European women vs American women – top 7 differences

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

How different are European women vs American women? We will take a look at the top 7 main differences.

7. The difference in education

In general, European women are more educated than American women. Education in Europe, from college on, is a much more affordable thing than in the United States. Any girl in Europe can get educated almost for nothing, and they rarely miss their chance.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

It does not mean American women are less smart vs European women, but on average a European woman speaks several languages more than an American woman, is much more read and cultured as well.

European women are well-versed in the history of their countries and are able to put historic factoids in the bigger context, while American women often can’t tell one of their former presidents from another.

6. The way they dress

The main difference in how European women vs American women dress boils down to the matter of practicality.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

An average American woman wouldn’t bother with putting on her best articles of attire when going to work, going for a walk, or, of course, going to a gym. In the latter case, they might just put on the same clothes they will be wearing at a gym. In sunny California or in Miami it looks like all women are about to get to the beach no matter what was the initial goal that brought them in the open.

European women, on the other hand, opt to look like a lady regardless. If you stroll around the streets of Paris, London, Amsterdam, or Rome, you see that every local woman, no matter what age she is, does her best to dress in the most elegant and classy fashion.

On social occasions, the difference is less striking, however because American women take Europeans as an example on how to dress like a lady.

5. American women are less mature than European women

As far as the maturity in European average women vs American average women is concerned, Americans couldn’t care less. Even American women in their early or mid-thirties often act like a first grad girls. It shows in the way American women are flaking their dates, keeping the company of their close female friends at hand, drawing their inspiration from trends and fashion from the yellow tacky magazines.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

European women grow up fast. Already in their late teens, they are taking every occasion in their life seriously. They are as responsible as men are. A European woman would rarely let you down just for nothing.

4. American women are more independent than European women

As far as independence is concerned, the difference between European women vs American women is also striking.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

Despite being immature, American women are much more independent in spirit than European women. Lots of social, religious and behavioral shackles are keeping European women in a rigid spot. They are less flaky, but they are less unpredictable and more dependent on their social environment.

It is always fun to be around American women, cause their curious and unpredictable nature keeps the fire of adventure burning in them.

European mature women vs American independent women, that’s it.

3. How are they different in the approach to dating?

The rules of dating are different for the European women on average vs American women on average.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

The rules of the game of traditional dating in most cities of America are simple. You should get your date to a restaurant, then go for a drink or two, then you can slowly, step by step, advance until there is a proposition to get to a place where you or she lives is offered, and mutual consent is reached.

In Europe, women on a date behave in a different way. Of course, the ways they do it differ inside Europe too, but generally, no silly American games are needed if you like each other. What American women want in bed, especially the younger ones, is some sort of the prearranged and prerecorded deal, while European women are much more open to improvisation.

As European women are more mature, they simply prefer to go straight to a point, skipping all the fake courtesy procedures.

2. European women vs American women: a marriage

In most countries in Europe women view marriage as a gravely serious matter. For British woman a marriage is an institution that is of utmost importance, a pinnacle of their lives, due to a long prevailing tradition of puritanism.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

For German women the marriage is the basis for the striving benefits for the whole family. For French girls marriage doesn’t exist, only “l’amour” does. We are kidding on that one.

American women on the other hand, often view marriage as an extension of a date. That is why American divorces come as sudden as the marriages are. A divorce is often a big surprise for one of the parties, usually the male one.

1. European women are more feminine than American

European women are not shy to be feminine, as they feel much more secure in the cultured European cities and calm European country sides than American women in their often unpredictable surroundings in the cities with highly diverse and non-uniform populations, wild landscapes, and, often amidst the remains of prejudiced attitude towards women.

European women love to be what they are and their femininity is expressed in the numerous ways, some of which we touched on above.

What is your take on the differences between European women you met vs American women? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below:


  1. I do agree with you Americans women don’t care how they dress I am european women I dresses very smart every day european women are better dress than any americans women, americans women jealous of European women

  2. i think european women are beautiful, but i’m only jealous of the fact that you are more likely to speak several languages. we need that in the US!

  3. I am an American married 25 years to a European woman. Everything written is pretty much spot on. Education is a bit different in Europe.

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