Top 7 main features of Australian women

TOP-7 main features of Australian women

What are the distinguishing features of Australian women? Let’s see how Australian enigmatic women are different from others.

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7. Australian women like to remain natural

Unlike women in America who tend to view plastic surgery and various beauty enhancements as something good and always keep in mind at least the possibility of going through some sort of transformations to make them more beautiful, most of the Australian women prefer to stay with the devices mother Nature gave them.

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You will rarely see native Australian beautiful women who would put money and efforts to wear bigger boobs or bigger lips for the rest of their lives.

The same applies to make-up. Even women in Iran tend to wear make-up whenever the situation allows. Not so with Australian girls. They don’t give a damn about make-up most of the time. They are totally satisfied with how they look without it.

6. Women in Australia have integrity

When applied to Australian homey women, integrity is when she doesn’t care much about what is going on in the outside world. Australian women are happy to be where they are and happy to care about their families, their jobs, their boyfriends, their careers, their farms.

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It is not that they are not concerned with issues regarding women’s rights or political oppression spread in the today’s world. They do care, but not so actively. Part of the reason for that attitude is that in Australia women have totally equal rights with men, and rarely, if ever, face reductions in salary when compared to men’s, indecent behavior, or an unjust or prejudicial treatment a lot of women in the world complain about.

Women in Australia are exactly like men when it comes to their attitudes. Women in Australia can grab a beer, they are really not afraid to speak dirty when it is needed, in other words, they are not afraid to lose something if they will not be sufficiently “feminine”.

5. Each of them could make a girl scout

The inhabitants of modern big cities can barely fix the fire of their kitchen stove. Australian authentic women, on the other hand, are real experts when it comes to survival skills whenever they out of town.

Top 7 main features of Australian women

This is with young Australian girls spending plenty of time in the open in their formative years. They can easily pitch a tent, or make a fire and cook a top-notch barbecue, all by themselves, no help needed.

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Australian women grew to be very practical when it comes to all the activities outdoors, and that is something they are not particularly proud of. This property comes as a very natural one for most of them.

4. Australian women are friendly

When on an Australian soil, one would sometimes wonder, “Do they know me from somewhere?” This is because Australian urban women like to say “Hi” to a complete stranger.

They like to acknowledge your presence; they like to be friendly in general. You can ask for advice to any Australian woman, she will be happy to help you, without a second thought.

In the cities of the Western civilization, women can be very shy and defensive with strangers. Not so in Australia, where they are friendly and talkative. They always like to chat, share stories, crack a funny joke or flirt with you if they think you are an appropriate match. Feel free to approach an Australian woman, and see it for yourself.

3. Women in Australia have funny accent

Australian women have a peculiar accent that most of the listeners find very cute.
Their English sounds incomprehensible and abrupt at first, but if you listen carefully, you will be able to appreciate the cuteness of an accent.

Australians, in general, like to make all the words shorter, too. The abbreviation is a second nature to them. Consider the following examples: “a cup of tea” would be “cuppa,” “Australia” becomes “Straya,” your laptop will be named “lappa,” and Christmas will become “Chrissie.”

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If you hear common English words abbreviated to the point when they are unrecognizable, you bet she is authentic Aussie; which, by the way, means “Australian.”

2. Australian women are educated and savvy

Unless you are dealing with aboriginal women in Australia, who have been living there for several generations, most of the Australian modern women are only the second or first generation and were raised in an immigrant family.

They are usually well-bred and well-educated. Australian women grow in peaceful, diverse communities, side by side with immigrants from all over the world. They share the experiences and the understanding of global processes. Overall, they sound very cultural, because they are.

1. Women from Australia have a strong personality

Australian friendly women are like this because they do not fear a thing in the world. That is partly due to the natural Australian environment, where a lot of things might kill you if you are scared and non-fit to stand up.

Top 7 main features of Australian women

Natural disasters, wild animals roaming near the towns, and unpredictable weather, all shaped the characters of Australian women as strong survivors. They are Nature-wise as well as street-smart, they can survive anywhere.

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It is curious that some of the most beautiful and richest actresses in modern Hollywood are coming from Australia: Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Melissa George, and many others. Most of them got to play the roles of strong, enduring, uncompromising women. That is definitely partly due to their Australian heritage.

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