Oprah and Trump

Does Oprah really think Trump is a loser?

Oprah and Trump have much more similarities than it can seem at first sight. For some items she can even give him a head start in a political game. What does she really think of Trump?

Having delivered a strong speech regarding sexual abuse during the “Golden Globes” ceremony on Sunday, Oprah made her numerous fans on the web to encourage her to run for office and compete with Trump in 2020.

Let’s try to compare Oprah and Trump

They both are very rich people, possessing nearly equal net worth. Having 2.9 billion dollars, Winfrey became the wealthiest American women in 2017. Trump was worth 3.1 billion dollars last year, according to a yearly Forbes list. Donald gets the first score.

Both of them are media celebrities. They are famous and recognized by most people in the United States. Winfrey occupied a central place in daytime TV which had been lasting for twenty-five years. Donald was the participant of a show called “The Apprentice”. It comprised fifteen seasons. Winfrey gets a point. The score is tied.

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Both Oprah and Donald Trump created Twitter accounts in early 2009. Oprah created it in January, and today she has got 41.2 million of subscribers. In one of the Twitter posts on April 5, 2012, the future president even commended Winfrey for her ability to win and said that she “does fine with network”.

Trump joined this social media in two months after Winfrey and at the moment he has got 46.3 million of subscribers. It’s 2:1 for Trump.

Oprah and Trump

Both Oprah and Trump became skilled in self-promotion. Oprah appears on the front pages of each “Oprah Magazine” issue which has been published since 2000, and its audience amount is about 2.4 million of readers. Trump has created 3 journals but the circulation of each of them has never exceeded 200 thousand copies. It’s 2:2.

Oprah and President Trump are well-known people. The American Institute of Public Opinion put Trump to the second place among men causing the deepest admiration in 2017. About 14% of respondents voted for him. That year, Oprah was put to the third place on the list of the most inspiring ladies who are admired by most of all. She finished with 4%. It’s 3:2. Trump is ahead.

According to an opinion poll, they both are neck-and-neck. The Quinnipiac University conducted a survey in March 2017 during which 43% of respondents provided positive feedback on Trump and 53% – negative. During the same survey, Winfrey received 52% of positive feedback and 23% – negative. It’s 3:3. It’s a tie again.

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Oprah and Trump both gave evidence in the Congress. Oprah testified for a draft law on a check for a criminal record of those jobseekers who wish to work at community homes. It was in 1991. Donald gave evidence in 1993 and said that “the workers of Indian casino don’t seem Indians to him”. It’s 4:3. Oprah is ahead.

Two of them were “the Kingmakers” while nominating presidential candidates. If you want to know what Oprah wants to tell about Obama and Trump, you should know that Winfrey supported Barack Obama in the primary in 2008 which could influence his victory over Clinton. Trump provided support for Mitt Romney during the primary elections of the Republican Party in 2012. We think that it’s a draw.

Now both Oprah Winfrey and Trump caused a lot of speculation and assumption in mass-media regarding their presidential ambitions. Trump had been speaking openly about his intention to become the President of the US since the 1980s. Winfrey has already been stated for a long time that she isn’t interested in running for elective leadership positions. But everyone is talking about her. Let’s just call this a draw.

So, let’s summarize. Oprah has 4 scores, Trump – 3 scores. And two draws. Winfrey wins!

What do Oprah and Trump think of each other

As stated by Hogan Gidley, a White House official, he doesn’t know if Trump listened to Winfrey’s speech during “The Golden Globes” ceremony, answering journalists’ questions. But on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, the President said that he liked her and had known her for a long time.

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He also stated that his family was one of the last ones which had been visited by an Oprah’s camera crew, before her show closed. He said that it would be fun with Oprah, and he didn’t think that she would run for president in 2020. President Trump also expressed his confidence that he would have triumphed over Winfrey if she decides to run after all.

Oprah and Trump

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Oprah has never expressed her opinion on Trump personally but in elections in 2016 she supported Hillary Clinton. Now it makes more sense what Oprah thinks about Clinton and Trump.

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If Winfrey decides to run for office representing the Democrats in 2020, both Oprah and Trump will have still more similarities with each other.

Judging by what Winfrey stated on Sunday she can easily become the center of mass-media attention. Trump did the same thing in 2016 and made 4.6 billion dollars on free air time, according to MediaQuant.

Oprah and Trump

But Oprah will have to face competition on democratic environment, since a lot of former politicians will meet in a battle there, as well as promising newcomers unknown for the whole country and can be called “the applicants of third line”, like Trump in 2016. Nevertheless, they will be gradually discarded, because they won’t be able to unite against one challenger.

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Winfrey has no experience as an elected representative. She has rarely made comments on policy issues. It will give her an opportunity to conduct an ambitious and inspiring campaign without disclosing the details of her secret plan, as Trump did in 2016.

If Oprah wants (and we have the reason to suspect that she really has such a desire and powerful female brain), she will be easily able to come out of nowhere and dominate in democratic environment, foiling the plans of numerous strategists and Washington’s political circles. Even if she doesn’t manage to become a presidential candidate, she will be able to create the powerful force of attraction throughout the democratic political field.

When Trump won the election, democrats resented the victory of the famous billionaire and the Republican Party candidate. However, there is a reason to believe that such a celebrity can soon appear in their ranks.

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