10 essential things women really want in men: some are really weird

10 essential things women really want in men: some are really weird

Sometimes men think that they need to have superpowers to make women like them. But in reality, if you take a closer look at the things that females really want to see in men, it becomes obvious that their expectation can easily be met. Let’s find out what these expectations are.

1. Women need open and vulnerable men

Women need open and vulnerable men
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Have you ever tried to maintain a relationship with an emotionally detached woman? That’s what it feels like when a female dates a reserved man, wishing to come across as an influential and strong person who is only governed by common sense and logic but not emotions and feelings.

If a man is interested in building a meaningful bond with a woman, he shouldn’t be scared to show his vulnerable side. If you are ready to reveal your feelings and be emotional, your female partner will see you as a person who can come to terms with himself in the first place. And this in turn will let her find an agreement with you.

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Moreover, emotional openness will help her become more open with you.

2. Women want to have chemical reactions at the sight of men

Women want to have chemical reactions at the sight of men
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Have you ever faced a situation when you talk to a woman that you find good-looking, smart and cheerful, but at the same time you don’t sense any attraction between you and her? Women can feel the same towards men.

A male can be rich, powerful, handsome and charismatic, but there will always be a lot of females who are not attracted to him. The reason for this lies in the lack of chemistry between a particular man and woman.

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If there is no spark between a woman and man during the first few minutes of being around each other, it means that their bodies don’t release the hormones of love such as dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, endorphins and oxytocin in response to being close to each other.

And there is nothing that can be done about it. You can’t force your organism to love somebody if it doesn’t want to.

3. Woman seeks to have a stable man by her side

Photo: wallhere.com
Photo: wallhere.com

If we don’t take into account females who are up for hookups and one-night stands and consider only those women who are interested in long-term relationships, female are usually drawn to stable men.

And when we speak of stability, we are referring to both economic and emotional stability.
Women look for men who can materially support themselves and provide for their families.

Likewise, control of emotions and thoughts is also among females’ expectations from men.
Ladies are perfectly aware of the fact that stable men are the only ones who are able to build a stable relationship.

Thus, a man should be at least a little bit predictable in material and emotional terms if he wants to build a strong bond with a woman.

4. Women like generous men, and it’s not about money

4. Women like generous men, and it’s not about money
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Many men get angry when women say that they dream of a generous man. In such situations, males normally start complaining that modern ladies are mercantile and materialistic.

However, women usually view generosity in a much broader sense. It’s not about the amount of money that a man has in his bank account. In the perception of females, generosity is a desire and ability to give something to others and at the same time get pleasure from it and have fun doing it.
You can be generous in giving your time, energy, attention, tenderness and love.

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It’s impossible to be a little bit greedy, just as you can’t be a little bit generous. If a man regrets spending money on a woman, he will regret spending everything else on her.

5. Women aim to have a strong man, and it’s not about physical strength

5. Women aim to have a strong man, and it’s not about physical strength
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Of course, men are happy when their female partners think of themselves as strong persons. It gives them a motivation to become even stronger. For this purpose, they start going to the gym and lift weights.

Many males think that in any conflict situation, they are expected to punch brutes and rude persons in the face and take him down. However, the romance of fighting looks fascinating only in Hollywood movies. In reality, a fight is a set of ridiculous movements that ends with injuries, fractures and prison sentences for both sides in the conflict.

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No normal woman wants to provide for the family on her own, while her husband serves a term in prison. Few men know that women put a different meaning in a term “strong”.

According to women, a real strength is the power of a man’s character, the same one that enables him to be mature, reliable, credible and self-confident, the same force that makes him get up in the middle of the night in order to make sure that his child sleeps well and care for a sick wife.

6. Females strive to have a common system of values with their men

6. Females strive to have a common system of values with their men
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A normal girl seeks to find a partner who will treat her as an equal, without trying to assert dominance over her or trying to change her. To achieve this, a girl should stop competing with her partner, as if they are the members of opposing sports teams, and become one team pursuing a common goal.

Many women intuitively understand that they can only become a one team with their partners if they share a common system of values.

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A man and woman who are involved in a relationship normally have different backgrounds, experiences and personal passions, but a common system of values is a solid ground beneath their feet they can move forward together from and be on the same wavelength as a single team.

7. Women need to smell a masculine scent

Women need to smell a masculine scent
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Odd as it may seem, a sense of smell is one of the main senses that women subconsciously pay attention to when they choose a partner. A female needs just a fraction of a second to catch the scent of a man and feel sexually attracted to him.

The main role in the formation of natural manly scent is played by pheromones secreted by a man’s skin. However, it shouldn’t be mistaken for the smell of sweat. In contrast, the odor of sweat obscures a real masculine scent.

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If a man wants to activate the action of “fragrant” hormones secreted by his skin, he needs to take water procedures regularly and use perfume that blends well with the smell of his skin. This will enhance sexual attraction caused by his masculine scent.

8. Women aim to find men who aren’t deprived of a good sense of humor

8. Women aim to find men who aren’t deprived of a good sense of humor
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When a man cracks jokes, a psychological defense mechanism that helps a woman to scan, filter and critically reflect on incoming information shuts off and the female loses the ability to soberly assess the situation. As a result, a man is no more perceived as a potential enemy.

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This process is largely similar to the influence of alcohol. Just as alcohol shut down one hemisphere of a human brain, which is responsible for rational thinking, humor does the same thing, relieving a person from a sense of fear and suspicion.

Humor makes women notice only the positive features of a man in front of them, while discarding and ignoring negative ones. That’s how women develop confidence in cheerful guys.

9. Women like sociable and easy-going men

Women like sociable and easy-going men
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Many men are scared that they are not sociable enough and that they don’t have enough friends. They think that it may seem strange to his potential girlfriends and even ward them off. Because of this, such males strive to create the illusion of highly sought-after persons, for instance, by creating social media account adding a lot of people as friends most of which they don’t even know.

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The good news is that women don’t need you to have a wide circle of acquaintances or be part of an influential social group. They just need an easy-going man who they can introduce to their friends and family. And that’s all.

If a man shows willingness to talk to his partner’s friends and relatives and displays agreeableness towards them, it will be enough for a woman to respect his social abilities.

10. Ladies give preference to men who can reload themselves

10. Ladies give preference to men who can reload themselves
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As a rule, men adhere to a certain single behavior model when interacting with their female partners. When this model fails for some reason, a man doesn’t know how to go forward, so he starts freaking out, acting clumsily and looking awkwardly.

In such a situation, a woman grows cold towards her man and even loses interest in him, because he looks more like a child, rather than a reliable man.

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That’s why a male needs to “reboot” himself once in a while in order to start responding adequately to his current circumstances and the actions of people surrounding him. To this end, a man should spend more time alone in nature, relaxing and letting his inner equilibrium to be restored.

That’s pretty much all we wanted to tell you about essential things that women want in men. As you can see, some of them may look weird, but on closer inspection, they make perfect sense.

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