8 interesting facts about the life of Arab women

8 interesting facts about the life of Arab women

There are a lot of stereotypes about Arab women. A lot of people think that they are completely powerless and unhappy. And they aren’t right at all.

All depends on a state and on laws which works on some territory. But there are some general trends characteristic of the Muslim world can be traced in any country where the Arabs live. Let’s talk about it.

1. Marriage

What about the stereotype that Arab girls are forced into marriage by their parents, completely disregarding their desire?

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It’s true only partly. It’s customary in Arab countries that mother and father can choose the right groom for their daughter themselves. But we can’t say about any forced marriage – if a girl doesn’t like a guy, she can refuse. By the way, Arab woman can’t go to disco, nightclubs, so only parents can help them find a love.

2. Wedding

Interestingly, the wedding in Arab countries is divided into two parts – male and female one. It’s mean, men celebrate this important event separately from women.

And there can be a lot of delicious dishes, but not any alcohol on the table. Therefore, the meal usually takes place quietly. If women want, they can dance or show to girlfriends their beautiful dresses.

3. Polygamy

What about polygamy, it takes place among the Arabs, but it isn’t very widespread. Only a rich man can afford more than one wife, because in Arab countries, a man must financially support his family. If he doesn’t do it, people laugh at him.

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But Arab women are happy to become the second or third wife, because they wouldn’t meet other wives – each of them has got separate mansions.

4. Relationships and romance for Arab women

Relationships and romance for Arab women
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Men in Arab countries have more rights than women, but there is the place for romance and love there. By the way, in Arab culture it’s customary to express love for a woman not with beautiful words, but with deeds. Arabs don’t fall on their knees before wives, but they give them expensive gifts, take them to restaurants etc.

5. Rights and obligations

The main requirement is that an Arab woman must be faithful to her husband. If a woman doesn’t do this, she can be punished. But if a husband offends her, she can divorce him.

6. Appearance and clothing

An Arab woman wants to be beautiful (like all women in the world). They visit beauty salons, take care of their bodies, chose expensive designer clothes. But they have to hide their bodies under long capes. It’s allowed to get undressed only at home for her legitimate husband.

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7. Work and career

Different Arab countries have different attitudes towards working women. If an Arab woman wants to go to work, she must get the consent of her husband and parents, and this issue is far from always resolved positively. Nevertheless, more than half of Arab girls get higher education after school. In the United Arab Emirates, women can hold high positions in government bodies.

8. Divorce and children

The life of Arab women
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The main vocation of Arab woman is to be a faithful wife and lovely mum. Although in case of divorce children remain with their mother.

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However, divorce among Arabs is an exceptional rarity. An Arab woman tries not to contradict her husband once again, not to anger him and file for divorce only in exceptional cases. Men also don’t want to get divorced, because they don’t want to raise children themselves. In addition, they have to pay a lot of money (dowry) for a new wife.

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