Where the most beautiful red-headed women live: top-10 countries

Where the most beautiful red-headed women live: top-10 countries

All the hair length, types and colors are beautiful, but gingers always stick out in the crowd. Partly, because there aren’t so many of them.

Interestingly, redheads are considered especially attractive among women. However, there are some countries that have the most beautiful redheads. It is also interesting that most redheads live in rainy climates – probably because our bodies are trying to adapt to everything. And light eyes and hair are an adaptation to the sun deficiency.

1. Scotland

Scottish red-headed women
Photo: quora.com

The number of redheads in Scotland is about 13%. There are about 600-700 thousand people living in it. Hair color and other features are so common due to the peculiarities of the climate – lack of sun and numerous rainy days. Because of it, the Scots have adapted to be more sensitive to the sunlight. It also explains the prevalence of white skin, red hair, freckles, etc.

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Women in Scotland frequently are light-eyed and have sharp face features.

Historically, both genders in northern areas were quite tall. Today, the average female height in Scotland is 162.5 (5 ft 4 in).

2. Netherlands

Dutch red-headed women
Photo: RuudMorijn-NL / flickr.com

Blond hair, light eyes and freckles are also prevalent among women in the Netherlands. Though the average height of women is much higher than in Scotland – about 169.3 cm (5 ft 7 in). Dutch women likely have blond or red hair. Actually, their looks are similar to other European countries. They have oval-shaped faces and beautiful facial features, including freckles.

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The Dutch are patient, tolerant, and kind. Discrimination by any means is forbidden in the Netherlands.

3. Ireland

Irish red-headed women
Photo: irishpost.com

Redheaded people in Ireland look stunning – they often have long, healthy, and strong hair. Average height is 165.11 cm (5 ft 5 in). Native Irish are tall, athletic and have high cheekbones, oval-shaped faces. More than three-quarters of the Irish population have light eye color (blue to green) – about 86%.

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Modern common female features are fair skin with freckles, round chin, high cheekbones, and an oval-shaped head.

4. The USA

American red-headed women
Photo: dcnewsnow.com

The main standard of beauty in the US is naturalness, self-confidence and expressing yourself. This applies to redheads as well. The number of redheads among Americans may not be as high as 1 or 2%, but the tendency to praise one’s natural features is a good bust for any appearance.

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It’s hard to describe the looks of “standard” women in the U.S. because the population includes different ethnicities and encourages individuality. But it is a great opportunity to find an attractive woman with a separate opinion.

5. Germany

German red-headed women
Photo: Eddy Van 3000 / flickr.com

Germany has an impressive percentage of redheads (same with Scotland, Ireland, and England). Women in Germany mostly have blond hair and eyes. Average height of women is 165.86 cm (5 feet 5.29 inches).

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Thus, common traits in the appearance of a German woman are blue eyes, tall height, high cheekbones, pale and light, red or light brown colored hair. Other interesting features include a straight nose, sharp chin, and thin lips.

6. Russia

There are many nationalities living in Russia, among which redheads predominate. This applies, for example, to the Udmurts (Volga region). This group is considered the reddest ethnicity in Russia.

The common features of Russian women are: pale to fair skin, thin lips, round or oval face shape, light-colored hair, eyebrows and eyes. Average height is 165.3 cm (5 ft 5.1 in).

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7. France

French red-headed women
Photo: howtobearedhead.com

Redheads are quite rare in France, but even French themselves find ginger women very attractive (interestingly, more so than men). Most redheads live mostly north from the center of the country.
Common features of northern French women are fair skin, bluish or grayish eyes, blond hair, thin lips, big eyes. Freckles and ginger hair are relatively common.

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Interestingly, a lot of people in France dye their hair red to stand out and sometimes just to improve their hairstyle.

8. Norway

Norwegian red-headed women
Photo: quotesgram.com

Gingers are relatively common in Norway. A lot of them are located in the western regions. Among the prevailing Scandinavian features are blond eyes and hair, oval face shape. Women are mostly tall, have narrow faces and noses, pale to light skin.

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People in Norway are considered quiet, proud and patriotic, respectful of strangers. Though it may seem that Norwegians are taciturn and unfriendly. But in fact the opposite is true – people in Norway are polite, calm and practical.

9. Poland

Polish red-headed women
Photo: behance.net

Redheads are quite rare in Poland – no more than 2% of Polish women have natural red hair. Although, this color is very popular and considered attractive. Therefore, many women in different age groups dye their hair red. Teenagers in Poland love to dye their hair, not only red. Popular colors are bright and eye-catching: blue, white, purple.

The prevalent physical characteristics of Poles are: light hair from blond to red, freckles, light eye color, oval-shaped head. Poles are curious, caring and sociable. They know how to create a good atmosphere in various social situations.

10. Canada

Canadian red-headed women
Photo: globalnews.ca

The Celtic influence affected Atlantic Canada. That’s why there are quite a few ginger women there. Red is also popular in this country, so many people dye their hair this color. There are over 450 ethnic groups in Canada – each group has their unique physical features. The population mainly consists of the European group (about 52.5%), who are light-eyed, fair-haired, have pale to fair skin and an oval-shaped face.

Women in Canada are polite, respectful of other cultures and generous. Canadian women are tolerant and open-minded. They have even been called the “international personality of Canada”.

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The countries with the highest percentage of redheads are Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Morocco, United States, Russia, Ukraine, Canada and Mexico. Other countries have redheads, but their percentage is less than 1%, e.g. China, Italy, India, etc.

Although ginger hair is the rarest natural color, it is certainly one of the most attractive and discussed. Many young women even dye their natural color to red. It can help them feel more attractive and beautiful.

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