successful among nice African women.

Well-educated in media and creative arts, she moved to LA, where the African beauty was spotted by a number of talent agencies.

She appeared in popular flick Minotaur in 2009 opposite Tom Hardy and in popular series Melrose Place. Michelle enhances her acting skills at the famous John Kirby Studio in Los Angeles where many beautiful women are trained.

6. Ajuma Nasenyana

With her lithe body, panther-like Ajuma Nasenyana is one of the most known models of African descent. She was born in Kenia and went to receive several prestigious awards in modelling. These included winning in the competition of Miss Kenya Tourism among many other African women’s contests.

Top 7 most beautiful African women

During one of her catwalks, she was spotted by one of the photographers of famed Gamma Photo Agency who saw the potential in graceful provocativeness of Ajuma. She was the main feature of the whole reportage of the agency.

Later international model agency Ford Models who were looking for beautiful African women found her photos and made a proposition Ajuma could not refuse.

African model went so far that she became one of the top black models for the likes of Victoria’s Secret and drew the attention of distinguished designer Carlos Mienes. Her further career is promising and is an example for women in the world.

5. Liya Kebede

Next in our list of nice women from Africa is Liya Kebede. She was born in Ethiopia.
Unlike the rest of the beautiful African girls in the list, she was first discovered by the movie director.

Top 7 most beautiful African women

Her high cheekbones and brownish eyes combined with grace and elegance of her walk drew the attention of the movie director who later get her acquainted to the French modeling agency recruiting women based in Paris.

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Knowing French helped Liya to get her way to the podiums in the capital of France. She received lucrative offers from the top agencies looking for beautiful women and eventually moved to New York, where she resides now.

You could see her advertising numerous clothing brands targeting women. She is representing the likes of GAP, Yves Saint-Laurent, and Victoria’s Secret. Lots of women see her as their model.

Liya Kebedehas established her own line of clothing while proceeding with the modeling career. She is estimated to be the eleventh highest paid top model in the world as of 2008.

4. Azie Tesfai

Next in our list of beautiful girls from Africa is big-eyed, black-eyed, alluring Azie Tesfai. She was born and raised in LA, California.

Top 7 most beautiful African women

Unlike many African models and actresses, Azie was educated in Berkeley. She was studying Business Administration. Precociously smart, she could have become an entrepreneur, but she chose the artistic path instead.

Azie Tesfai has become famous for her role in the television series produced by company CW called Jane the Virgin.

One of the main activities of Azie is the charity mission. She was the founder of the African charity organization helping women and children based in Ethiopia. When the organization was shut down by the officials, she remained stubborn and started to sell jewelry to make enough many to pay all the fees.

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Eventually, she started her own jewelry line which she called Fortuned Culture. Most of the profits returned after the sales of the jewelry go to support African and Latin American children. She is the inspiration for all women in the world.

3. Freema Agyeman

Freema was born and raised in GB, although she is of African descent. Her parents are from Iran and Ghana, respectively.

Top 7 most beautiful African women

Since Freema is one of those tall women who made her debut in the teen-targeting show The Carrie Diaries, she became instantly recognized and received numerous proposals to participate in other British shows.

Her latest achievements include the role of Martha Jones in super popular series Doctor Who and its follow-up called Torchwood.

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In the welcoming climate of modern Great Britain, Freema Agyeman received a number of prestigious awards for her talent. The awards include being named the “face of 2007″ by the influential tabloid Observer.

2. Fatima Siad

The second in our list is Fatima Siad. She was born and raised in Somali. Fatima is the eldest of three children.

Top 7 most beautiful African women

Lean and limber, Fatima Siad is an impersonation of the African enigma. Her high cheekbones, pointy elfin-like ears and playful African eyes had made her noticeable at her early age.

Personal story of Fatima Said is the most dramatic. She had to endure the loss of her two sisters during the outrageous civil war in Somali. She also had to go through the terrible rite still practiced in some African countries when the genitals of an underage woman are cut according to some outdated African beliefs.

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When the war in Somali turned out to be disastrous, Fatima’s mother took her only remaining daughter to seek shelter in the US. Being only of fourteen years of age, Fatima started her modeling career.

Fatima was spotted by TV producers and was invited to participate in a number of popular shows. Now she holds the third position in the super popular America’s Next Top Model reality television series.

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Fatima Siad, one of the most beautiful women on African continent, wrote her autobiography Vulnerable Beauty: Finding My Voice, where she expressed her attitude towards the African tradition of mutilating women’s genitalia. Her autobiography became instantly recognized and spawned numerous attempts to seize the terrible African practice. Women of Africa are inspired by her example.

1. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Amondi Nyong’o is considered to be one of the nicest ladies in Africa, but she was born and raised in Mexico.

Top 7 most beautiful African women

Lupita’s parents moved to Kenya, where she was raised. Jumping on the opportunity, Lupita Nyong’o moved to the USA to get the good education.

Lupita Nyong’o was offered to become a production assistant while combining this position with playing the role in her debut movie titled East River.

Among beautiful African women featured in our article, Lupita is the one who actually returned to her African country of departure, Kenya, when the opportunity arrived to play a role in the Kenyan soap series Shuga, among other beautiful women.

Lupita Nyong’o ventured to earn a master’s degree in acting from famous Yale School of Drama. Her breakthrough came when she was cast to play one of the leading roles in Steve McQueen’s movie 12 years of Slave.

Nice African women are like ancient Greek goddesses. They draw their inspiration from a wild force of Nature and Magic. Powerful black women are yet to release their potential in the years to come.

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