Why do girls like bad boys?

Why do girls like bad boys?

Many wonder, “Why do girls like bad boys?” Maybe it’s about bad boys’ special qualities and actions, or girls’ distorted image of the reality? Let’s figure it out.

Behavior and affection

Before we start to figure out “why do girls like bad boys?” and blame them for that, let’s have a little think about males. Aren’t they more attracted to nasty girls whom are easy to start a relationship with than to good ones? And don’t they give preference to women who are willing to go over to their place after the first date?

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What man would renounce dating such a girl? The same holds true for boys. It’s all about charm and attractiveness of bad guys and girls. They win the hearts of their companions in a heartbeat due to their self-confidence and assertiveness.

Girls prefer bad boys over good guys, because they are precise in their words and actions. They aren’t scared of coming up to any girl, talking to her and asking her out, whereas good guys are usually reluctant to win the favor of a girl or unwilling to get her phone number when he first meets her.

It’s often the case that it’s a bad guy who makes the first move and achieves the desired result quickly, as opposed to the right guy who needs to think it over carefully and calculate everything.


High self-esteem and frankness are one of the main answers to the question of “why do girls like bad boys?” Directness plays a critical role in creating attraction between the women and men.

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Why do girls like bad boys?

It helps a person sound confident, move smoothly and feel uninhibited. When it comes to bad boys, they are full of frankness coupled with high self-esteem, which makes them masters at communication and in many other social situations.

It is cool to be around such a person

Most women want to be seen walking beside cool guys. The desire to get other women to be jealous and envious encourages girls to date bad guys.

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And it makes sense, since a girl feels that she is the most beautiful lady in her circle, if she goes out with a guy who is a pole of attraction for most of her female friends.

Naughty guys know how to have a good time

That’s another major reason and response to the question “why do girls like bad boys?” Sometimes all of us want to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Generally, bad guys spend time in nightclubs and not stay home or go to the theater.

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Girls are fond of fascinating conversation, going to parties, hanging out with different people and do something more interesting than just sitting on a park bench and taking in a movie.

Dating a bad guy might be cool, because they really know how to have a good time and entertain their girlfriends. As a rule, they have quite a lot of money, many acquaintances and hence they are a part of a diverse and interesting social circle in which she definitely won’t be bored.

Bad guys know what they want

Such a man is well aware of what he wants from a girl. He can make it clear that he has strong feelings for her and wants to be more than her friend. And if he notices a girl trying to put him in her friend zone, he will immediately do his best to get out of it.

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Bad guys know what they want

This makes him the polar opposite of a shy good boy who isn’t always able to express his feelings and is forced to enjoy only friendly relations with a girl. That’s why women love bad boys.

Dominant personality effect

Imagine a typical situation when the most attractive guy in class who is the captain of a school’s football team asks a girl out. Most of his friends respect him, and every girl secretly falls in love with him.

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This will exert pressure on a girl who this guy has an interest in. And such a passive influence of the bad guy’s dominant personality doesn’t leave room for the girl’s refusal.

Bad guys don’t hesitate to give flowers and chocolates

While considering “why do women like bad boys?” we should mention that a guy like this won’t pass up yet another opportunity to present a bouquet of roses or some kind of funny present to his girlfriend. Even when they are still in the process of flirting, she will really enjoy such behavior.

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What woman wouldn’t be pleased with a gift given to her by a hunky guy when she sees him?

The right guy, for his part, will think twice before taking this step. He might fear that a girl won’t accept his gift and won’t want to develop a relationship with him.

Parents forbid her to date bad guys

If you are still interested to reply to the question “why do girls like bad boys?” you first need to find out “Why does a little kid constantly try to find a hidden box of chocolates?” The point is that he was told not to eat chocolates. This is our human nature — trying to do what’s forbidden.

Parents forbid her to date bad guys

The same holds true for a situation when a mother tells her daughter to stay away from a guy who she befriends. The fact that the mother forbade her to date that guy will further foster her desire to find out what kind of man he really is.

Women feel safe around these guys

Bad guys have a reputation for being really tough on people. A bad boy looks like the person that nobody wants to play games with. Naturally, a girl will feel secure and protected walking beside a bad boy who can handle any situation.

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This sense of security is another answer to your question “why do girls like bad boys and want to be with them?”

The image of a brutal man is a key to understanding “why do girls like bad boys?”

These guys stand out for their specific piercing eyes. There is no space on their body for new tattoos, because it’s already littered with them. They are uninhibited. They speak slowly and firmly. Their postures and gestures clearly show you who is in charge. A man like this needs only look at a woman, she’s his. Few girls can resist.

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When considering “Why do girls like bad guys?” and “Why do they prefer them over well-brought-up and upstanding nerds who get them bored and make them want to yawn?” it’s worth noting that women are attracted to bad guys for the set of traits that are inherent in genuine manliness, that is, brute strength, ability to take a direct approach, be thick-skinned, not to be deterred by obstacles, cast aside rivals and be first one to achieve the goal.

And may their means of achieving their goals aren’t always approved by society, and sometimes are even illegitimate. It doesn’t matter. A win is a win.

That’s why a response to the question “Why do girls like bad boys?” is simple — women choose bad boys for their unbridled desire to win at all costs, for their freedom from fear, ability to put everything on the line for a win. A girl’s heart melts in front of strength. There’s nothing more to add.

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Bad guys have all the qualities of an alpha male. A guy like this will catch up a bull and take it by the horns. He will stop at nothing. If he decided that he needs to own any particular girl, then it will be so. He won’t even have to make a pass at her, because she will prefer him over everyone else.

Danger and risk sharpen sensations

Bad guys are loved for their risky adventures that these men are accompanied by. An affair with such a guy keeps girls sharp. It’s like standing at the edge of the abyss: it tickles the nerve, and your heart skips a beat.

Danger and risk sharpen sensations

A relationship with a bad boy is full of swagger, adrenaline and exciting events. As is known, this greatly sharpens women’s emotions. Girls always want to add a bit of spice to their relationship, and they can have it in spades when they are around bad guys. Girls usually get bored with peace and predictability that go in hand with good boys.

When a woman’s emotions are permanently heightened, the rare moments of tenderness are of particular value to her.

As if they specially attract those men who will evoke strong and high emotions. Living on a volcano always excites them: infidelity, scandals, rudeness, beating. But how sweet it is to make peace!

In addition, bad boys are often more experienced and open-minded in terms of sex, since they have more sexual partners over the life course than ordinary men. They don’t suffer from an inferiority complex, easily come in contact with women, and then continue to get to know each other better in bed. The frequent change of partners is a normal thing for bad guys. Oddly enough, that’s why women like bad guys.

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The constant need to compete spurs a girl’s competitive spirit, her commitment to win and beat the rivals and conquer this particular man.

“I will re-educate him!”

Many women have an indestructible desire to play the role of a defender and savior. This is particularly true for young women who are self-confident and think that they are more than capable of re-educating their sweethearts.

They claim that bad guys will let go of bad habits, negative character traits and become warm and cuddly.

“He needs to be saved, and I’m the only person who can do it!” the girls think. That’s why girls like bad guys and are even willing to suffer abuses.

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Nevertheless, such love affairs often end in disappointment: bad guys break their naïve ideas and expectations.

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