10 surprising main traits of Swedish women

10 surprising main traits of Swedish women

In the minds of many people, Swedish women appear in the image of gorgeous blond-haired goddesses from Scandinavian mythology. But is that really the case? Let’s try to find it out by getting to know the main features of these females.

1. They are good-looking even without makeup

The appearance of a typical Swedish woman is distinguished by fair skin, blonde or light-brown hair, blue or gray eyes. The average height is 5.6 feet. The size of their eyes is slightly larger than average.

Their faces can boast of beautiful regular features and perfectly straight noses. Most of young females are slender, since they tend to follow their body shapes. Mature women, on the contrary, are quite stocky, not least because they support the body positive movement and hold the opinion that a woman is beautiful as she is.

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Local females aren’t used to getting all dressed up. The main criterion when choosing clothes is high wearing comfort. Moreover, many Swedish women don’t like using cosmetics.

2. Swedes are calm and rational

By nature, Swedish women are even-tempered, industrious, punctual, affectionate and faithful. They are great at listening to an interlocutor and sympathizing with him or her. They like to clean up the mess and put things in order.

As a rule, they are calm. Swedes prefer to spend a quiet holiday in the open, enjoying natural beauty near a forest or river, rather than go partying. The mindset of local females is quite practical and rational. They tend to avoid conflicts, even to the detriment of their own interests.

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Sometimes their calmness turns into a disadvantage because some people may consider them standoffish and even arrogant and sluggish.

3. Swedish women plan everything down to the smallest detail

Swedes are relentless planners. It’s important for them to be ready for any situation or event. That’s why the women normally plan out all their steps before they take them. They plan an upcoming vacation half a year before they go on a trip. Going to a museum is usually planned one or two months before the visit.

If you ask a Swedish woman to come over just days before a scheduled date, she will most likely refuse you.

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It’s not hard to guess that if you come by her place without any warning, she won’t appreciate that.

4. They avoid strangers

Swedish women avoid strangers
Photo: lifeinsweden.net

Only something extraordinary can make a Swedish female approach a stranger on the street. Innate politeness and tactfulness don’t let them violate the boundaries of someone else’s personal space.

Just as they respect another’s personal space, so they respect their own private area.

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For this reason, if you want to take the initiative and talk to a woman first, keeping a distance and being respectful is a win-win strategy for the successful beginning of a conversation.

5. Swedish girls revere gender equality

All people are equal, irrespective of their gender. This idea is drummed into the heads of Swedish girls since early childhood. That’s why both girls and boys learn to knit and sew, make scones, do carpentry and forge iron at school.

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It’s not uncommon for a Swedish mom to go back to work after giving birth to a child while her husband go on maternity leave with a view to take care of a baby and change his diapers, water household plants and cook dinner.

6. They get up and go to bed early

A traveler who first comes to Sweden is often surprised at the fact that Swedish cities and towns become tranquil after 9 pm.

This means that Swedes hurry home at this time in order to go to bed early. The first reason for this is that they adhere to a clear daily routine.

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The second reason lies in the fact that Sweden is located at the eastern border of the Central European Time zone. The sun rises early in the morning here, and it also gets dark early.

7. They are obsessed with environmentalism

Waste sorting and food waste recycling are just the tip of the iceberg called “obsession with environmentalism”. Swedish women (like many Scandinavian women as well) normally go to grocery stores with string or paper bags so as not to purchase plastic bags that are harmful to nature.

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When it comes to buying household items such as a couch or wardrobe, they most likely give preference to second-hand goods, since they hold the view that consumerism destroys nature.

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When buying foodstuffs, Swedish females read labels on the packaging meticulously to make sure that it doesn’t contain harmful substances. If the news about a factory polluting the air or water flashes through the media, Swedes will stop purchasing their products immediately.

8. They can’t imagine their home without the atmosphere of coziness

Swedish women can’t imagine their home without the atmosphere of coziness
Photo: elitemailorderbrides.com

Both on weekends and weekdays, Swedes jostle in shops with home accessories and design products such as vases, pillows, floor lamps and so forth. Ornate table cloths are a must on their tables, and on top of the cloths, there should be a candle as an indispensable attribute of any Swedish house missing the sunlight during the long winter. They can never have too many of these goods, because it’s not customary to skimp on comfort in Sweden.

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They like to constantly repair their dwellings, rearrange their living rooms and kitchens, put up new shelves and hang pictures.

9. They adore fika

Fika is a word the sound of which evokes joyful awe in the hearts of Swedish women. This term derives from the word “coffee” the syllables of which are swapped, and it refers to the process of drinking coffee and chatting, while eating aromatic cinnamon buns, cookies and other tasty baking.

This Swedish custom is normally held in a group of friends.

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Fika does wonders with Swedish women! They become more uninhibited and easy-going. Local females adore this custom so much that they can arrange fika several times a day! It’s no wonder that skipping this event is considered a bad form.

10. They don’t punish children

It’s not customary for Swedish women to scold kids. Sometimes they can make them a polite remark, but it only happens in case of acute need. Swedes bring to reason their kids only with the help of words rather than manhandling.

By the way, Sweden was the first country in the world to ban the use of physical abuse on children. It is believed that a kid should understand independently what behavior is right and what is wrong. The task of adults is to give them clues and be patient.

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That’s pretty much all we wanted to tell you about Swedish women. As you can see, they have a lot of positive qualities and unique features that distinguish them from females from other countries.

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