15 things women mostly lie to their men about

15 things women mostly lie to their men about

Everyone has cheated at least once in their life. People not only lie to others, but also to themselves. What is the first purpose of deception?

Psychologists believe that deception is about being in a comfort zone. And the truth destroys the habitual way of life. Therefore, deception is used for self-protection. Even if a person is always sincere, it does not mean that he or she sometimes uses deception for his own benefit.

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Statistics show that women cheat just as often as men, if not more. Girls are mysterious creatures. You never know when they tell the truth and when they want to hide something.

Let’s take a look at what women most often hide from men.

1. She is happy with everything about her man

Of course, miracles happen in our lives when couples are so harmonious that they have no complaints about each other. They have long since stopped noticing all their faults and take their virtues for granted. But it happens very rarely.

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So if you hear from your beloved woman that you are her ideal, and she is happy with everything, then do not blindly trust her. Perhaps she has long been piling up resentment against you and at some point she will throw them out. And now she has to hide the truth from you, because she is very afraid of losing your love. In this situation, it is better to talk frankly with your beloved.

2. Her true income

Income of a woman
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Quite often, a woman significantly underestimates her income in front of her man. Her main goal is to beg for money from her lover and save her own income.

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At that point, the woman thinks that she needs to secure her future in case she has to break up with her man. Also, most girls refuse to talk about their salary. When he asks her about the income, she says so: “It’s a secret!”

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In reality, there has to be sincerity in a relationship. So there is no point in hiding your true income. If she wants her income to remain her alone, she has to talk frankly to her man about it and explain her position to him. He may not agree with the woman, but he will know that he is dealing with an honest woman.

3. Many exes

Often, girls like to embellish their past lives. They want to look better in a man’s eyes. A woman thinks her lover will appreciate her more if he knows how popular she has been with men.

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And then there are women who, on the contrary, downplay their exes. As a rule, this happens when there is too jealous man next to them. For this reason, a woman is forced to lie to her man that she has had too few exes.

4. “You are the best of all her exes”

In the previous paragraph, we drew conclusions as to why a woman downplays the number of her exes. Then she looks you in the eye and whispers fondly that you are the best of all her previous men. And you sincerely believe her. But is it really true?

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Women are tricky creatures. More often than not, they say it in order to make a man fall in love with them. After all, we all know that men love to be singled out.

Of course, there are sincere women who have endured too much pain in past relationships, and you have really become a hero to her. However, statistics show that most women are lying if they say that you are the best of all her men.

5. She is not offended by you

When a man offends a woman, he doesn’t notice it. And she remembers everything and finds it hard to forgive her lover. But many women don’t show a man that he has hurt them. Otherwise, he’ll think the woman is fixated on him. She gets angry, resentful of him. He means so much in her life that she feels these emotions. And that’s why women often pretend they’re not hurt at all. They don’t even notice it. They’re doing fine.

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You need to observe your woman carefully. And you’d better try to find out what’s really bothering her. Because then she may accumulate a lot of resentment and quietly take revenge on you.

6. The number of sexual partners

The number of sexual partners
Photo: verywellmind.com

Quite often, women lie to men on the first date about their sexual experiences. For example, the number of sexual partners may be slightly exaggerated or understated. In the first case, the woman wants to show herself to be so passionate and desirable, but in the second case, she is afraid that the man will think she is frivolous.

Therefore, girls often do not know how they should answer this question and try not to talk about it.

7. Weight

A sore subject for almost every woman. Everyone wants to weigh less than she does. A woman worries that a man will find out her real weight and think she’s a fat cow. But she should always be beautiful in the eyes of her lover. So she has to underestimate her weight a little.

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8. They read your mind, use magic

It is not uncommon for women to turn to sorcerers or psychics to rectify an unpleasant situation that has arisen in a relationship.

Naturally, they won’t tell you about it. Some women pick up cards themselves and read fortune-telling on their men. She wants to find out the whole truth about whether their beloved is faithful to her, what he really feels for her.

But no one will tell her man the truth about that. The women think they can be ridiculed by men for such actions.

9. Orgasms in bed

Many girls fake an orgasm. In reality, they do not experience one. They have to go along with this lie to make their man feel good. They don’t want to disappoint their lover and pretend that they feel very good in bed with him. Most men fall for this trick. They think they have really satisfied their woman and feel like kings.

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10. Work and career

Many women lie about their jobs. When she gets to know men, she wants to look better in his eyes than she really is.

For example, if a woman works in a factory, she may conceal this fact from a man. Or greatly embellish this fact and say that she works in a factory as a department head.

Girls of easy virtue may also hide their occupation from men. And sometimes women, on the contrary, hide their high position from men, so he did not love her only for this quality.

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All women want to be loved and accepted as they are. But this does not prevent them from hiding the truth about themselves. Where is the logic in that?

11. Hobbies

Women' hobbies
Photo: yourtango.com

When first getting to know each other, people get to know each other and often ask about each other’s interests. Hobbies allow you to discover the other person’s qualities.

However, many women don’t like to tell the truth about their hobbies. They say they have no hobbies. They spend their free time with friends or just relax at home alone.

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Often women realize that their hobbies can be ridiculed. After all, there are various non-standard hobbies: yoga, mysticism, Gothics and so on. And she doesn’t want to tell the man of her dreams and the whole truth about herself.

12. The true value of the wardrobe

Women don’t like to tell their men the real value of an item they’ve bought. This is because a man would be furious if he knew how much of his savings was wasted. He doesn’t realize how precious it is to the woman.

She’s been dreaming about those fancy heels for so long. And then she sees them in the mall and on sale. Of course, the woman wants to make that dream a reality. And when it’s time to report back to her man, she has to underestimate the price.

13. Real age

Many women, especially on a first date, hide their age. Every woman wants to be younger. If a younger man comes on a date, some women are so afraid of losing him that they hide their true age and greatly underestimate it.

But with any other man, some women prefer to lie about their age or hide it altogether. Many women ask a man to guess how old she really is.

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14. Breast size

It is a well-known fact that most men prefer women with larger breasts. Many women buy push-up bras. And so their breasts look visually larger. Men fall for it. And when it comes to sex, the unpleasant truth comes out: the girl actually has small breasts.

15. Cheating

This is the most common lie among not only men but also women. Treason is betrayal. If a woman has a secret lover, she will not tell her man. She will secretly cheat on him and do everything she can to make sure he never finds out.

A survey shows that about fifty percent of women cheat on their men. And they are furious when they find out that the men they love are also hiding the truth from them.

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It is better to know the bitter truth than to swim in a lifetime of sweet deceit. And it takes a very strong person to be able to not only speak, but to accept the truth. After all, some people will hear the truth and close their eyes to it. They would rather continue to live in their illusions.
So learn to be sincere! No one has ever died of the truth.

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