Hot Japanese women: TOP-10 shocking facts

TOP-10 shocking facts about Japanese women!

There are nothing more mysterious in Japan than hot Japanese women. A woman’s role in modern Japan is very multifaceted. What are the most shocking facts about the women of Japan?

According to traditions, in front of guests a husband should be on a first-name basis with his wife, their relationship should be built on a strict hierarchy, and a wife, in turn, should treat his husband only with respect and try to demonstrate that he is an undeniable head of the family.

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Nevertheless, in reality the situation is different. The high status of a woman-mother who manages the household budget and makes important decisions still remains in Japan. Modern Japan is the country of women’s culture in the most profound sense of the word. But the old Japanese traditions are quite demanding for women.

10. Japanese traditions don’t imply respect for women

At all times hot Japanese women had their own place clearly defined by traditions and unwritten laws. (That’s what they have in common with Chinese women.) Western tolerance and its respectful treatment of women are highly unorthodox in Japan.

There is a common saying “danson, jiuhi” in Japanese language which means “respect a man and despise a woman”.

Nevertheless, in modern families, especially which live in big cities, many husbands and wives use polite pronouns talking to each other which is the indicator of a western culture’s influence. That tendency began to spread after World War II, and in modern conditions it further increased.

9. Young and single Japanese girls often feel inferior

The sense of subordination, which is a conscious one, to a greater or lesser extent, contributes to the oppression of Japanese women’s emotions. Since childhood, she is aware of her “inferiority”. She could see and feel that her family, especially a father, preferred a son.

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Hot Japanese women: TOP-10 shocking facts

She is treated absolutely differently than her brothers. Moreover, having grown up, she finds that she is less than the full member of a family, since sooner or later she will marry and be put in someone’s family where she will be expected to give birth to kids and raise them.

8. According to Buddhism, hot Japanese women have inborn sins

Buddhism teaches that a woman ranks below a man, and she carries out evil and is the reason of strife. In order to reach the state of nirvana, eternal peace and bliss, a woman, according to a Buddhist doctrine, should be reborn as a man. For it, she is obliged to hurt, since that is the only way to atone for her inborn sins.

Upon attaining majority, single Japanese women await with concern the time when they get married and move to their husbands’ families, where they’ll have to submit to their mothers-in-law.

In old Japan, divorces mostly took part because of a mother-in-law’s dissatisfaction with her daughter-in-law. In such cases, a young daughter-in-law was sent away in disgrace to her parents’ family.

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7. Even the Constitution of Japan doesn’t guarantee women’s equality with men

The new constitution of Japan adopted in 1946 provided an equal status with men to women. But the first women in history of Japan who got the equality with men weren’t glad of it.

Hot Japanese women: TOP-10 shocking facts

Formally, the patriarchal system of a family was condemned, and the inferior status of hot Japanese women was eliminated by law. However, it wasn’t easy to do away with something that had taken deep root in life and in the home of the nation for centuries.

Patriarchy still has huge power in many Japanese families. It’s reflected in both despotic rule of a father and blind wife’s obedience to her husband, and especially in the sense of dominance of a man who internally considers himself above a woman.

Self-consciousness of the people is still dominated by the Buddhist doctrine of the fact that you are born as a man or a woman as a result of virtue or sin respectively committed by a person in his or her previous life.

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6. They like to talk about women’s freedom

Hot Japanese women who are inspired by the new constitution try to exercise their freedom in practice. Sociologists claim that a lot of married Japanese women think about divorce. Nevertheless, only a small part of those women take such a move.

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Traditions prevent them from such “indiscretions”. Women get together, lively talk about women’s freedom, but still prefer not to make their husbands angry when they come back home. And men providing an opportunity to talk about freedom as long as they want, however, require their wives to know their place. There are a lot of reasons for it.

5. Women can be evicted after divorce

A Japanese female has a responsibility to raise kids, and her opportunities to earn a living are often little. Moreover, old patriarchal ideas remain in new laws, to a large extent.

Hot Japanese women: TOP-10 shocking facts

In particular, the item of the distribution of property upon divorce, the material support of a woman after divorce and the existence of a roof over her head aren’t considered at all. That’s why, if close relatives aren’t around or if a woman doesn’t have a well-paid job, divorce can become even greater misfortune for her than living with an unloved and unfaithful husband.

4. Modern women aim to dominate in relationships

Not so long ago, hot Japanese women were in charge of all domestic matters. A kitchen considered to be a place where a man was ashamed to enter.

Today, those stereotypes are gradually fading. Most of modern husbands are considered to give their salaries to their wives unconditionally so that women could issue them certain amounts in their pockets afterward.

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Today, it’s not uncommon to see a man in Japan who cooks dinner or nurses babies. You can meet more and more men with shopping bags on the street performing wife’s missions. Such facts cause many Japanese people to smile sadly. Some of them even make sarcastic comments on the fact that “Japanese men lose their dignity”, and “Japanese ladies lose their women’s virtue”. However, there is no way back.

3. They even sleep in a special pose

For many foreigners idealizing Japan a Japanese woman remains a wonderful creature, she is attractive both externally and internally (they are very much like Korean women), her spiritual world is admirable.

Hot Japanese women: TOP-10 shocking facts

Hot Japanese women are humble and have good upbringing. They don’t lose their dignity even in their sleep. They do it in a beautiful pose lying on the back with her legs put together and arms by their sides. Such way of behavior was particularly strict in samurai families where girls were trained to it specially, tying their feet before going to bed.

2. A Japanese girl can become a maid after marriage

According to a local custom, the eldest son in a family is obliged to live with parents. If they are committed to that view, their son’s wife can actually become a maid in their home, and not every woman likes it.

If a Japanese man wants a woman to leave him alone or if he wants to know whether she really loves him, it’s enough to say that he is the eldest son. (It’s an easy way to finish a Japanese dating.) In that case, a potential bride will have to choose between freedom and love. Japanese women have a preference for the first option more often.

1. The new generation of hot Japanese women

The decades of economic prosperity in Japan have formed the absolutely new generation of Japanese women who are well-educated. They make good wages, like traveling and adore to go shopping with their friends. In the present-day reality, they are not only economically independent of parents and husbands, but they know exactly what they want to achieve in life.

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There are a lot of “rebels” among young working women who don’t like the traditional norms of family life. They prefer to put marriage on a waiting list and aren’t afraid of divorces, and are slow to give birth to children. You should remember that if you want to meet Asian women.

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