How to Break Up With a Girl Without Making Her Cry

How to Break Up With a Girl Without Making Her Cry

Our life is a cycle of events, and there are moments in it that are simply beyond our control. You started dating the one you dreamed of all your life. But something went wrong, and you don’t like her anymore. And how to break up with a girl who loves you?

1. Don’t criticize her

The moment when you announce to a girl your intention to break up shouldn’t be accompanied by a listing of all her shortcomings and recalling those moments in which she was wrong. Such a conversation can completely undermine a woman’s self-confidence and plunge her into a depressive state. Therefore, you will have to calmly and thoughtfully tell your girlfriend about the reasons that made you take this step. And do this as honestly as possible.

2. Don’t ignore the girl

Don’t ignore the girl
Some men consider ignoring the best option – they stop calling, texting, and coming. It seems to them that it is possible to forget about relationships without much stress in this way. This is a fundamentally wrong decision, since a girl who doesn’t know about the intentions of her boyfriend will try to find out what the problem is, and this can lead to an even more serious conversation.

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3. Don’t start a scandal

If you don’t want to hurt a girl, then you will have to puzzle over how to tell her that you need to break up, and, at the same time, avoid a scandal. In any case, your behavior and voice must remain calm under all circumstances. You have to remain philosophically cold-blooded, keep your composure, and don’t give up your positions. And try to kindly support the woman: calm her down, hug, and say good words.

4. Don’t impose your friendship

Don’t impose your friendship
If you are still thinking about how to leave one of the single Ukrainian women (or any other girl) so as not to offend her, then take a closer look at this point. Remember that you offer your girlfriend to break up, which includes the lack of systematic communication and support. Not every girl will agree to continue the sweet communication after that. Of course, it is good that you don’t want to completely cut off contact with her and forget her name. However, she has the last word, and she decides whether you are friends or not.

5. Make a beautiful gesture

If a man doesn’t know how to break up so as not to hurt a woman, psychologists advise giving her a good present for a start. First, you need to present a gift, telling that she deserves the best in life, including a man. After that, you need to gently break up, without focusing on any problems. If she is not mentally prepared for such a decision, you can give her time to calm down, and then talk frankly and calmly.

6.  Let her feel the best

Let the girl feel the best

You can beautifully break up if you say the phrase “I am absolutely not worthy of you” since all girls love with their ears. You can emphasize all the best qualities of her personality, external attractiveness, saying that she deserves a strong, successful, and kind man for a high-quality life. Note that you don’t leave her, but you only give her the opportunity to have a better life with someone else.

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