Beijing 2022 women

Beijing-2022: TOP-10 most beautiful women athletes of the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympic Games in Beijing is a striking, showy and unforgettable event for the whole world. And it’s not owing to the variety of competitions and the participants rivalries.

10. Alexandra Stepanova. Figure skating, Russia

Alexandra came out in St. Petersburg on August 19, 1995. Her parents were not professional athletes, but they spent a lot of time fonding of different kinds of sports: her mother played volleyball, and her father tried his hand as a speed skater.

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As soon as the girl turned 4, she saw the skating rink for the first time. As Alexandra grew up, the coaches began to advise her to switch from a single type to ice pair skating. So, she began to train with Ivan Bukin. At the Beijing Games, the tandem scored a total of 205.07 points and took the sixth place.

On vacation, Alexandra traditionally takes pictures in a swimsuit, which she then publishes on Instagram. The girl’s figure impresses her fans – with a height of 168 cm, her weight does not exceed 50 kg.

9. Alexandra Nazarova. Figure skating, Ukraine

Alexandra Nazarova was born in Kharkiv, and now she is 27. In 2014, she joined the Kharkiv State Physical Culture Academy. In 2015, she was the 12th at the European Championships. In 2016, Victoria’s Secret company declared that she is given the title of “The sexiest sportswoman in the World”. The public had the chance to ensure this fact when the audience saw her carrying the national flag of Ukraine in the ceremony of the Games opening.

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In addition to sports, the girl is fond of cooking and yoga, reading books. She is engaged in the confectionery business – bakes pasta to order. The sportswoman cooks these sweets gluten-free.

8. Ekaterina Efremenkova. Short track, Russia

Ekaterina Efremenkova
Photo: katrina_efrem /

Ekaterina Efremenkova was born on December 31, 1997 in Chelyabinsk. She started doing short track at the age of 11. She serves as a senior instructor (in physical training and sports) of a sports team under the administration of the Central District of the National Guard Troops of Russia.

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Ekaterina has a great experience of performing at major tournaments – she regularly got medals and higher places in European and World Cups and Championships. By the age of 24, Ekaterina’s overcame her opponents at the Universiade and received golden medal Championship of Europe. Two world championships also gave her high prizes.

7. Mikaela Shiffrin. Alpine skiing, USA

The future slalom star was born on March 13, 1995, in the town of Vale, Colorado. Her native town, Vale, is called the American Courchevel. The income from ski tourism allows the town not only to stay afloat, but also to hold an annual movies‘ festival.

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Mikaela Shiffrin started professional sports at the age of 16. Then she became the winner of the United States Championship, and it turned out that she was the youngest winner of this competition. In 2011, the athlete began to win prizes at the World Cup for the first time, repeated her success six times and also got rewards in the Olympic Games.

The facts show that right now Mikaela Shiffrin is a very effective athlete. In the 2018/19 season, Shiffrin participated in 26 races of the Cup of the World; in 17 of them she got the victory.

The twice Olympic champion said that although her goal was to win at least one medal of any merit at the 2022 Games in Beijing, she appreciates unity and camaraderie during the Olympics.

6. Jutta Leerdam. Speed skating, Netherlands

Jutta has got her first success in 2017, when she became the winner in the all-around, team race and at a distance of 1500 meters competitions in the World Junior Championships that was carried out in Helsinki (Finland), adding to this sport victories two more bronze medals of the tournament.

In 2019, Jutta began to perform in sports at the adult level. And the success did not take long to wait. She performed effectively at the domestic championships, which allowed her to enter the national team of the Netherlands and represent her country at major international competitions.

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Not so long ago, Jutta was recognized as the most beautiful athlete in the Netherlands, which only added recognition and popularity to the girl. Her Instagram began to overwhelm the crowds of fans. They say she is the most charming skater and has all the rights to be “the face” of her sport. And Jutta isn’t embarrassed earning money for her attractiveness from advertising on social networks.

5. Dorothea Vierer. Biathlon, Italy

Dorothea Vierer
Photo: Wikijunkie/

Thanks to accurate shooting and Dorothea’s fast running, the Italian national team twice got the third place during the Olympic Games in the relay race. It’s an amazing fact from Dorotea’s biography: when was 10 years old and for the first time got up on skis and tried to fulfil some shots, she could not hit a single target. After a while, Vierer already participated in World Cups and was the fastest-shooting athlete. Now she has three gold, four silver and three bronze awards at the World Championships.

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Dorothea has a lot of fans in Russia. Virer, like many Italian biathletes, treats Russia very well. A couple of years ago, she did not support the idea of moving the World Cup stage from Tyumen because of doping scandals in Russian sports.

4. Sara Takanashi. Ski jumping, Japan

Sarah Takanashi

No ski jumper has ever managed to win more medals than this Japanese athlete, although she is only 25 years old. At the first Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, she flew 76.5 meters twice and was far ahead of Katarina Althaus, who became the second.

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Having successfully performed at the World Cups, Takanashi remained fourth at the Sochi Games and third in Pyeongchang. The World Championships were also not particularly successful – one gold as part of a mixed team.

At the Beijing Olympics, the athlete aimed to confirm her crazy successes at the Cups.

3. Rachel Homan. Curling, Canada

Rachel Homan

Rachel has been curling since she was 5. She managed to claim her first success when she was 13. Then her team won the Ontario Bantam Championship (Canada), a tournament for curlers under the age of 16. She won this tournament 3 more times, setting a unique achievement. In 2007, she won the curling tournament at the Canadian Winter Games.

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In 2017, Homan won the World Championship, and before that she twice took away medals from the main tournament of the season – silver and bronze. In Beijing, a sexy Canadian performed in a double mix.

2. Eileen Gu. Freestyle, China

Eileen Gu. Freestyle, China
Photo: eileen_gu_ /

Eileen Gu (from China) has repeatedly appeared on the covers of glossy magazines (for example, Vogue and Elle) and collaborates with fashion brands (among them Victoria’s Secret and Louis Vuitton), but she is known not only for this.

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At the age of 3, Eileen started skiing, at the age of nine she became the champion of the US Snowboard and Ski Association among juniors, and at the age of 13 she moved to the adult category. She won her first major victory at the age of 15 at the Freestyle World Cup. In 2021, the girl made history by winning three medals at her debut X Games. She also has two medals on her account at the World Championships.

At the Beijing Olympics, Eileen won the Big Air tournament. The athlete performed all three of her final attempts more consistently than the others. Moreover, already having a guaranteed bronze, she took a risk in the third attempt and, having received almost the highest possible score, snatched gold from strong competitors.

1. Kaylani Crane. Figure skating, Australia

Kaylani Crane. Figure skating, Australia

Kaylani Crane is a young 24-year-old Australian figure skater. It represents one of the most exotic countries for winter sports, and certainly it could give odds to many of its rivals in terms of attractiveness.

The Australian skated for the first time during the celebration of her 8th birthday, and then began taking figure skating lessons. She started winning gold at the Australian championships while still competing in juniors.

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Now Crane is a six-time champion of Australia, the winner of the international Nebelhorn Trophy tournament and participant of the Olympic Games. In addition to her sports achievements, more than 200 thousand Instagram followers regularly follow her sports achievements and, of course, bright and colorful photos of the charming brunette.

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Undoubtedly, sporting achievements and the principle of “Faster, higher, stronger!” reflects the main idea of the Olympic Games. At the same time, sport is beautiful. So there were many sportsmen to admire at the 2022 Olympics: beautiful athletes from all over the world came to the Games in Beijing.

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